Rudraksha : Why is Rudraksha used? Discover its wonderful secret


Rudraksha-How many times have you heard the story of Rudraksha? You have heard everything from the value of one-sided  to the praise of multi-faceted Rudrasha. Go for a walk towards Thamel or you will see Pashupatinath, Rudraksha’s shop. You wonder, who buys so many rudrakshas? Why buy ?We have seen and heard in the picture that God is wearing it . God wears  on his neck and arms. Even now, religious leaders wear it . Why? Is it medicine? Does it have divine power? Or does it have scientific significance .

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Rudraksha -Notes Nepal
Rudraksha Tree

 Story of Rudrasha

The word Rudraksha,   is described in various stories of its origin in the Puranas. Rudra is a name of Lord Shiva and Aksha means tears. Rudraksha is said to have originated when Lord Shiva’s tears and sweat fell on the ground. It is a type of plant found in the central hilly region of Nepal.

The natural enclosure of its seeds is called mouth, so far one to twenty-one-faced Rudraksha seeds have been found. This is invaluable as the one-faced  is actually considered as Shiva. Since It is associated with Lord Shiva, it is believed that wearing it on a thread or as a garland will bring positive energy as well as religious and physical benefits. It is believed that a person who wears it should not consume tamasi food like alcohol, meat, garlic and onion to get proper benefit from it.

Rudraksha from the point of view of science

Rudraksha -Notes Nepal

There have been scientific studies on rudraksha and further research is underway. Rudraksha is also called blue marble. Its tree is found in Nepal, Northeast India, Indonesia, Jakarta and Java. Nepal’s rudraksha is considered the best .In botany, rudraksha is called elyocarpus genitrus. Rudraksha is actually a type of seed that is round, rough, hard and does not spoil for a long time. Five-faced rudrakshas are found in large numbers, while one- and fourteen-faced rudrakshas are rare.In ancient scriptures it is described as miraculous and divine power. According to the belief, wearing Rudraksha can get rid of heart related problems, blood pressure and anxiety. The research done so far to find out whether the miraculous properties of Rudrasha are real or not has been confirmed by a number of properties.

Electrical power of Rudrakshya 

Rudraksha -Notes Nepal

Studies have confirmed that it has electromagnetic, semi-magnetic and medicinal properties. According to scientists, its medicinal potential is caused by electromagnetic effects. Scientists were also surprised to see the electromagnetic field of Rudraksha and the vibration frequency of high speed.International University of Florida scientist Dr. Rudraksha stores electrical energy, from which it develops magnetic properties. This is called dielectric property. Its nature is electromagnetic and paramagnetic and its dynamic polarity is amazing.

Therefore, the density is higher

Rudraksha -Notes Nepal

Biochemical analysis by scientists found that Rudraksha contained elements such as cobalt, zinc, nickel, iron, manganese, phosphorus, aluminum, calcium, sodium, potassium, silica and sulfur. Due to the presence of these elements, the density of it increases, as a result it sinks when placed in water.

That is submerged in water is considered to be genuine. Some believe that if it is placed between two copper coins, it will vibrate.

According to scientists, it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Some have estimated that it has anti-cancer properties. According to a study conducted in China, it helps maintain a balance between yin yang energy.


Each mouth rudraksha has different characteristics


  • 1-faced RudrakshaAccording to mythology, the one-faced is actually considered as Shiva. Through its constant proximity and meditation, the wearer attains cosmic knowledge and the highest state of consciousness, becomes a trikaladharshi, and finally merges into the divine supreme consciousness. It is extremely rare. The person wearing this has the ability to fulfill all the desires of the mind, rule the world and control his world. At the same time, he develops the ability to make appropriate decisions in every situation.
  • 2-faced RudrakshaThe two-faced is the Ardhanarishvara form of Shiva. Wearing it makes husband and wife, father and son, friends and business relationships harmonious. It brings spiritual peace and perfection. This eliminates the defect arising from the adversity of the moon.
  • 3-faced RudrakshaIt represents fire. Relieves all faults caused by the adverse effects of the sun. The person who wears it attains salvation by being freed from the cycle of reincarnation. It eliminates stomach and liver related problems.
  •  4-faced Rudraksha
  • Brahma is the lord of the four-headed. It develops memory, verbal power, behavioral intelligence, rhetoric and intelligence. It removes all the defects arising from the adversity of Mercury.

   5-faced Rudraksha

The five-faced  represents Rudra Kalagni. Wearing it brings peace of mind. It removes all the defects arising from the adversity of Jupiter.

  • 6-faced RudrakshaIts lord is Kartikeya and it is dominated by Mars. Wearing it brings stability in life, fulfills the desire for comfort and vehicle comfort.
    Rudrasha -Notes Nepal

    7-faced Rudraksha

    The seven-faced represents the Goddess Mahalakshmi of Aishwarya. Wearing it opens up new avenues of prosperity, affluence, and prosperity. The economic disaster is over. If there is a loss in business, there will be profit. Progress is made in name, prestige and prosperity.

  • 8-faced RudrakshaThe eight-faced Rudrakshapaya Swami is the troublemaker Ganesh and the planet Ketu is its lord It removes all obstacles along the way and provides success. It changes the mind and purpose of the opponent and forces him to think in the interest of the holder.
  • 9-faced Rudraksha

    Naumukhi Rudraksha’s Swami is Nava Durga and Rahu is its representative. It gives immense energy, strength and consciousness to the wearer. Rahupaya removes all faults arising from adversity.

  • 10-faced RudrakshaThe lords of the ten-faced are Lord Mahavishnu and Yamadev. This acts as a shield so wearing it gives protection from negative energy. It helps to be successful and get rid of debt. The 10-faced is able to remove the defects arising from the adversity of the Navagraha itself.
  • 11-faced RudrakshaThe lord of this is the eleventh Rudra. It affects all the senses, strong language and fearless life. It also eliminates defects arising from the adversity of the entire planet.
  • 12-faced Rudraksha

    The lord of this is Surya. The wearer has the ability to rule like the sun, supernatural intelligence, speed and power. Increases spiritual energy. This is especially beneficial for government employees.

    It provides promotions, postings, positions, prestige and other benefits. This is auspicious in every situation. It works by boosting one’s self-confidence.

    13-faced Rudraksha

    The 13-headed lord of it  is Devraj Indra and the lord is Kamadeva. Fulfills all the worldly desires of the wearer. Gains charm and miraculous personality. Siddhi is helpful in awakening and also in awakening Kundalini.

    This film is considered to be especially beneficial for actors, politicians and businessmen. Attraction to the holder and mass base begins to grow.


    Fourteen-faced is considered a precious divine gem. It is actually called ‘Devmani’. Its rulers are Lord Shiva himself and Mahabali Hanuman. It frees the wearer from accidents, tortures and worries and orients them towards success. Wearing this Rudraksha removes the faults of both Saturn and Mars.

  • 15-faced This is considered to be the form of Lord Pashupatinath. It gives relief in diseases like heart disease, diabetes and asthma.
  • 16-faced RudrakshaThis is considered to be the Mahamrityunjaya form of Lord Shiva. It is also called Vijay Rudraksha. It gives the blessing of defeating the enemy and winning. Wearing it is equivalent to chanting 125,000 Mahamrityunjaya mantras every day.
  • 17-faced Its master is the world maker Vishwakarma. The wearer receives religion, meaning, work and salvation. This is extremely beneficial for those who want a continuous increase in work area and fortune. According to the Katyayani system, success, sudden wealth and worldly happiness rain down on the wearer.
  • 18-faced Rudraksha

    It is considered to be the form of Bhumidevi. It is a powerful one that opens the way for business, land behavior and immense splendor for the wearer.

  • 19-faced RudrakshaIt is considered as Lord Narayana form. As it opens the entire chakra of the body, the wearer is completely free from disease. It is able to remove all obstacles in job, business, education, etc.
  • 20-faced RudrakshaThis  is considered to be the form of Brahma. It includes the power of Navagraha, Dash Dikpal and Tridev. Wearing it can make a person wishful thinking.
  • 21-faced RudrakshaThis rare  is considered to be a form of Kubera. The one who wears it is blessed with immense land, property, happiness and fulfillment of all material desires.
  • Gaurishankar RudrakshaGaurishankar is a combination of two natural . It represents the oneness of Shiva Parvati. When it is worn or kept at home, there is unity among all the members of the family and brotherhood among all sections of the societywhere to get Rudrakshya.
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