How To Get Good Marks In Exam, 9 Scientific Facts

Exam has been a kind of headache to every students. If you ask any students in the world what they are scared of they will tell you its Exam. Why do you think that every student in the world takes pressure and get scared of facing exam? The reason is students think about results even before appearing in exam. Getting good marks in exam is everybody’s dream.So today we will give you 9 tips on how to get good marks in exam even without taking any pressures and tensions
1.Try not to study at night :
We should try to avoid studying at night. A proper sleep is always necessary for a healthy brain. Healthy brain provides the better environment for the body to function properly. At night , the level of tiredness is maximum. The brain gets tired and the calorie level is also low . The brain cannot capture and function properly. So,its not a good idea to study at night. Make sure you sleep before 10 PM at night. Wake up early and then start studying. You will able to learn more and remember the things you have studied for longer.
                                                                                                                   Studying at night
2.Study in small chunks:
It is known as Pomodora Technique. Students should study in the small chunks of 25-30 minutes and take rest of 5 minutes. If you cannot finish a longer portion of chapter at a same time,Zeizarnik Effect says the portion you have left is more memorable than portion you have finished. It is better to study in small chunks rather than to study for 3/4 hours continuously because brain works and function properly when we take break.
small chunks study
3.Make a plan and Keep a goal
Keep small goals for yourself on every portion of your study. Plan to complete small goals. Learn a small topics and not just remember it but you should be able to explain it to yourself and your friends. If you have on e target, you can focus more and better.
4.Try to study in Groups or Teach your Friends
Choose two groups and give them different topics to study.Now after certain time interval, tell the members of group A to teach or explain that topic to the members of Group B and vice versa. That way students will be able to understand better and remember it for longer time.
                                                                            Group Study
5.Create a Study Table
Always try to study sitting in a chair and table . Avoid studying in bed and sofa where you will have a sleeping posture. Sit upright in a chair,that way you will feel less lazier. And the table should contain everything you should need from books,water,a laptop ,stationary items and even a watch. That way you can concentrate and focus on work you are doing.
                                                                                                       Study table
Music helps in relaxation and freshens brain. So,you should take a regular break and listen to the relaxing music. Dont choose music like rock,rap or metal better choose soothing music or classic music that has repeated pulses and dont play it too loud.
7.Making Flash Cards
Make a small flash cards and sticky notes of the important points and formulas.That way you can memorize them better. Brain cannot store bulk data rather it can store the small things which you can later use in brain. Stronger neural connection can be created through this.
                                                                                                 Study in Flashcards
8.Practice a lot 
We have a proverb that “Practice makes man Perfect” There may not be any scientific reason for this. The more you practice the more you will be able to remember and do better.
9.Keep Devices Away
While studying you should keep devices like your phones away so that you can concentrate better in your studies. Continuous notification from your devices may divert your brain and you may not able to focus more.
Put Devices Away