Kantipur to Nepali Unicode Converter

Nepali Language is a fiftynine position in world popular language. Kantipur font is one of the top font in nepal.Kantipur States the ancient kathmandu valley.You can easily convert kantipur to Unicode from the box given below

Kantipur to Nepali unicode can be use in any browser or machine. It is very useful in if you need to chat, or email in Nepali font.

No need to Download Nepali font to use this Date Converter

Talking about the history of Nepali language, the old inscription on the time of Bhulpal Damupal’s time is more than 1032 years ago. This is of 1038. It is written as
Om …(Madi) Padhye hu…Damupal be bounary of bhupal.Sompal is higher in rank than Kishnu. 903.

Dumupal,relative of ansestors of punya malla,Aadhipal is great emperor. ‘Rekh’ is a limited boundary line. ‘Adhai’ is a one ancient high rank, the ‘Sangupal’ is Sompal.
When if the earliest written etiquette of the Nepali language found here till date is 1032 years old then we could make a guess since how long it is being used as a medium of verbal language.

Even before the Bhanubhakta’s Ramayan the level and quality of nepali language was perished and glaced but still no proper research is carried out about it .
The reason of availability of Ramayan in many hands is because it was published by commander in chief Krishna Badhur Rana the then prime minister Janga Bahadur Rana

The lower caste people have promoted nepali language. We must give the credits to the lower caste people.The lower caste people have done the task of flourishing the nepali language,which was limited in certain community. With the involvement of the lower caste people in metal works and tailoring of Rai ,Limbu and other community, Nepali language also got flourished.This fact is mentioned by Jagaman Gurung in his writings