Top 7 Nepali Food You Must Try When You Are In Nepal!

Food is not just a basic need to survive,food is entertainment. The way people travel from places to places just to try the new taste of food justifies the satisfaction that people get from tasting and eating food. Different countries have their own way of cooking,serving and eating food. The taste can also vary from place to place even if the food is same. Today,Here we will talk about the food that you must taste when you are in Nepal. Here are 7 such food:



Sel Roti is one of the popular food in Nepal which is easier to cook and instantly ready to eat. Nepali people enjoy sel roti to the extent that there is no festival which goes without making sel roti. 1st the rice is crumbled in semi powder form after soaking it overnight and drying. After that it is mixed with water to form sticky structure and finally cooked in hot oil making it a rounded shape like a thin Dough-Not. Its crispy and tasty to eat.




KHANA is the every day meal of people of Nepal. Twice a day people eat dal,bhat,tarkari and achar. Khana is the combined form of these four basic items but other items may be included. In this,Bhat is formed of boiled rice,Dal is made from the cereals by cooking it in Pressure Cooker ,its the soup form that we eat mixing with Rice. Tarkari is what we make from different vegetables or sometimes meat. Achar is Pickle which can be of any form like preserved for months and instant made. People also prefer yogurt or milk along with Khana.




Dhido is the sticky kind of jelly looking food and Gundruk is the soup which is made from dried spinach , which is another most popular food in Nepal and considered as the National Food in Nepal. Dhido is made from the powdered form of barley or wheat or corn which is cooked by mixing water in it and cooking in heat until the sticky kind of structure is formed whereas Gundruk is made by boiling dried spinach with water adding salt and Masalas.





Bara is a newari food. Newari culture in Nepal is the one ethnic group of people which  consists of lot of varieties of food. Bara is one of them which is made by ground lentil batter and mixture of egg and grind meat which later forms spongy form and is very tasty and tastes like  Savory. It is made round in shape like a fat plate.



5. SUKUTI (Dry Meat)

Sukuti is one of the tastiest food that is made in Nepal. It can be made from any meat but generally buffalo and goat meat are preferred in making it. Mostly made in Hilly and Mountain region in Nepal,the procedure of making this is by slicing long meat pieces like a rope and drying them over a fireplace(Chulo) for months until it get dried. It can be later served by mixing with other vegetables too. A properlu dried Sukuti is crispy and so tasty to eat that you will want more in every bite you take.It is even made in using a Sukuti Pickle.





Choila is another Newari food which is generally made from the buffalo meat or sometimes even chicken is used for making Choila. But no other Choila tastes like a Buff Choila . The  meat is 1st boiled in water until it gets properly soaked then is cut into small meatball size pieces and added with spicy lentils and Masalas which makes it so spicy and hot. If you are visiting Kathmandu ,Choila is something you want to try.




Tongba is not actually a food you eat. It is something you drink with a small straw attached at the top of the bottle  structured vessel  It is known as “Tibetian Hot Beer” which is made from Barley  .It keeps your body temperature warm but you may get a bit numb and enjoying as it consists almost about 5-10% of alcohol.