Tips for Skin Care :Nepali Method

The most important but very sensitive organ is the skin. As it is associated with the beauty of the human body, scientific methods should be adopted in its care. The skin, which is made up of more than 90 percent collagen protein, is the largest gland in the body, which is classified into two parts, dermis and epidermis.

With age, it is natural for the skin to become chapped. However, even at a young age, various health problems are associated with the appearance of this problem.These are mainly due to lack of water and nutrients (vitamins A, C and protein) in the body, mental stress, excessive smoking, and fluctuations in thyroid hormones.

So changing the lifestyle is the only way to solve the problem. – Vitamins A and C and minerals rich in fruits, carrots, lemons, Amla, cucumbers, melons are suitable for healthy skin.Protein-rich foods, such as nuts and fish, are also essential for the skin. – Maximum use of moisturizer is required to solve the problem of dry skin. It is also suitable to use oil base moisturizer For oily skin, a quick-drying moisturizer should be used. – Steroid-mixed creams available in the market are causing serious skin problems.Such creams change the true appearance of the skin.

Such creams are a cause of skin thinning, wrinkling and wrinkles. – Let’s choose a cream that suits your skin. Otherwise, there is no choice but to repent.There are many natural remedies for acne. – Soak a piece of green cucumber in lemon water overnight and put it on the face for half an hour once a year to prevent skin wrinkle . The ripe (yellow) cucumber is cut into one-inch pieces and soaked in a light liquid solution of lemon, Aloevera ,ghee and gram flour for 6 hours and kept twice a week for 45-60 minutes on the affected skin and treated for three to four months.