How to reach Tilicho Lake? Trip To Tilicho!!

Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake

One of the most popular tourist destinations in recent times is the Tilicho Lake in Manang, the highest point in the world. Once you reach Tilicho Lake, you can take a photo of the mountain from nearby and post it on Facebook. But if you don’t know the way to Tilicho Lake well, that dream can’t be fulfilled.

It is not easy to reach Tilicho Lake. While traveling on the dirt road from Beshishahar of Lamjung, there are many awkward and scary turns on the way. Some feel as if they have reached Lake Tilicho. But if you feel the beauty of Tilicho Lake and Annapurna mountain range from the heart, that fatigue disappears in an instant. Lekali flowers that bloom in the rainy season are likely to cause lekki(a disease caused in dampness). At this time, when it rains, the road is difficult and the sky does not open. Due to the extreme cold, it is difficult to go even in Poush and Magh.  Therefore, the best season to visit Tilicho is from September to mid-November and from April to the end of May.

Tilicho Lake falls in the Manang district of Nepal under the Himalayan mountain range. The lake falls within the Annapurna region at an altitude of 4919 meters above sea level. It is 1,107 meters higher than Lake Titika, which borders Peru and Bolivia in South America. The lake is 4919 meters high. It is 3.9 km long and 1.6 km wide.

Spread over a total area of ​​4.8 sq km, the lake is surrounded by Tilicho Himal, Annapurna Range and Nilgiri Himal. Lake Tilicho is like the gateway to most of Lamjung. From there, you have to cross the Marshyangdi river to the right and left and reach its source Tilicho. You have to travel from Beshishahar through the tunnel of Madhya Hydropower. Then reach Sange, Lake Dharapani. It has reached Khangsar from Dharapani via Manang’s Chame. The trek starts from Khangsar.

From there, after walking for at least four and a half hours, you reach Tilicho Base Camp at an altitude of 4150 meters. It takes 4 to 5 hours to reach the 4919 meter high lake from the base camp. Those who can walk can reach the lake in a 7-hour walk from Khangsar.

The number of people reaching Tilicho Lake for various purposes has started increasing.Some go for hobbies and some for brand promotion. As the road from Beshishahar to Khangsar is completely unpaved, motorcycles and vehicles of various companies also go there to make promotion videos. Some even reach Tilicho to fly their own brand logo.

Tilicho Lake

This schedule can also be suitable and comfortable for reaching Tilicho Lake from Kathmandu:

Day 1: Travel by car or motorcycle from Kathmandu to Jagat, Taal or Dharapani.

Day 2: Travel by car or motorcycle from Jagat, Taal or Dharapani to Khangsar via Chame.

Day 3: Walking from Khangsar to Tilicho Base Camp.

Day 4: Walk from base camp to Tilicho Lake and back to Khangsar.

Day 5: Travel by car or motorbike from Khangsar to Taal or Beshishahar.

Day 6: Travel by motorcycle or car from Beshishahar to Kathmandu.

Route to Tilicho Lake

Basic Items Needed: Medicine, A walking Stick, Warm clothes.

Minimum estimated cost: Rs. 15,000.

Those who do not have private vehicles will be able to use one local route from Kathmandu to Beshishahar and from Beshishahar to Khangsar on the same day. As there are few hotels in the base camp, it is better to book the hotel in advance for staying. Since there is a possibility of leakage after rising from Khangsar, various measures can be taken to avoid leakage. For example: put garlic, cloves in the mouth and drink a little bit of coke, glucose water, hot water.

Trekking sticks and warm clothing are essential to keep walking safe. Even if it is hot after leaving Khangsar, you should not wear light clothes. Because even when the sun is shining, the cold air is constantly swirling.

Helicopter Ride to Tilicho Lake

Other Ways to Reach Tilicho :

1.Take a pre-planned trip from different Travel Agencies.

2.Helicopter Flight.

3. Airplane up to the nearest Talcha Airport and Follow the easy route.