Power Bank:How To Choose Right Power Bank??

The biggest problem with smartphones right now is the battery. The user is embarrassed when the battery runs out at any time. However, in the world of technology, alternatives have also been developed. This is called a battery pack. Which is now a great solution to the problem. Mobiles, tablets and cameras can now be charged through a power bank. However, some power banks also affect mobile phones, or not all power banks in the market are good.When buying a power bank,

It is important to pay attention to the following:

– First of all, you have to choose the size. Large size can be taken only if used at home. Small and light size power bank is perfect for those who want to carry it in their pocket.

– Power banks with a capacity of 10,000 mAh to 50,000 mAh are available in the market.You have to buy a power bank according to the size of your smartphone. For a 2,000 mAh battery powered mobile, you have to buy a power bank with 4,000 mAh power, if you have a mobile with a 3,000 mAh battery, you have to buy a power bank above 10,000 mAh.

Power Bank -Notes Nepal
Power Bank

– It is necessary to pay attention to the brand of power bank when buying. You have to buy a good company and a good quality power bank.

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– When buying a power bank, you should follow the precautions given there. It includes temperature protection, input over voltage protection and more. There are 1,000 to 20,000 power banks in the market. Box Excellent and powerful power bank Maxwick Power Bank It has a 50,000 mAh capacity battery. It is considered very powerful. It has six portables. Apart from mobiles, laptops and cameras can also be charged from this.

This pack takes six to eight hours to fully charge. Weighing more than a kilo, it has an international price of ६ 136. Zeroleman portable charger has a 30,000 mAh capacity battery. With four ports, it is capable of charging continuously for eight to 24 hours. At 400 grams, it costs more than डलर 68. This price is lower than others. Rev Power Bank has a 27,000 capacity battery.

It has four ports and costs $ 170. It can charge laptops, tablets, mobiles. Experts say that it weighs 800 grams and is useful for travel. With a single charge, the mobile can be charged more than ten times. The Ibatz Mojo has a 20,400 mAh battery. After full charge in 15-16 hours, it can be used to charge iPad and mobile. Weighing 400 grams, it has two ports.

It costs more than $ 75. External Battery Charger It has a 20,100 mAh capacity battery. It also has three ports and costs only डलर 50. After a full charge in about five hours, it can be charged on mobile and tab for hours. Anchor Power This power bank has a 20,000 mAh capacity battery. Which has two ports of charger. After a full charge, it provides battery backup for up to eight hours continuously. Weighing 368 grams, this power bank can fully charge a mobile phone in 40 minutes.

It also has two portable chargers. Can be charged from both ports at once. It also has an LED display so you can see how much power is left. It weighs about 300 grams and has an international price of $ 51. Chiro Ingres Power Cube This power bank also has a 12,000 mAh capacity battery. The battery is irrigated for 10 hours and it also has two ports. At 275 grams, its international price is $ 45.

OK Pocket Portable Charger This power bank has a 10,000 mAh capacity battery. Having two ports, it provides power for up to eight hours. Weighing only 231 grams, its international price is only $ 25. The company has stated that it can be charged quickly from the portal. The ProPorta Strip Turbo Charger has a 12,000 mAh battery. Which has two charger ports. After a full charge in six to seven hours, it can be charged on mobiles. It weighs 250 grams and costs $ 45.

To charge mobile fast

Power Bank -Notes Nepal
Power Bank

When it is very necessary to use a mobile phone, it takes hours to charge the battery of the phone. This problem affects everyone. Here are some ways to quickly charge your mobile:
– Put the mobile in flight mode.This helps to charge the phone faster. Doing so is almost like turning off the mobile and charging. When put in flight mode, its features like calling, internet browsing and GPS do not work. Due to which the mobile helps to charge faster.
– Switch off. When the mobile is switched off, the battery of the mobile gets charged quickly .power bank
– Do not charge from the USB port. Charging faster by connecting the mobile directly to the power from the mobile charger instead of the USB port.
– Keep at the right temperature. Power Bank

Higher temperatures reduce the battery’s charging capacity. So do not charge the phone in the sun.
– Use the official charger. Chargers look the same but not the same. Using a cheap inferior charger can make the phone worse.

The right way to charge
Due to the latest features, it is becoming a common problem that the charger does not last in the smartphone. Everyone complains that the charger does not work when they are not allowed to use their mobile phone whenever they want.Experts say that the battery life of a mobile depends not only on the overall features of the mobile but also on the way it is charged. They claim that if charged properly, its efficiency and lifespan will also increase.
According to the mobile company, the average life of a mobile battery is three to five hundred times for charging.

Then the battery capacity starts to decrease.According to experts, the battery of a mobile phone should not be used in a way that completely discharges the charge. They argue that even 100 percent should not be charged. Lithium ion batteries should be charged to 40 to 80 percent. It is best to keep the battery charge to less than 20 percent. Power Bank
Mobile batteries should not be fully charged more than once a month. Charging the battery 100 percent is like restarting the computer, which should not be done over and over again. Power Bank

Lithium ion batteries should not be left uncharged for many days. However, charging up to 40-50 percent is fine. Unused mobile phone batteries discharge between five and 10 percent a month.



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