Phoksundo Lake: The Blue Beauty of Phoksundo Lake

Foksundo Lake

Phoksundo Lake: Overview

Phoksundo Lake (3,611 m) falls in She-Phoksundo Village Municipality-8 Dolpa. In an instant, the lake becomes blue, in an instant black, and in a moment a vermilion.Phoksundo is decorated in different colors from morning to evening. Located in the foothills of the Kanjirova Mountains, is shaped like a Y-shape. Lake She-Phoksundo belongs to the national park. The area of ​​the lake is 4.95 sq km. It has a maximum length of 5.93 km, a maximum width of 1.80 km and a depth of 145 m.

The lake was listed on the Ramsar site on September 23, 2007. There is no bathing, swimming and washing clothes in the lake. There is no boat facility. You can see it with your eyes and heart. There both body and mind rejoice. Rigma village and bare hills are on the shores of the lake. There are 65 houses and 8 hotels in the village. To the northwest of the village is the Kanjirova Himal. Similarly, Tong Himal of Kang Tai in the south. The fragrance of Bhote lifestyle is found in the village. Dolpa is called the land of bones. There is a Yongdhung Bon religion.

Phoksundo Lake
Phoksundo Lake

The promoter of Bon religion is Tonpa Shenrao Mivo. Bon religion was started 18 thousand 37 years ago. This religion protects all creatures of the world from suffering. Happiness is obtained from its practice. Thasung Choling Monastery on the shores of Phoksundo is an ancient monastery of Bon religion. Gumbas, Chaityas and Manas abound in the village.

To promote the Phoksundo region, Concept Nepal, an organization of youth tourism workers, had organized ‘Phoksundo Poetry Journey 2076’ from July 22 to 23. Fifteen influential poets, writers and journalists of the country were rounded up. He has made incomparable contribution by writing his own experiences in the media. There are ordinary hotels on the footpath. There is food and shelter. A suggestion: It is beneficial to visit Tapiricha Mawi, which is located at the foot of the Phoksundo footpath.


How to reach Phoksundo Lake:

No matter how awkward and adventurous the road may be, why not step on the narrow tracks that earns the heart of Akkare Bhir? They all seem to fade in comparison to the immense joy of the journey. Destination is not blocked by the obstacle of difficulty.



The Route
Phoksundo Lake The Route


Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Jajarkot-Dolpa road journey, three days by bus. Chhinchu-Jajarkot-Dunai 311 km from Kohalpur. Jajarkot-Dunai 118 km, unpaved road. Buses run from Kathmandu to Radijula ​​of Rukum (West) via Jajarkot. As no bridge has been built on the river, jeeps have to be changed from Radhi to Suligad. The Phoksundo Lake footpath starts from Suligad about 2 km to reach Dunai. 55 minutes by air from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj-Jufal 35 minutes. Jufal-Suligad 8 km by jeep.

A two-day trek from Suligad to Foksundo Lake.It is 27 km on foot from Suligad. First. You have to stay in Sangta or Chepka during the day. On the second day we stay at Chunuwar and on the third day we reach the lake for breakfast.

Beauty of Phoksundo
Beauty of Phoksundo

Itinerary : Phoksundo Lake (Flight Way)

Day 1 :  Arrive in Kathmandu (Only international Airport)

Day 2 : Fly to Nepalgunj, gateway to the Far West Nepalgunj(From where the Journey Begins)

Day 3 :Fly to Juphal and trek to Dunai Dunai

Day 4 :Trek to Chhepka village Chhepka

Day 5 :Trek to Jharana Waterfall Jharana

Day 6 : Trek to the Tibetan village of Ringmo Ringmo

Day 7 : Explore sacred Phoksundo Lake and Tshowa Gompa Ringmo

Day 8 : Trek to Chhepka Village Chhepka

Day 9 : Trek to Juphal Juphal

Day 10 :  Fly to Kathmandu


Why Visit Phoksundo Lake?

  • Discover the beauty of Phoksundo Lake, holy lake in the Bonpo religion
  • Indulge in Tibetan culture in the far village of Ringmo
  • See the spectacular  Waterfalls
  • Explore the ancient Tshowa Gompa, a 900-year-old Bon monastery
The Golpo
The Golpo




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