Drinking Beer or Wine? How, Why and How Much to Drink??



The festive season is starting. And, at this time Nepali society consumes more alcohol. Alcohol is a bad drink for health. Its consumption is considered harmful. However, in some cases, moderate alcohol consumption is believed to reduce mental and physical fatigue.We take a sip of alcohol to make meetings, festivals, etc., a joyous time. Beer is very popular among alcoholic beverages. Various studies have shown that drinking a controlled amount of beer daily is good for health.The amount has been determined for that.Therefore, while consuming any dish, the correct method should be followed. By adopting the right method, you can enjoy and enjoy it as much as possible. This also applies to beer. If you drink beer properly, you can enjoy more.

How to Drink Beer

– When drinking beer in a group, you should start by sipping together. Pick up a glass of beer and cheer. This is the etiquette of drinking beer.

– Drink colder beer than usual. Beer is to be drunk cold. If you want to get the real taste and smell of beer, your temperature should be between 3 to 5 degrees.

– Never use ice to cool beer.

– Beer foam should not be removed. Properly brewed beer looks attractive in a glass.

– If there is beer left in the bottle, keep it with the lid on. Otherwise, oxidation spoils the taste of beer.


In what cases is beer beneficial?

According to a study by a university in Australia, drinking a limited amount of beer increases creativity. According to the study, consuming 350 ml of beer daily has a positive effect.




How to drink wine?

Wine is a fruit-based beverage that contains 10 to 15 percent alcohol. In western countries and in some parts of India, wine is considered as a soft drink. Wine is not called alcoholic because it is consumed in moderation

It is said that one should enjoy wine not only by drinking, but also by seeing, feeling, smelling and listening.

– When we drink wine, all our five senses taste it. So you need a way to pour the wine into a glass, from serving to kneading.

– Wine is served in different glasses according to the nature. Pouring wine into a glass requires a distance between the bottle and the glass, which makes the wine fall into the glass.

– When you pour the wine on the bottom of the glass by tilting it slightly, the wine comes up like a bark from the other side, which is attractive to look at.


Only one third of the glass is filled with wine. When you pick up a glass of wine and take it to your lips, you should also smell it.

– Before squeezing it, it should be played with the tongue for a while. You also need to know how to handle the glass according to the nature of the wine.

– Red wine is suitable in winter season, while white is suitable in summer. White wine is more palatable when eaten whole. It can be chilled and drunk at 5-10 degrees centigrade.

– Red wine can be drunk in the afternoon, white is suitable to drink in the evening. Wine requires meat, cheese, fruit snacks.


How much to drink?

Although the wine is made from fruit, it contains 10 to 16 percent alcohol. So an adult can drink up to 350 ml a day. Consuming a controlled amount of wine is said to relieve mental and physical fatigue. Studies have shown that proper consumption of red wine also reduces the risk of heart disease.