Shey Foksundo National Park : The Remote Himalayan Wildlife Destination

The Camping

Shey Foksundo National Park : An Overview

Shey Foksundo National Park is the largest national park in Nepal. It is spread in Dolpa and Mugu districts. Located in the remote western Himalayan region of Nepal, this park has natural resources found in the Tibetan environment. Snow leopard, Tibetan rabbit, Chiru, Tibetan donkey, Naur and other wild animals found in the Himalayan region as it has terrain from lower Himalayan region to higher Himalayan and trans-Himalayan region.

Shey Foksundo National Park
Shey Foksundo National Park

The Shey Foksundo National Park  is rich in biodiversity with 200 species of birds including Danphe, Monal, Chir, 6 species of reptiles and 32 species of butterflies. As a result of scientific research on the diet of snow leopards found here, this park has proved to be the most suitable habitat for snow leopards. Snow peaks such as Kanjirova South (6,866 m), Sikalpo Khang (6,556 m), Wedge Peak (7,139 m) and a number of glaciers add to the park’s unique natural beauty.

Lake Shey Foksundo, Nepal’s deepest lake in the central part of the park, was listed in the Ramsar in 2007. This is the 11th century She Gumba. The monastery teaches Tibetan Buddhism. It is recommended that the national park be inscribed on the World Heritage List. As the income of the park is negligible, it has not been possible to conduct integrated conservation and community development programs as per the wishes of the people of the intermediate zone.


Shey Foksundo National Park Short Outlook :

Declaration: Year 2040 (1984)  : Area: 3,555 sq. Km

Area. Declaration: 2055 (1998)  : Area: 1,349 sq. Km.

The Camping
The Camping

Shey Foksundo Attraction

Shey Foksundo National Park’s attraction is its precious cultural,natural and religious traditions. This was inherited from about thousands years  of history of this place. In Upper Dolpo’s vast arid land bordering China live a number of Dolpo’s indigenous people with close cultural, linguistic, and racial resemblance to the people of Western Tibet. It has been more than 4000 years since these people have been preserving the first Tibetan Buddhist rituals till today .

Trekking in Dolpo is an enriching experience. The newer routes either originating or terminating in Dunai, the district headquarter, has helped raise the amount of trekkers flocking in to experience Dolpo’s rich nature and ancient religious traditions. Similar to the Lo region in Mustang, for trek in Upper Dolpo ,foreigners need to have a separate permit other than government permit. Recently, USD 500 per person for 10 days is the reduced permit fee to enter this point . Similarly, for entry into the Shey Phoksundo National park entry fee is NRS 1000 to go to Shey Phoksundo Lake and its surrounding.


Shey Foksundo National Park
Shey Foksundo National Park

Camping treks are the must done activity as Dolpo’s thin houses and strenuous terrain strictly demands . Teahouses, conveniently found in other trekking destinations, are either non-existent or are during a primitive stage of development in Dolpo. Trekking groups carry all food and necessary supplies to last for the whole trip. Caravan of ponies, yaks and porters may be a common sight along the narrow trails of Dolpo in early fall and late spring annually when most trekking related activities happen .

A lengthier and customized route beginning in Jomsom through Upper Dolpo, Mugu and Jumla also can be tailored for adventure seekers and Buddhism enthusiasts preferring to undertake an additional stretch to experience Dolpo.



Itinerary : Shey Foksundo National Park

Day 1: Flight from  Kathmandu – Nepalgunj.

Day 02: Flight from Nepalgunj – Jumla (2770m) and camping at River Tila

Day 03: Trek to Ghotichour (2700m).

Day 04: Trek to Sumdo (3000m).

Day 05: Trek to Napakhona (3080m).

Day 06: Trek to Taijung.

The Lake
The Lake

Day 07: Trek to Thulo Chour.

Day 08: Trek to Kagmara Phedi.

Day 09: Kagmara La Pass (5115m) pass and camp at Kharka.

Day 10-12: Trek to Pungmo (3050 m.)

Day 13 & 14 : Trek to Phoksumdo Lake (3600m).

Day 15: Trek to Chhekpar (2670m).

Day 16: Trek to Roha.

Day 17 & 18 : Trek to Juphal.

Day 19 : Flight Back To Kathmandu


Shey Foksundo National Park
Shey Foksundo National Park


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