Eating Rules: Do you eat when you feel hungry or according to your schedule?


Physical health is directly related to food. That is why it is said that as we eat, so do we. The body is also built from the food we eat. Therefore, what kind of food to eat is as important as what time to eat.Many people say that there should be a definite schedule for eating. For example, breakfast at 7 in the morning, food at 12, light breakfast at 4, dinner at 7 in the evening. It is said that you should eat according to the schedule set in this way.Another statement is different. They say that it is not appropriate to eat without hunger. When the body needs food, then hunger is felt. Thus, we should eat only when we need it.

Eating when feel hungry or Eating in schedule . Which way is right? 

The benefits of eating when you are hungry

When hungry, the mind cannot function properly. So it is better to eat when you are hungry because it provides the body with essential nutrients. When you eat a balanced diet when you are hungry, the vitamins, minerals, fiber and fats in it are easily absorbed by the body and energy is obtained.So,it seems like its more beneficial when you eat when you are hungry. But yet don’t decide before you read the disadvantage.


Disadvantages of eating only when you are hungry

When you feel hungry, you don’t think about what is right to eat and what is wrong to eat. Whatever is found is eaten. Because of this, sometimes unhealthy things also happen in the stomach. And, you don’t get the right nutrients.When you are very hungry, you eat without looking left or right. When eating in this way, sometimes you eat more than you need. This habit can cause many health problems.


And the second is :

The benefits of eating on Schedule 

When you eat the right thing at the right time, you don’t overeat, which puts less pressure on the digestive system and helps you stay healthy.

If you don’t eat at the same time regularly, you are more likely to have stomach problems. So eating on time does not cause fatigue and stomach problems. Due to which the body gets energy. If you eat on your own time, the body gets time to absorb the nutrients in the food properly. This keeps the body healthy.

Eating In Time

Disadvantages of eating on Schedule

Sometimes you may feel hungry before the meal. In this case, if we wait to eat on time, we may die of hunger. This can cause various stomach problems.

Sometimes you don’t even feel hungry at times. I don’t like food when I eat forcibly at such a time. On the one hand it destroys food and on the other hand the body cannot get the required nutrients.Sometimes eating light food that digests quickly and makes you hungry again. But, there is a regular wait time to eat. This leads to weakness and fatigue. Because of which you can’t focus on your work.

Eating in Schedule

So,which way is better in your perception? Think and Eat.