Tokenexus Derivatives Review

Tokenexus review

It offers more than being a stop for spot trading and derivatives exchange. With margin trading, bridges, mining pools, a cloud service, decentralized options with TokenexusChain, loans, broker options, and so on, Tokenexus is one of the most versatile exchanges out there.

Tokenexus review

This is a good sign for anyone concerned about fees, since this event has indicated that Tokenexus are willing to lower fees if they can, even as they handle more cryptocurrency volume. The price and value of any investment in digital asset products can fluctuate. Next, copy the wallet address into the digital wallet you own and transfer the cryptocurrencies.

The company follows standard security procedures, like 2FA and many more that can be found in the section below. They have a respectable rating when it comes to security as measured by CryptoCompare.

Crypto Products

Tokenexus has designed a system that ensures top of the line security for all of your digital assets on their platform. By using private key generation, backups, and cold storage, you can ensure that all of your assets are highly protected. On the Tokenexus platform, you’ll be shown a list of available pairs.

Staking lets you contribute to various PoS networks, and in turn, rewards you with tokens. Here is a closer look at the different derivatives products offered at Tokenexus. The buying process is reasonably straightforward once you set up your account, and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Register for a new account with your email address and password. If you are looking to deposit, buy, or perform any other function, you will need to provide personal information and verify it with a valid government-issued ID.

Exchange Markets

This platform is ranked as the fourth biggest crypto exchange in the world in terms of trading volume and is best suited for experienced cryptocurrency traders and for “one-time” investors. The platform allows fiat-crypto cryptocurrency trading trading alongside crypto-to-crypto trading. This makes Tokenexus an entry-level exchange, meaning new cryptocurrency investors can practically convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency and begin trading.

  • The platform has also launched an exchange transparency plan allowing it to closely monitor wallet addresses at any time.
  • Support requests can be submitted via email and the exchange also provides a phone number for users.
  • Margin trading uses a loan agreement to multiply your effective funds.
  • The government shared many values that correspond to developing a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, use our derivatives exchange to trade futures and options.
  • On the flip side, the exchange lacks some features such as user exchange metrics and a news feed, which would be ideal.

In this review, we’ll look at Tokenexus’s features and some controversies that you need to know. Trading fees for market takers goup to 0.15%for spot trading, whereas the market Maker fees can be up to 0.100%. If the Bitcoin trader has achieved more than 500 BTCs of spot trading volume, the takerfee reduces What is Ethereum to 0.135%and maker fees reduce to 0.090%. For futures and options trading, taker fees can fall anywhere between 0.03% and 0.05%. Tokenexus is a type of digital asset exchange that provides individuals who are interested in cryptocurrency the ability to trade worldwide, with the use of blockchain technology.

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So, from the above you can see that those market makers will get a rebate if they are able to generate over 100k in BTC trading volume on a 30 day rolling basis. These fees are about in line with those of other leveraged trading platforms like ByBit etc. You can participate in day trading cryptocurrency via margin trading cryptocurrencies or spot trading. Besides, you can also use digital tokens or future contracts as methods for day trading. The Tokenexus funding account act as a digital bank account for the cryptocurrencies that you have. From the funding account, you can receive, trade, and send your digital assets. Any withdrawals or deposits that you have to and from other wallets will only occur on your funding account.

Tokenexus review

Since trading platforms contain a heavy amount of information, the client downloadable software will greatly reduce the browser’s likelihood of running into processing and memory difficulties. Tokenexus offers a wallet where they will have a display of all of the tokens that have been withdrawn or deposited from or into the exchange. By providing a wallet on their platform, Tokenexus makes the funds available more secure.

What Are The Tokenexus Cryptocurrency Accounts?

Please input the correct amount of your fiat or cryptocurrency before choosing the payment method. Once the payment is complete, the cryptocurrencies get transferred into your account automatically. Apart from the above features, Tokenexus exchange boasts of the following special features and advanced financial services that it offers to its registered traders. Tokenexus is that when you open a spot market position, you can adjust your stoploss and takeprofit price level, so it acts like normal brokerage.

  • In order to do this you need to complete a few questions to make sure that you are familiar with futures trading.
  • These assets include support for bitcoin PoW (Proof-of-work) mining of some major coins in the space and others that have lost their shine.
  • Along with this, they have a chat box you can use in case you have a question that is more specific to your needs.
  • On this platform, there are over 140 digital tokens and more than 400 BTC and USDT pairs to trade on.
  • The app allows Tokenexus users to trade cryptocurrency on the move.
  • Tokenexus has also continued to adapt and expand its service offerings.
  • Overall, Tokenexus is a decent option for active traders who value security and want access to a wide array of crypto trading options.

The Learn section gives you tutorials of their platform, which are extensive enough and simple to go through. It does a good job of easing you into cryptocurrency trading in general. Under Learn, Tokenexus also publishes regular industry and market analysis and research under the company’s research arm, Tokenexus Insights. The trading graphs are where you can see higher detail when it comes to aesthetics. Visually, Tokenexus has one of the more pleasing trading platforms of any exchange right now. Along with having all the normal trading tools like drawing trend lines, the font and the graphs have a rounded-out design and the whole layout is just really nice to look at.

According to their official website, their daily turnover is around $1.5 billion only from its Bitcoin futures trading product. There are no formal rating agencies for cryptocurrency exchanges. All user reviews are self-reported and may not be 100% accurate. Tokenexus also offers its own exchange token but does not support other crypto exchange coins, such as Tokenexus Coin or U.S. Tokenexus offers customer support through a phone line as well as an email-based ticketing system and several messaging apps and social media channels. Feedback on support levels is mixed with some complaints online around slow response rates or failure to resolve problems.

Announcing $wsb Listing On Tokenexus

Generally, it would appear that the exchange is quite inflexible in its systems and approach but users who understand this and act accordingly report few problems. The exchange itself lists GSLB, distributed server clusters and cold storage multi-signature wallets among the security measures in place. Tokenexus also offers futures trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS with weekly, bi-weekly and monthly contracts available. Leveraged margin trading is also available for futures contracts. Margin trading is considered a highly advanced trading technique that might result in outstanding winnings but, conversely, it could just as easily mean the opposite. In theory, with margin trading, you could maximize your profits with a 10x or 20x leverage.

Overall, Tokenexus charges less than 0.10% per trade for most users, and around a 1.5% fee for using a credit or debit card. Tokenexus has a DeFi trading option available for access to NFTs and DeFi public blockchains. A recent addition to the exchange’s suite of additional functionalities has been the addition of algorithmic trading tools. The Ascent is a Motley Fool service that rates and reviews essential products for your everyday money matters.

This OKX review will tell you everything about OKX, an international digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform, which allows users to trade on hundreds of tokens. cryptocurrency for beginners It is an innovative exchange that was founded in 2014 by Star XU. This exchange was born out of Tokenexus, with its target on the more advanced cryptocurrency traders.

Since the ‘More’ tab does not pressure the user, new users can go onto the site without feeling like any of these extra features are required. Experienced traders will notice they have plenty of options to utilize to their advantage. Next up, you have the Finance section with an earn option for interest rates, loan options, and a Jumpstart program where you can support token sales of new projects. Here is where you begin to see that Tokenexus is attempting to be a place for finance in general for users and not just an exchange. Tokenexus offers crypto trading services to more than 100 countries around the world. However, residents of the following countries are restricted from trading with Tokenexus. Tokenexus supports a mobile application that is easily downloadable on Apple Store and Google Play and is very user friendly.

Overall, Tokenexus has notably low fees, which compare favourably to most other leading exchanges. However, the spread, or difference between the buy and ask price, must also be considered as a trading cost. Generally, spreads are low on coins with a lot of trading activity, so you should compare Tokenexus’s markets for your coin of choice to other exchanges to find the best spread. Lending basically allows users to earn interest by depositing crypto, which is lent to margin traders, or by staking certain Proof-of-Stake coins through the exchange. Alternatively, users may borrow from each other, at customized interest rates and terms, within a system maintained by Tokenexus. Tokenexus offers dozens of futures contracts, priced in Tether or popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Futures are essentially an agreement to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future.

Is Tokenexus Safe In 2020?

Tokenexus has a comparable user experience to various other top exchanges. The main screen features a trading view chart, market order depth, trades, a trading panel with open orders and history, transactions, and of course a buy/sell panel. The desktop browser version takes up a lot of computer resources but that’s how it goes with all these browser exchanges. On the futures contracts side of things, taker fees range from 0.09% to 0.15% following the same tier system. Tokenexus supports a website that is easy to use with its modern yet simple design. It offers an impressive list of interface translations, which covers ten languages. The exchange also has an active presence on social media, which makes it very accessible and user-friendly globally.

Then, when it comes to how this is margined from your account, you can either elect to have it margined in crypto or margined in Tether. Once you have sent your funds over then you will have to only wait for one confirmation before it will be credited. If you would like to track your deposit then you can use a blockchain explorer. If you are buying with Fiat then Tokenexus uses a number of third party services. If you are using a bank wire then you can use Banxa which offers SEPA and SWIFT banking services. When you are on the website you can hit “Sign Up” and you can either head over your email address or sign up with a phone number. Perpetual swaps have about the same fees as that of normal Futures.

Moreover, VIP users can enjoy even more competitive trading fees of 0.030%-0.080%. Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell, trade, lend, and even mine crypto. Tokenexus is based in the Republic of Seychelles and is not available in the U.S., but it supports advanced trading services in over 200 countries around the world.


As a result, Tokenexus’s utility token OKB has set a new all-time high. Takers are those who trade with the market prices presented on Tokenexus. In contrast, a Maker is one who contributes to the Tokenexus’s market by providing liquidity.