Beers You Must Try In Nepal if you Fond of Beer??

Beer is an indulgence which is loved by a piece of the world’s population. With health benefits, a few of pints are always recommended. For all the beer enthusiasts, you ought to know that Nepal houses some freshly brewed local beers which are exclusive and quintessential. The beer in Nepal can definitely quench your thirst and that they are completely different from the regular beers one can find across the planet . P.S. The legal age in Nepal is 18! These are Beers You Must Try In Nepal:

Beers You Must Try In Nepal
Beers You Must Try In Nepal

So if you’re keen on beers and need to undertake some new brews, Nepal is certainly an area where you ought to experiment with some authentic local Nepali beer brands. Experience happiness in every sip you take!

Here are a number of the local beer in Nepal you want to try once you visit a brewery, bar or restaurant. Bet you can’t stop at one!

1.Gorkha Beer

Beers You Must Try In Nepal Gorkha Beer
Gorkha Beer

Gorkha beer is one of the beer that Beers You Must Try In Nepal. It was first introduced within the year 2006. It had been prepared with high-quality barley malt, water and therefore the finest hops. it’s brewed in Nawalparasi and is Nepal’s premium quality beers. It derived its name from ‘Gurkha’ the brave soldiers of Nepal.

This bittersweet with a touch of grainy-aroma beer lager comes with 5 per cent alcohol and is one among the foremost popularly known local brands across Nepal. it’s light and good for people that prefer a subtle beer. you’ll find this one at almost every alcoholic hub. It comes from the brewery holding 80% of Nepal’s market. It’s good quality and provides you a good amount of booze effect.

INR 250 for 650 ml

USD 3.2$ for 650 ml


2.Nepal Ice

Beers You Must Try In Nepal Nepal Ice Beer
nepal ice

This particular brand of beer in Nepal is one of the most likely Beers You Must Try In Nepal.It may be a strong flavoured ale, made with quality barley. it’s brewed by Sun Gold Brewery in Nepal and is their best-selling beer brand. Nepal Ice comes with a spread . If one wishes to possess a robust and dark beer, the Nepal ice strong is that the right choice. it’s malt based contained 7 per cent of alcohol content.

While on the opposite hand a touch lighter brew- Nepal Ice and Nepal Ice Natura contain 5 per cent of alcohol. it’s a beer lager which is formed of natural barley. it’s the simplest drink for quenching your thirst and is actually satisfying.

INR 225 for 650 ml
USD 3.21 for 650 ml


3. Everest Beer

Beers You Must Try In Nepal Everest Beer
Everest Beer

It is among the Beers You Must Try In Nepal. It was 1st marketed in the year 2003 , this beer in Nepal was named to considerate  the landmark achievement of the summit of Mt. Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hilary on its 50th Anniversary. it’s made within the Mt. Everest brewer, Kathmandu

It’s a beer on the sweeter end. it’s extremely pleasant and lightweight in taste. The Everest beer is brewed to a T with the simplest brewing technology using quality hops, pure yeast and selected malt. it’s a light-weight lager with the proper amount of carbonation containing 5 per cent alcohol content. it’s so popular that it’s been exported to the US and Japan thanks to its high consumption rates. If you don’t do this , you’ll definitely miss out on one among the simplest beer experiences.

INR 200 for 650 ml
USD 2.98 for 650 ml


4. Khumbu Kolsch Sherpa Craft

Khumbu Kolsch Sherpa Craft Beer In Nepal
Khumbu Kolsch Sherpa Craft

It is the brewery of primary brewers, Khumbu Kolsch is  a peculiar  type  of beer made with best ale yeast. Tons of detail and energy is put into the making of this specific beer and it’s prepared with the simplest and local quality products. it’s brewed by Sherpa brewery. it’s an excellent amount of complexity in flavor.

This copper colored beer is extermly brownish in color and , it contains 5 to 6 per cent of alcohol content,and  packed in cans  500 ml.  Over the years, it’s been gaining popularity lately and its demand is getting bigger. it’s light, fresh and features a German hop flavor.People tasting this brewed beer in Nepal are surprised with the outstanding taste , appreciated it and asked for more. One cannot leave Nepal without sipping on this one.

INR 250 for 500 ml
USD 3.57 for 500 ml

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5. Arna

Arna Beer Nepal
Arna Beer

This beer is formed for those who like strong beers. it’s made with international hops and brewed with strong malt, pure water and barley. it’s extremely well balanced and great in taste. it’s an excellent kick and booze effect. The content of alcohol is just 5 percentage but is very nice taste. If you’re in Nepal you want to lay your hands on this one to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

INR 260 for 650 ml
USD 3.71 for 650 ml



tuborg beer

If strong beers is your choice feel tipsy in no few time , then drink Tuborg Beer. With an alcohol percentage of only 4.8%, Tuborg may be a bottom-fermented lager .It is generally brewed in larger malts and portions , and hence enhanced with fresh taste with the aroma of flowers. This  rich and lively beer gives a moderate bitterness  aftertaste. It tastes exceptional when gulped down with light meals like salads and spicy Nepalese dishes and is right for any occasion, be it a banquet , concert or anywhere together with your loved ones.


7. Carlsberg

carlsberg beer

Carlsberg is yet one more light-tasting beer in Nepal. A  uniquely characterful Pilsener with a malty backbone and balanced bitterness and This straw lager leaves a light , hippy bitterness to your taste. The superior quality European brewery  gives Carlsberg a singular rich and tipsy taste, making the drinking experience smoother for those that appreciate the unique flavour and sort of premium beers. it might be interesting for you to understand that Carlsberg merged with Tuborg breweries in 1970, making Tuborg a neighborhood of the Carlsberg brews.


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