These Facts You Don’t Know About Nepal,Will Astonish You


Nepal is a country located in South East Asia with two giant neighbor countries,India and China making it a complete landlocked country. Nepal is regarded as one of the poor countries in the world based on Economy but rather than that Nepal is rich in its natural beauty,culture,tradition and natural resources.With the beautiful Himalayas,rivers,lakes and various other natural and cultural aspects,you will feel like heaven when you are in Nepal. Today we will talk about the facts about Nepal,that will actually put you in shock.So,here are those facts:


1.The Unique  Flag:

Nepal is only country in the world with a triangular unique flag. Every other country in the world other than Nepal has rectangular shape but Nepal has two triangles interconnected as flag. The flag consists of 3 colors Red,Blue and White which symbolizes victory,sovereignty and peace respectively. And there are presence of a moon and a sun in the upper and lower triangles which indicates Nepal will be sovereign until the existence of Sun and Moon in Universe. Nepal has triangular shaped flag because Nepal is only the country which has never been colonized by any country in the world.

2.The Similar Map with Portugal

Map of Nepal and map of European country Portugal looks exactly alike if map of Portugal is rotated 90 degrees anti clock wise direction. But now with the addition of new territory of Nepal including Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura,There may be slight difference.

3.8 Among the Top 10 Himalayas in the world

Nepal consists of top 10 tallest peaks in the world including the top of the world ,Mount Everest. All other peaks except the second tallest mountain Mt.K2 of Pakistan and the 9th tallest mountain of India Nangaparbat,All other 8 mountains lies in Nepal,making it the Country of Himalayas.

4.Average Life Expectancy :

The average live expectancy of a Nepali is just 59 years which is much much lower than the other countries.



5. Tobacco Smoking Minor :

In foreign countries buying and selling of alcohol and tobacco for minor is considered as illegal,but in Nepal about 21% of kids from age of 13 to 15 smoke tobacco which is very unusual.


6.Low expense in Health

In Nepal people spend $68 only per year on health checkup and health care which is very low compared to average.

7.Amazing Alcohol Record :

In Nepal 75% of Adult women have never drank alcohol in their lifetime whereas 52% of Adult Male have not drank alcohol ever in life.

8.Ginger and Mustard

Nepal ranks No.1 in the world in production of Mustard per year whereas number 3rd in production of Ginger in whole world.

9.The Eating Hand

Left hand is never used for eating in Nepal as it is used for cleaning in toilets.So,people always eat with their right hand only.

10.Olympic Medal Doom

Nepal is the country which has never won any Olympic Medal in any Olympic history till date.

11.Country of Yeti

The myth is Yeti’s living home is the Himalayas of Nepal.