One -Horned Rhinoceros ‘Gaida’

One horned Rhino is also called ‘Gaida’ in Nepal .Rhinoceros unicorns is an endangered species of rhino found only in Nepal and India. It has a horn 20 to 100 cm long. It is about the size of a white rhinoceros found in Africa. All parts of its body are covered with thick and light silver skin. In ancient times, unicorns were found in Pakistan, China, Nepal and India, as well as in parts of Burma. Currently it is found only in some parts of Nepal and India.Rhino belongs to Rhinocerotidae family including five species ,four genera and eleven subspecies .

Great One horned rhino is also said to be Indian Rhino Southern Nepal and North part of India mostly in floodplain grassland also in adjacent riverine forest . It is characterized as odd- toed ungulate along with its armored skin with single horn.Rhinos have become victim of their illegal trade and poaching . Rhino’s horn are basically used as Keratin which provide protein to fingernail. There is huge wildlife criminals which are believed to be supported from upper level .One horned rhino used to found in the area of Pakistan to Myanmar but due to unmanaged area and human pressure they are now found only in Protected area of Nepal and India .This species is in the verge of extint due to surging of human population ,poaching and hunting .

In Nepal Rhino protection is one of the challenge and threat to government and its conservation has taken a long journey. By 1950s around 100 individuals were found once they were widespread through lowlands . By 1990s due to effort in conservation population was in increasing ratio .Army patrols and proper management of conservation area have allowed Chitwan’s Rhinoceros to rebound from extinction and the population reached 600 individuals.

There are a number of Rhino in Chitwan National Park but to protect each Rhino from every kinds of danger ,NTNC collaborate with Government have translocated it to Suklaphanta and Bardia National Park .In order to protect each Rhino in conservation area ,NTNC has initiated ID based rhino .To discourage poaching NTNC has implimented Smart patrolling and support with livelihood improvement . Nepal enjoyed zero poaching of rhino from the year 2013 ,15 and 2016 . Poaching of rhino horn to sell in international market was the threat to Nepal and the government .

For the tourist attraction one horned rhino tour has been conducted which has become one of the best enthusiastic wildlife activities . Because of this kinds of attraction around 200,000 tourist visit this sites every year . This kind of rhino tour is possible in Bardia and Chitwan N.P .Visitors can take the pictures of rhino and guide takes you to the rhino spotted place where you can see rhino from safe distance