Famous Tongue piercing Festival:Nepal

As soon as we say ‘tongue piercing procession’, we remember the biscuit procession celebrated at Bode in Madhyapur Thimi. During the tongue piercing procession, many people had to be fed and the arrangements for the procession had to be made by themselves. It costs a lot .In Thimi, ghosts, phantoms and vampires used to cause grief. The Tantric man practiced Balkumari to drive away the same demon. He pierced his tongue to show his courage. He frightened the ghost. And they ran away.It is in this belief that the tongue is pierced here. They try to drive away ghosts by showing courage.

The person piercing the tongue must be of the best lineage of Madhyapur Thimi. At first, the person must be ready to pierce the tongue. The committee is consulted after someone decides to pierce the tongue. One month in advance, a good day is chosen and it is reported that the non-worker has to make a grandson (suiro). The person who pierces the tongue goes to take the pooja when he goes to report.It is kept soaked in pure mustard oil for about 3 weeks so that it will not be eaten by non-workers. In this procession, a grandson with three arrows is made.

On the day of the full moon, the tongue is pierced. Worship is held at Balkumari temple eight days before that. It is called ‘Dya: Dusalegu’. This means that the deity is brought to the place where the tongue is pierced by sadhana.Four days before the procession, Phima (then state manager) of Laiku, Thimi, goes to the Hanumandhoka palace and takes the royal sword and puts it in a ‘Dabali’.One day before the procession, ‘Choilbhu’ takes place. A feast is offered with the sacrifice of a red rooster. Yenya Punhi, i.e. full moon, is worshiped in Balkumari in the morning by wearing Duta No. (Jama). People who pierce their tongues go hungry all day long. You should not talk to anyone.

After worshiping from Balkumari, a crescent-shaped continent (Vye) is made. In the evening, there is a procession from Balkumari to Digubhairav. The lights are on.After coming from there, Bhairav ​​is worshiped in Digubhairav ​​temple in the presence of Guru (Jaman: a person of Thar). It is believed that a person who pierces his tongue after worship attains divine power. From there, the tongue piercer is grabbed by two people, walks backwards in front of Bhairav ​​and is taken to the ‘Dabali’. At this time, Jaman: Guru, Nay: Pama, Nakarmi, etc. are present in the ‘Dabali’.The person who puts the needle is called ‘Kaminayo’. Kaminayo also worships Bhairav. In the same way, they come back to the double. A 10-inch-long needle made by a non-worker pierces the tongue. Then the person piercing the tongue is asked to carry the vae (continent). It is done around the city as per his wish. Thimi, Nagdesh, Bode and other places are visited by Balkumari temples.According to the wishes of the person piercing the tongue, Changunarayana and Pashupati have been visited first.

A person who pierces the tongue also has two yams. This trident-shaped lamp is lit by the Manandhar community.It is believed that it will drive away the ghosts hiding in the house.The one who pierces the tongue comes to the child in a circle. There, Caminayo pulls the needle out of his tongue. Then Jamanah (Guru) puts the soil of Nasadya (Nityanath) complex in the hole of the tongue. It is believed that the wound does not heal and heals quickly.After pouring the soil, one rests at the nearby Mahadev Pati. In the evening, a feast is served to the participants of the procession. The next day, in the Balkumari temple, Dya: Lit Tavanegu i.e. immersion worship is performed. On this day, the grandson (Suiro) who pierced his tongue as ‘Natu Puja’ is knocked inside the Balkumari temple. In the Bode Biscuit procession, the grandson stumbles in the same way at the Mahalakshmi temple.

There is no written record of when the sexual tradition began. Looking at the nature of the needle that crashed into the temple premises, it is seen that the tongue was pierced more than 350 years ago.More than one person can pierce the tongue if they wish in this procession.Once the tongue is pierced, the needle is placed in a different place. Looking at the nature of the needle that crashed into the temple, it is seen that 17 people pierced their tongues in the same year. ‘

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.Bhairav ​​is worshiped with importance in Indrajatra. Even in this procession, the tongue piercer takes power by practicing Bhairav

How is Natucha made?
As it is used on human tongue, the process of making natucha is different from normal. Natucha making starts a month in advance.The soft iron rod is melted down to form a traditional Natucha shape. There is a different method of making a sword shape in the shape of a sword at the top and a beak shape at the bottom.Once the natucha is formed, grease is applied on it. Then it is wrapped in cotton and greased again. Then Natucha is cut into nhap (a small bamboo stick) and put inside. Covered with cotton and grease, it is kept closed in bamboo for more than a week. Doing so will destroy the chemical elements in the iron and make the iron soft. Then, four days before the pilgrimage, it is taken out and dipped in pure mustard oil. The oil softens the nucleus and easily penetrates the human tongue