Worried About Your Teeth??Here are 10 Things to Keep in Mind .

Brushing Teeth

Teeth are important not only in the digestive process but also in the personality of a person. If a person do not have clean,perfect and proper teeth,he may be not able to keep his personality better.  Clean, smooth teeth develop into human beauty. Moreover, teeth are essential to the body. Chewing food is the most important function of the teeth. But if the teeth are not taken care of properly, it can cause problems. And when teeth causes problem,the problem is serious. The pain is unbearable. So,want to keep your teeth healthy and clean?? Here are 10 things to keep in Mind :


1.Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day:

The first thing to do to protect your teeth is to brush regularly before and after meals. You should maintain the routine to brush your teeth regularly. The meals crumbles may get stocked to your teeth corners and if not cleaned immediately,may cause the teeth yellowing and rotting later on.

Brushing Teeth

2.Rinse Every time You Eat:

Rinse your mouth after eating to take out food stuck in your teeth. The tucked food in your teeth or mouth may bring false odor in your mouth and may cause several problems like rotting of teeth or the algae formation which wont go until you will thin the teeth enamel in Dentists.

Rinse Mouth

3.Do not Dig Your Teeth :

Do not use toothpicks or thorns as much as possible to remove pieces of food stuck in the teeth.It may lead to bleeding of the teeth and widening,which may make you look unattractive.

Digging Teeth

4.The Brushing Technique:

Brush your teeth up and down, right and left for 3 minutes.Brush slowly and softly,do not brush fast and creating pressure. The teeth gums are soft and sensitive which may lead to bursting of  teeth gums and lead to regular bleeding.

Brushing Technique

5.The Toothbrush

Use a soft, clean brush to brush your teeth and soak before use. The brush fibers are made of plastic which may hurt your gums if not soaked and is disrupted. Soak and dont use brush more than 2 to 3 months.


6.Dont Use Tobacco Products:

Not to consume tobacco, gutkha and other tobacco products. Consumption of such things may not only lead to concentration of yellowish and brownish material in the teeth but also may lead to mouth cancer.

Chewing Tobacco

7.Fluoride Toothpaate

Use fluoride toothpaste whenever you can. Fluoride is responsible for killing the bacteria and germs in the teeth and the fluorine content make the teeth white and shiny by cleansing the concentrated materials. In addition to that Fluorine is suitable for preservation of Minerals.


8.Cold is Bad to teeth

Do not consume excessive amounts of cold substances. Consumption of the cold substances not only weakens the teeth but also eradicate the enamel content which may make inner calcium carbonate of the teeth to be exposed which lead to the sensitivity increment of teeth.


9.Sweet Intake Reduction

Reduce consumption of chocolate or sweets, rinse mouth after consumption. Do not let the sweets,sugar and chocolate get stuck in the teeth.


10.Wrong Use of Teeth

Do not cut wire, stone or any hard object metal.

Chewing wire