Visiting Manang? How to ReacH? Where to Hang Out?

Manang Beauty

Manang Beauty

Manang, Himal Pari district. Manang district is also known as the highest lake in the world with a minimum elevation of 1880 m above sea level and maximum elevation of 8163 m above Dharapani Lake.The district headquarters of Manang is Chame. The height up to the district headquarters is 2831 meters above sea level. If you are planning to visit Manang, this may be informative for you today.


Visiting Route:

First of all, come to Dumre of Tanahu district under Prithvi Highway and take a vehicle from Dumre to Beshishahar of Lamjung. If you have your own means, come to Beshishahar. You will find plenty of vehicles going to Manang from Manange Chautara of Beshishahar. And the road to Manang will be gradually traveled by unpaved road. As there is no road for heavy vehicles to come to this district up to Manang, the journey will be by Bolero jeep. In the case of other vehicles, four-wheeled small vehicles with four-wheelers can be comfortable on the roads of Manang.

Way To Manang

The journey starts from Manange Chautara, a town in Lamjung. The journey to Manang takes place along the Marshyangdi river. After walking from Beshishahar, one travels by observing the beautiful places of Lamjung district. Some of the scenic spots of Lamjung district on the way are Khudi, Bhulbhule, Ngadi, Baun Danda, Syange, Jagat, Chhamche villages and reach Mardi river bordering Lamjung and Manang.Chamche village on the border of Lamjung district is located at an altitude of 1385 meters. The most beautiful village in Manang district is Taal village. The first village after the invasion of Manang district is Taal village at an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level.

Way To Manang

Although the first village of Manang district is Taal village, another village comes after Dharapani. We have to move forward again after the police check in Dharapani. There is also a footpath from Dharapani to Ngawal village in Manang district after passing Larke. From Dharapani, Thoche, Tilche, Bhimtang and Manaslu can be reached on foot.Going beyond Dharapani village, various villages reach Bagarchhap, Danakyu, Timang, Thanchowk and Koto. After checking the police chowk in Koto, there is a footpath from Koto to Nar Fu village, passing Kangla and exiting Upper Manang. Koto arrives shortly after the police check. Chame is the district headquarters of Manang.

Way To Manang


The height of the district headquarters Chame is 2831 meters above sea level. After settling in Chame for one night, the journey will start tomorrow morning towards Upper Manang. After proceeding from Chame, you will reach Talekhu, Bhratang, Swargadhwari Dhukur Pokhari and Pisang. For those who walk from Pisang, Upper Pisang, Gharu, Ngawal and Vraka can also be reached. Upper Manang is reached from Pisang via Humde and Vraka. Manang district is also named after this village. There is only a road to Khangsar on the way to Tilicho Lake above Manang, while there is only a road to Upper Manang on the way to pass Thorangala.

After a three-hour jeep ride, you have to walk from Manang to Thorangala. After passing Thorangala of Manang, it becomes the famous Muktinath temple of Mustang district and after visiting Mustang district, one reaches Pokhara. This is the way to visit Manang district on foot and by road to visit Manang district.

Places To Visit In Manang:

Tilicho Lake is one of the most important places in the district after visiting Manang. Tilicho Lake can be considered as the symbol of Manang district. Even though the name of the district is not heard, Tilicho Lake in this district is world famous.

Tilicho Lake Located at 4919 meters, the highest elevation in the world, Tilicho Lake has become a focal point of tourist attraction. Not only Tilicho Lake but also other lakes like Gangapoon Lake, Drona Lake and Ice Lake are also very beautiful and scenic places. Other famous places like Lamjung Himal, Pisang Himal, Kangla Himal, Annapurna Ddhitiya Himal, Annapurna Tritiya Himal, Gangapurna Himal, Zulu Himal (Chulu Himal), Thorang La Himal, Pisang Peak and other mountain ranges are the second choice of tourists. The Masyangdi River, which flows through the cold water, and the beautiful Chaga Chahra, waterfalls, mountains and cliffs, homemade handicrafts, organic products, domestic animals such as a stolen sheep, goats, Changra calves, and wild animals such as the gull, the tiger, the tiger. Jibjanavaraharu, herbs Yarsagumba ,five aule, timmur, jimbu ,jatamasi, kutuki ,gachechyau,kurilo and other plants.


Among the fruits, apple is the most important fruit here. Apple farming, potato farming, fapar farming, kolo farming, karu farming also make it beautiful over time. Chame hot water tanks are one of the hot water tanks located in different places within the district given free of cost by the nature in the very cold mountainous districts. In addition, the local cuisine, religion, culture, costumes, living conditions, such as things to live in Manang attract tourists. Manang district is a very famous tourist area. The Annapurna trekking route is known in the world.