Lord Buddha : The Early Life,Struggle & Virtues!

Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha

The great human Buddha was born in BC. In 563, on the full moon day of Baisakh, a shawl fell under a tree in the forest of Lumbini. He was born in the Shakya Chhetri Surya dynasty. His grandfather’s name is Singh and his grandmother’s name is Kanchana. He was born from the womb of King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya Devi. His village is Koshal Rajya Kapilvastu. Mother-in-law and mother-in-law are also devas. His wife’s name is Yashodhara and son’s name is Rahul. King Shuddhodan was 57 years old when Siddhartha Kumar was born. . He was named on the fifth day of his birth. Eight Brahmins had predicted that he would become a Buddha in the future. Mother Ahamaya Devi passed away 7 days after her birth. After that, Siddhartha was brought up by his younger mother Prajapati Gautami.


Along with the birth of the Buddha, the following seven things were also born. Mangal Hatti, Yashodhara, Kaludai Mantri, Chhandak Sarathi, Kanthak Ghoda, Bodhi Tree and 4 pots of gold. Vodhisattva Siddhartha Kumar was married to Yasodhara at the age of 16. At that time, Yashodhara was not even 16 years old. Fearing the prophecies of the Pandits, King Suddhodhana built three luxurious buildings to keep Siddhartha Kumar forgotten in his domestic life. They were beautiful 9th ​​floor, picturesque 7th floor, auspicious 5th floor. One day Siddharth Kumar went out to circulate the market. He saw a sick man and asked the driver why he was sick. According to Sarthi, all people get sick. After reaching some distance, Siddharth Kumar again saw an old man walking with a stick and asked the charioteer, “Why is this man old?” According to the charioteer, everyone in the world grows old.

Lord Buddha

. After reaching some distance, Siddharth Kumar saw another dead man sitting around the family crying and again asked Sarathi what happened. Sarathi said that this person is dead and his family members are mourning. He told Siddhartha that every person becomes ill, gets old and dies one day after birth. This is the true truth, it is the law of creation. These incidents and scenarios hurt Siddhartha Kumar a lot.He began to think that there is sorrow, there is disease, there is old age, why birth and death are together? Siddhartha Kumar spent a lot of time thinking about the prevention of such mental illness. At the age of 29, Siddharth Kumar’s son Rahul was born. Siddharth Kumar had left home seven days after Rahul’s birth. The name of the horse that Siddhartha Kumar rode after leaving home was Kanthak and the name of the charioteer was Chhanna-Chhandak. At that time, Siddharth Kumar, Sarathi Chhandak and Ghoda Kanthak were all 29 years old.


After leaving home and reaching the banks of the river Anoma, he cut his own hair and became a monk. Then, when Siddhartha was meditating on hunger, his body became very weak and he realized that he should meditate on the little food he needed to maintain his body. After that, he continued to practice meditation and meditation for the welfare of the human race.Thus Siddhartha Kumar attained enlightenment under a poplar tree at Aruvela (Buddhagaya) on the night of the full moon of Vaishakh. He was 35 at the time. That poplar tree is called Bodhi tree. After that, at the age of 36, he started preaching Dharmachakra (first sermon) at Srigatavan Sarnatha. Five housewives took the first sermon. They are Kaundanya Vappa, Bhaddiya, Mahanam and Assajit.The first monk was Kaundanya, the first to go to the shelter of Triratna was Yash Kumar’s father, mother, Sujata and wife, and the first to become a monk was Yash Kumar. Mahalata Abhushan was with three people in the time of Buddha:

1. Visakha

2. Mallika Devi

3. Devdaniya thief

Visakha Mahauyasika had asked the following 8 wishes  with the Buddha:

Lord Buddha

A. Giving bath cloth to the monks’ association.
B. Donating food to visitors.
C. Donate food to passengers.
D. Donating food to patients.
E.Donating food to the servants of the sick.
F.Donating medicine to patients.
G.Donate jaula to patients. (Soft rice to feed the patient)
F. Donating artificial clothes to the nuns.

Nakulmata and Nukalpita, these two household couples, addressed the Buddha as “Son”.
Jivak Vaidya used to treat Lord Buddha by sniffing medicinal lotus flowers when he was unwell.
Devadatta had asked the Buddha for the following five things, which the Buddha did not accept, and Devadatta had set up a separate monks’ association.

1) The monks have to live in the forest.
2) Chew only the cloth thrown in the masan.
3) You should eat only after taking alms.
4) You should sleep under the tree.
5) Fish and meat should not be eaten at all.

Thus, it seems that Devadatta was the first to bring feet in the monks’ association during the time of Buddha, but it did not last forever.

Little Buddha

Important Days in the life of the Buddha:

Friday – Born
Saturday – Dharmachakra Enforcement
Sunday – Funeral
Monday – Homelessness
Tuesday – Parinirvana
Wednesday – Enlightenment
Thursday – Entered the mother’s womb


Important places in the life of the Buddha:

Kapilbastu: The kingdom of Buddha’s father Suddhodhana.
Devadaha: (Nawalparasi) – Buddha’s uncle’s kingdom and also in-laws.
Lumbini: The birthplace of the Buddha.
Buddhagaya: A place of enlightenment.
Sarnath: The place where the first religion was preached.
Shrabasti: The place where Buddha spent most of his life.
RajGriha: The place where Devadatta tried to kill Buddha.
Vaishali: The country praised by the Buddha.

Lord Buddha

Important events in the life of the Buddha:

Birth : 563  BC

Marriage : 574 BC (Age of 16)

Homelessness: 534 BC(Age of 29)

Enlightenment : 528 BC(Age of 35)

DharmaChakra : 528 BC (Age of 36)

Mahaparinirwan: 438 BC (Age of 80)


The sad truths seen by the Buddha:

1) To be born

2) To be old

3) To be sick

4) To die

5) To live with a person you don’t like

6) To be separated from a person you like

7) Not to fulfill your heart’s desires etc.


The Ven Virtues of the Buddha:

1. Non-violence

2. Don’t steal.

3.Observance of celibacy

4. Don’t lie.

5.Don’t drink alcohol.

6.Don’t eat after noon.

7.Stay away from pornographic movies, songs, music.

8.Don’t use luxury items (necklaces, perfumes, creams) etc.

9.Don’t sleep in a luxurious bed.

`0.Don’t keep gold or silver.