Know the right time and Rules for eating fruit

Fruits with vegetables

Consumption of nutritious fruits is beneficial in most cases.Eating fruits is the best option when you don’t have time to eat or lunch due to haste in a busy lifestyle. But there is also a way to eat fruit.Fruits are considered healthy and nutritious and also helps in growth and development of brain and production of different bile and juices required for body. In addition to that fruits also helps to make your skin better and healthy as well as your digestive system. So,lets know about the right time and rules of eating fruits.Otherwise, it does more harm than good. In what cases is fruit harmful?

1.Eat Fruits in the Morning:

Most people do not care about the timing of eating fruit. But the best time to eat fruit is in the morning.Eating fruits in morning helps your body to function properly. “An apple in the morning is more likely to keep the doctor away”.So,if you are eating fruits,make it is the morning.

Apple in Morning

2.Dont Eat Alama (Emblic Fruit) In the Morning

It is advisable to eat any fruit except Emblic (Amala)in the morning. This is a sour fruit which is very acidic in nature and may lead to the production of Hydrochloride in your body which may produce bile gases.


3.An Apple In The Morning

Eating apples in the morning is considered to be the most beneficial. The pectin in it benefits the body for a better digestion and metabolism. So,don’t forget to grab an apple from your refrigerator after you wake up.


4. Don’t Mix Fruits :

Ripe fruits should never be eaten mixed with raw fruits. If you are eating fruits try eating ripe fruits at one time and only raw fruits the other time.It may affect your digestion,if you didn’t do so.

5. Don’t Eat Fruits with Vegetables¬†

Fruits should not be eaten with vegetables as it is harmful to the body. Fruits contain different chemical composition of that of vegetables which may lead to harmful phenomena to your body.

Fruits with vegetables


6. Don’t Eat fruit after Meals

Never eat fruits after meals otherwise it affects digestion. Eating fruits after heavy and spicy meal my lead to harmful metabolism.

7. Don’t eat acidic fruits with milk.

Milk contains Calcium where as sour fruits contain acid.Mixing of acidic contents and Calcium forms Calcium bicarbonate which makes gastric function in wrong manner.