Money Heist : What Specialties these 8 thieves had for Professor to hire them??

Money heist is one of the most popular series in Netflix which is considered as the most liked series in year 2020 created by Alex Pina. This Spanish series is watched by over 10 million people alone in Netflix. The main plot is based on the heist planned by The Professor which is to be carried by these 8 characters who has unique and special characteristics in them. So today we will talk about the characteristics they had.

1.Tokyo :

Tokyo,whose real name is  Silene Oliveira ,is shown as one of the most vulnerable actor among all the other thieves. She is not only the character but also acts as Unreliable narrator. Tokyo is good at fights and carrying out actions . She was previously involved in robbing a bank with her boyfriend who got shot and killed during the ran away. She had gone rouge and police were after her. She was trustworthy,bold and angry,perfect to be the member in the robbery.

2. Berlin :

Berlin,whose real name is Andrés de Fonollosa ,is one of the most liked character in the entire money heist characters. Even of his negative role in the series,many people liked him. Berlin was brother of the Professor and was the supportive mastermind of the entire plan. He was selected the leader to carry out the heist. He was loyal and trustworthy to professor and was the man of principals and ethics . Perfect to lead the team and act under required circumstances.



Helsinki,whose real name is Mirko Dragic, is one of the most deadly looking but soft inside character in the money heist. He was a former solider who served in different wars and was mainly brought in the team to watch over the hostages and using the arms and ammunition in the case of war and chaos started in the heist. He was man of honors,responsible  towards the duty to be performed and very loyal to other members which makes his perfect to be in the heist. He is cousin to other character Oslo.


Denver,whose real name is Ricardo is another vulnerable character in the series,who has a rouge character and often create problems. He is son of the another character Moscow who is also part of Heist. He was previously involved in several robberies and was angry and always attacking . He also had a good knowledge in weapons and would not hesitate to kill. He was scary and full of anger which would be another important thing that the heist would need.

5. Nairobi:

Nairobi,whose real name is Agata Jiménez is one of another most loyal and trustworthy member in the money heist. She admired The Professor and was very loyal and trustworthy to him and always wanted to work with the plan. She was also a criminal who was caught selling pills using her son. She was expert in counterfeiting and forgery, in charge of printing the money where should would be mainly responsible for printing 2.4 billion Euros inside the mind,perfect for the heist.

6. Rio:

Rio,whose real name is  Aníbal Cortés, is the most innocent and youngest member of the crew who fell in love with 12 year older Tokyo . He was a hacker mastermind whose main job was to look after every technical utilities and setting up platform for communication and interaction with the outer world,a must be member in the team who could hack almost everything what professor ask him to do.

7. Moscow:

Moscow,whose real name is Agustín Ramos is the father of Denver who was the oldest member in the heist. His main responsibility was to dig a escape tunnel on two different places inside the mint. They would be unable to escape through the main doors . so he is also the must be character if the escape has to be performed .His expertise was in Tunnel digging and hence professor hired him.

8. Oslo:

Oslo,whose real name was Dimitri Mostovói was cousin to Helsinki, who was also a former solider in Serbia. Oslo and Helsinki always used to work together so professor hired him to perform same duty as his.