Is Obesity making you Anxious? Follow these 6 rules to get Slim in No Time!!


Obesity is one of the major problem in today’s world. According to the data taken by World’s Health Organization,one among five person is worried about fat body. Everyone has a desire of getting fit and healthy.Being attractive do not come along with being fat.So,if you wanna look fit and healthy start following these rules we will tell you. For most people, reducing obesity is a daunting task. People do not rush to reduce obesity because it does not decrease easily and in a short period of time.

Therefore, in order to control the increased body weight, some rules have to be followed. Here are the rules to reduce obesity:

1.Watch what you Eat

Calorie restriction should be done first to control body weight. For this, one day you have to eat nothing and sit like a brat and eat regular food the next day. That is, drink only liquids on the first day and eat only the next day.Doing this will maintain your calorie level and you will be able to reduce your weight. The body’s metabolism need a regulation and doing this the metabolism gets regulated properly and helps in reduction of weight.


2.Water & Herbal Tea

To reduce obesity, you need to develop the habit of drinking water and herbal tea. It plays a role in controlling your calorie intake. Drinking water and herbal tea to some extent compensates your calorie intake. Herbal tea are also considered as the blood pressure and sugar level maintainer which will discourage your sugar intake.

Herbal Tea

3.Keep Gaps to Eat

Food should not be eaten excessively or repeatedly. Each meal should be taken in  5-6 hours gap. In the meantime, do not eat anything except water. Doing so also improves metabolism and helps to reduce your weight. Do not eat repeated meals time and again and dont eat excessively in a single sit.

Gap Between Meals

4.Fast Twice a Week

People who want to reduce obesity should eat 5 days a week and fast for 2 days. Only 500 calories should be consumed on the day of fasting and dont sleep as soon as you eat.After eating do some light yoga or take a short walk and than sleep.Doing so,stop your fat accumulation and helps in regulation of Digestion.


5.Eat Less in Single Sit

Food should be eaten in small quantities. Most Nepalis have a habit of prolonging the meal period and eating a lot at once. But this is the main reason for the increase in obesity. So it needs to be improved. Eat small amount but bring variation of intake. Always include green salads,vegetables and deserts too.

Eating Less

6.Less Sugar Intake,Focus on Fiber 

Any food or meal should be high in fiber. Eat less carbohydrates and fat containing food.Sugar is another main causative agent of obesity.So,eat the food which contains Sugar,moreover avoid the intake of sugar totally. Food containing sugar makes the favorable conditions for the generation of fat which will increase your obesity.

Sugar Intake

7.Avoid Junk Food And Cold Drinks

Cold drinks contain lots of sugar and carbon,both enhancer of the obesity and Junk food contains lots of Gluten and fats. Gluten and Fats combined can make your obesity grow twice  than normal.

Junk Food And Cold Drinks

So,avoiding these things can not only reduce your obesity but also keep your body and brain healthy.