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About Annapurna Mountain

Annapurna Mountain  is part of the Annapurna mountain range from Lamjung Himal to Nilgiri  . The Annapurna Conservation Area has been formed under the name of Annapurna Himal, comprising 5 districts of Himal Pari and Himal Wari, the former 57 VDCs. Under the federal structure, Annapurna Conservation Area is now spread in 5 districts, 15 village municipalities and 87 wards of Gandaki.

There is a large glacial lake at the head of the Mristi river at Myagdi on the Annapurna cycle path. There is a high mountain in the west-eastern region that casts a shadow over the lake. During the monsoon season, it sometimes snows on the peak. The mountain that looks smiling when the first ray of the morning shines is almost white.There are other mountains nearby, big and small. The highest mountain in the area is known as Annapurna I Mountain  (8091 m altitude). Maurice Herzog, a 31-year-old Frenchman, successfully climbed the mountain on June 3, 1950. Annapurna is the first of the 14 mountains higher than 8,000 meters in the world.

Annapurna -Notes Nepal

The Himalayan group is 55 km 934 miles long, bounded on the west by the Kaligandaki Gorge, on the north and east by the Marsyangdi River, and on the south by the Pokhara Valley. At the western end of this mountain range is a high basin called Annapurna Sanctuary.Annapurna First Mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world and the ninth highest mountain in Nepal. The height of this mountain is 8,091 meters 926,545 feet.

The entire mountain range and its surrounding 7,629 sq km 92,946 sq mi area is protected by the Annapurna Conservation Area.It is the first and largest conservation area in Nepal. The Annapurna Conservation Area is home to various pedestrians, including the Annapurna Circuit. Historically, Annapurna Mountain  is one of the most dangerous mountains in the world to climb.

Annapurna Expedition History 

Annapurna Mountain -Notes Nepal
Annapurna Mountain

It has been 69 years since the successful ascent. Three years after Annapurna’s first ascent, Mount Everest was successfully climbed. Just as there is government support and investment in the development and prosperity of the Everest region. In comparison, the government’s support for the development and prosperity of the first Annapurna region, which has established its first history, is low. Morris, the first person to climb Annapurna I, had been complaining that the Annapurna region had not developed during his lifetime.

Morris, who came to climb the mountain with the permission of the then Maharaja (Shri 3) Mohan Shamsher (Jabra), wanted to climb Mount Everest. He came to Annapurna after being told by British George Hunt and Sir Edmund Hillary, “We are climbing, you choose another mountain.” The British who were trying for the 12th time could not climb Mt. Everest.After the British citizen Sir George Everest measured the height of Mount Everest and discovered the highest mountain in the world, the British did not allow others to climb Mt. Everest. They were trying to make history themselves. When the British were not allowed to enter Nepal, they measured Nepal’s mountains from India.

Morris, who came to Dhaulagiri near Annapurna area, climbed Annapurna first from Tukuche area of ​​Mustang on the side of Kaligandaki, leaving Nilgiri Himal behind. He set a world record by hoisting the French flag on the 8,091-meter peak. Maurice Herzog was the first person in the history of the world to climb more than 8,000 meters.”If we had gone to climb Mt. Everest, it would have been like betraying them,” says Morris in his book, The First Step to Annapurna.

Annapurna -Notes Nepal

‘The British were making their twelfth attempt to climb Mount Everest. They were even training to climb Mt. Everest. The British George Hunt and Edmund Hillary were my friends, ‘says Morris in the book. This time you have a chance to leave for us once, this time you can’t, next time we will climb, saying we will go to Annapurna Arohan. ‘

Morris’s team flew from France to Delhi and traveled from India to the Nepal border by road. They had reached Dhaulagiri area via Lumbini and Baglung. Morris’s team consisted of 250 porters. He had come to climb the 8,167-meter-high Dhaulagiri mountain after he could not climb Mt. Everest. Following the locals’ suggestion that it is not appropriate to climb Dhaulagiri now, he focused on climbing the first Annapurna mountain in the east.Morris had informed the people of Narchang during his visit to Nepal that he had succeeded in climbing the Annapurna First Mountain just as the monsoon was about to begin and avalanches were falling.

News that he had climbed Annapurna Himal spread all over the world. “After we climbed Annapurna, the French went to a mountain 8,000 meters high, hoisted the French flag on the mountain, how did they climb that mountain, who are they?” That caused a stir all over the world. It is mentioned in his book that the eyes of people all over the world have been opened that even the highest mountains of Nepal can be climbed. After the first ascent of more than 8,000 mountains, the world’s attention was focused on Nepal.A three-day national festival was held in France at that time to celebrate the world record of the first climber to climb Annapurna.

Herzog, who lost both his legs and both hands during the first Annapurna mountain climb, was carried down by his allies. He was accompanied by Louis Lachenel. On his return, he was informed that Mohan Shamsher had sent a letter to meet him. In a grand ceremony at the palace, the then government awarded him the Gurkha Cross (La Khwa da La Ger) medal.Morris states in his book that he was the only foreigner to receive the medal. The book is thought to have sold more than 11 million copies before 2000. The book, titled “Lannapurna Fermi Ui Mill” in French, is said to have sold more than the Christian Bible in the United States. This book is probably the best-selling book about Nepal in the world. Morris wrote the book in 1951 while undergoing treatment in a Paris hospital.

Morris, who was unmarried, wondered what would happen if he climbed the mountain. Unable to get good treatment in Nepal and India, he spent some time in France and a long time in the United States. Morris, who had been using artificial limbs, died on December 13, 2008 at the age of 93. Before climbing Annapurna, he had climbed mountains in Europe and South America at an altitude of 4,800 meters.

Nepal is becoming a center of attraction for mountain tourism with the successful ascent of Annapurna Himal. ‘Annapurna is much more difficult to climb than Mount Everest. Despite getting the title of Jetho Himal, many tourists are still unable to reach Annapurna Pratham Himal. The trekking route is being expanded. A trekking route has been constructed up to the mountain. Now it is expected to be comfortable.

He is of the view that the ascent of Annapurna I has become a low priority as everyone who climbs the mountain chooses the highest peak, Mount Everest. ‘Annapurna I has its own significance. It has not been publicized yet. The management of the trekking route is the biggest challenge .Annapurna Himal is one of the first and largest conservation areas in Nepal.

“It simply came to our notice then. After Maurice first climbed Annapurna in 1950, tourists began to take an interest in the area, ‘he said. According to Gurung, the Annapurna Himal and the surrounding area of ​​7,629 square kilometers have been protected through the Annapurna Conservation Area Project.

Lamjung is part of the Annapurna mountain range from Himal to Nilgiri. The Annapurna Conservation Area has been formed under the name of Annapurna Himal, comprising 5 districts of Himal Pari and Himal Wari, the former 57 VDCs.Under the federal structure, Annapurna Conservation Area is now spread in 5 districts, 15 village municipalities and 87 wards of Gandaki. The Annapurna Conservation Area was started as a test from Ghandruk in Kaski in 2043 BS. About 200,000 tourists visit the Annapurna region every year. Among them, the number of tourists from France is in the top five, according to ECAP.

Maurice Herzog, who introduced Nepal and Annapurna to the world, is hardly remembered by the public and private sectors. Occasionally there are formal events in the Annapurna region. According to Tej Bahadur Gurung, chairman of the Conservation Area Management Committee Narchang (Annapurna Village Municipality 4, Myagdi) formed by the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), Morris visited Nepal 30 times after climbing the mountain.Morris, who last visited Narchang in 2005, complained that the government was not interested in the development of Annapurna I, no matter what he said. ‘I don’t have to remember. “I said it was enough to develop the mountain and the region,” Gurung said, referring to Morris. “He is not remembered by the state and the government.” What can we do? ‘

A statue has been erected in memory of Morris at Annapurna base camp in Annapurna village of Kaski district. The people of Myagdi have complained that the road he was walking on has not been developed due to the publicity from Morris Kaski. After Annapurna Himal and Annapurna Base Camp, everyone’s attention was focused only on Kaski. No one paid attention to the way Morris walked and the mountain he climbed,  If the footpath to Annapurna I is good, organized and safe, tourist arrivals will increase.

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Trek Route  to Annapurna I.

A footpath has been constructed up to the base camp to reach Annapurna I. According to Pun, the footpath has been open since last year and tourists have started coming. According to Narchang leader Subash BK, there is a 24 km road from Beni to Narchang.The Nilgiri Hydropower Project has constructed a road at a distance of 16 km from Narchang to Chhotepa. The project is preparing to build about 9 kilometers of road from Chhote Pada to Humkhola. From Humkhola, it takes about 6 hours to reach Bhusket and from Bhusket, it takes about 5 hours to reach Annapurna Wes Camp from 4,100 to 4,400 meters.


Struggle for hiking

The footpath passing through Tukuche and Taklung of Mustang is very scary. According to the locals, they used to fall down the cliff and die on the way. The road from Narchang to the base camp is also scary. However, the hydropower project is constructing a road to cut through the area. Chairman Gurung said that he was called ‘crazy’ while constructing the footpath. According to him, there was no footpath from Narchang to Annapurna I base camp. ‘The study was conducted in 2067 under my leadership.Locals are able  to open a footpath on the other side of the Mristi River to the mouth of the river. A proposal for the construction of the footpath was written in 2068 BS and submitted to the Ministry of Tourism. In 073 and 074, 15/15 thousand and 75 million 2 million was received, while last year 1.5 million and now 1 million has been given by ECAP. The Gandaki state government has sanctioned Rs 1.5 million this year. The ward has provided Rs 300,000. “We are building footpaths. We have made a place to live.

Locals  have built suspension pools at Mristi Khola-2 and wooden fences at many places.The footpath from Kaski to the lap of Annapurna Himal and the base camp are in th..e shadow of the base camp of Myagdi. Even if you can go from Kaski to the base camp, you can’t climb the mountain. To climb the mountain, you have to come to Annapurna, the first base camp in Myagdi.  Even though tourists have been visiting the base camp in Kaski for years, they have been visiting the Annapurna base camp in Myagdi only since last year.The construction of infrastructure in the area has been delayed due to lack of human settlement and forest cover above Narchang. High mountain scenery, lakes, various flora and fauna can be observed while trekking in this area.

 Have to Depend on Helicopter 

Since there is no footpath to reach Annapurna I and the existing footpath is also at high risk, tourists who climb and climb the mountain reach there by helicopter. The British troops who made their first ascent to Annapurna on April 23 had flown to Nirmal Purja base camp in Myagdi by helicopter. He is the first local to climb over 8,000 mountains in the area. Pun is known to the British Army as the Snow Leopard. Those who go to Annapurna I for the first time or use the helicopter. Helicopters have reached Annapurna base camp more than 20 times this year alone. According to Nepali Wikipedia, the number of people who climbed Annapurna for the first time in 2012 is 191.