What is Lucid Dreaming ?? Know Everything About It.

Have you watched the famous movie Inception’? If yes, I am sure you have noticed that they used a device to enter a virtual world in their dreams .Did you feel as if it was real. Fascinating, right? know that they were actually lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is the ability to take control of your dreams while dreaming. We know that many people can remember what they dream at night. This tells us much about our unconscious mind. But lucid dreamers are one step ahead, with conscious control; they can actually explore their private dream escape as if it  were a virtual reality world. This dream World has no physical laws and the possibilities of lucid dreaming are limitless. With the help of developing technologies and many scientific researches, of lucid dreaming has been proved. Lucid dreaming is not an abnormal phenomenon. In fact, there are many people in this world who lucid dream naturally on a nightly basis. However, only few of them knew what was happening before its popularity. Isn’t it fascinating how technology has made it possible to bring life to dreams? In the past, people did not know how to lucid dream.

Therefore took a lot of time and effort to achieve success in lucid dreaming. But now thanks to the invention of lucid dreaming devices, the path to lucid dreaming has been faster and easier than ever before.Few years ago, two devices, namely ‘Dream Light’ and ‘Nova Dreamer were created. They were the very first lucid dreaming devices which helped to lucid dream artificially. They were both lucid dream masks and worked by detecting rapid eye movements while we are asleep and dreaming. T he masks flash a series of lights through our closed eyelids; a stimulus which becomes incorporated into our dream. The most popular type of lucid dreaming device IS an eye mask which emits visual and audio Cues to the lucid dreamer while they are asleep. Often this means the dreamer sees flashing lights in their dream escape, which reminds them that they are dreaming. A lucid dream mask helps achieve the goal by providing an  artificial aid to supplement our own efforts in dream recall and reality checking. Other lucid dream machines include lucid dreaming MP3, the sleep sonic pillow etc. Thee lucid dreaming MP3 is designed to induce state of profound meditation to achieve lucid dreaming.
From this calm mental state, lt becomes much easier to open the gateway to lucid dreams. Similarly, the sleep sonic pillow is a digital stereo in a pillow, enabling to listen to music  or audio as we go to sleep in comfort. This technology is first of its kind, which does not disturb anyone else in the room. lt produces an intimate listening experience without the discomfort of headphones or earphones. Lucid dreaming not only helps us escape the real world, it is also a powerful mental tool like no other. Lucid dreaming helps in healing mental and emotional disorders and phobias.
Also, research has revealed that practicing something in lucid dreams actually makes a person better at that task in real life. For example, if a person practices boxing in lucid dreams, he will certainly be better at boxing inreal life too.Lucid dreams do occur naturally to many people without the help of any device and there is nothing mystic about these dreams. No lucid dream machine is a magic device for lucid dreaming and won’t train you to become a better natural lucid dreamer. However, with the help of lucid dreaming devices, people who are not natural lucid dreamers also have the chance to experience the world of luciddreaming.