Top 10 Hollywood Movies you must watch !

Hollywood Movies has been the best way for the entertainment of people around the whole world. But people are often confused what movie to watch. The best movie so far are made in the Hollywood with over a billion of fans around the globe. Confused what movie you should watch if you are just starting with the Hollywood movies ? These movies are the art of masterpiece and even given people a life changing lessons and inspirations .Here are top ten Hollywood movie,you must watch to begin with .

  1. The Shawshank Redemption

Made in year 1994,The Shawshank Redemption is the best rated Hollywood movie enlisted in imdb ratings so far . If you are a prison break movie fan,you will love to watch this Hollywood movie . The plot of this movie is,A successful banker found his wife cheating on him and wants to get rid of his wife and her lover. But before he could do so, a thief kills his wife and the lover. And he is the one who gets accused of murder and get imprisoned for life . Later he develops good relation with other inmates and the strict and crooked warden of the jail. He plans the escape the day he got into the jail and slowly and steadily taking 17 years of time. He digs tunnel through wall and escapes from jail with all warden bank’s money to Pacafic.

Hollywood Movies The Shawshank Redemption

2. Titanic

Made in year 1997, Titanic is one of the most popular Hollywood movie made in the world. Acted by young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet , this Hollywood movie is considered as a love story masterpiece of late 90’s . On the date of April 10th 1912, on a ship called Titanic when young Rose boards the departing ship with the upper-class passengers and her fiancé, Caledon Hockley. Meanwhile, a drifter and artist named Jack Dawson and his best friend Fabrizio De Rossi win third-class tickets to the ship in a game. The fiance and the artist fell in love and the storyline flows along the last voyage of the ship where the ship sinks .

Hollywood movies:  Titanic
Hollywood movies: Titanic


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3.Life is Beautiful


Made in year 1997, Life is Beautiful is another masterpiece Hollywood movie of the late 90’s . Made by the famous director and actor of that time Roberto Benigni , this movie is funny,historical and emotional at the end. Roberto Benigni who has son from 1st wife is a local Jewish librarian who marries a lovely woman in the nearby city. They lived happily together until the German forces take all the jewish to the Jewish Concentration Camp where he gives up his life to save his son from the brutal German Forces who are trying to take all the kids to the heat chamber and kil them all.

Hollywood movies:  Life is Beautiful
Hollywood movies: Life is Beautiful

4. The Godfather

Made in year 1972 ,Directed by Francis ford Coppola and acted by main actor Morlon Brando and star actor Al Pacino,this is the gangster Hollywood movie who is considered the God Father in New York. Michael, Vito’s youngest son and a decorated WW II Marine is also present at the wedding. Michael seems to be uninterested in being a part of the family business. But the circumstances lead him to the stage where he becomes compelled to join the mafia family business . Bu later Michael to do the thing he was most reluctant in doing and wage a mob war against all the other mafia families which could tear the Corleone family apart which leads to serious twists and turns and even death of the God Father .Will Michael (Al Pacino) become the next Godfather in this Hollywood movie ?

Hollywood movies:  The Godfather
Hollywood movies: The Godfather

5.Schindler’s List

Made in year 1993 , Directed by Steven Spielberg and acted by the superstar Liam Neeson.This  is about the businessman who frees thousands of Polish from German Occupied Poland during World War 2 . Oskar Schindler, the industrialist who becomes a humanitarian to frees and saves 1100 of life from amid Nazi Regime . Based on true story,this Hollywood movie  shows how Oskar Schindler frees polish who were being gassed at the Auschwitz concentration camp by spending a lot of money .

Hollywood movies:  Schinder's List
Hollywood movies: Schinder’s List

6.Cast Away

Made in year 2000,Directed by Robert Zemeckis and acted by the star actor Tom Hanks. And supporting actress Helen Hunt, this is considered as the best Hollywood movie made in the year 2000. A man who is A FedEx executive along with the pilot crashes in one of the deserted island. The pilot dies but the he lives and along with the materials available on the plane and the deserted island. The man survives undergoing physical and emotional transformation who made a volleyball as his talking partner . And finally was rescued after 3 years . This Hollywood movie was nominated for 2 oscars.

Hollywood movies:  Cast Away
Hollywood movies: Cast Away


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7.12 Angry Men

Made in year 1957 , Directed by Sidney Lumet and acted by star actors Henry Fonda and Lee J. Cobb. This  Hollywood movie starts and ends in a single man where a jury of 12 sits and decide the future of a boy who was accused of murder of his own father who used to beat him . The movie moves along as 11 of the jury members considered the boy guilty and 1 was confused and told to review their decisions, who was finally able go convince all the jury that the boy was not guilty.

12 Angry Men
Hollywood movies: 12 Angry Men

8. The Terminal

Made in year 2004, Directed by the famous director of the time, Steven Speilberg.Acted by star actors Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Zones. An eastern european tourist Victor Navaroski get himself trapped in the JFK Airport in America who is engineer by profession . After his politically unstable country collapses, his papers became invalid in the airport and the man becomes an airport refugee. He makes airport his home besides the crooked airport manager’s brutality . He manages to do friendship with the airport workers who helps him to survive in the airport and his return of home.

The Terminal
Hollywood movies: The Terminal

9.The Dark Knight

Made in year 2008 and directed by Christopher Nolan,this masterpiece Hollywood movie .It is acted by the famous actor Christian Bale and one of the most famous villain actor of all time, Heath Ledger (the joker) . The famous character Batman successfully begin to round up and capture criminals that were within the city of Gotham.Until a sadistic and psychopathic criminal mastermind “The Joker” suddenly starts creating problems in Gotham City. The Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to “confront everything he had believed ” and improve his technology to stop him.

Hollywood movies: Batman


Made in year 2014 and directed by one of the most talented director Christopher Nolan.And acted by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway , this Hollywood movie is a sci-fi masterpiece . Based on the concept of time travel, a team of explorers has to travel through the time for the survival of the mankind ,The man has to choose among the mankind and the life of his daughter during the time travel. What will he do??

Hollywood movies: Interstellar
Hollywood movies: Interstellar