Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve : Only Hunting Reserve In Nepal

The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve : Overview

The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is spread in some parts of Rukum, Baglung and Myagdi districts. 32 species of mammals reside in this reserve. The main animals are noir, weasel, thar and mountain bear. There are 164 species of birds in the list of rare and protected birds, including scarecrows, munals and chirps. The area has been turned into a hunting reserve for the purpose of utilization and conservation of wildlife.

The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve has been divided into Sundaha, Seng, Dogadi, Barse, Phagune, Surtibang and Ghustung 7 blocks and arrangements have been made for hunting. Here you can hunt the specified animal at the specified time and area with the written permission. Due to the system of hunting in the reserve, the nation has been able to earn foreign exchange and tourism has been developed at the local level.

The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

The Dhorpatan Hunting ReserveĀ  is a major destination for professional foreign hunters. The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation has been counting and monitoring the main wildlife noir and weasel from time to time, determining the annual quota and hunting on the basis of competition. When hunted in this way, no animal is left in a state of extreme scarcity. Also, there is no need to increase the number of animals and damage one’s own habitat or cause severe damage to local crops.


  • Features of The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve


The save stretches out over an area of 1325 sq.km. also, is that the main chasing hold inside the nation to fulfill the necessities of Nepalese and unfamiliar trackers of blue sheep and other game creatures. the upper heights remain snow-topped consistently. Heights shift from 3000 m to very 7000 m. The Flat glades above tree line (4000m.), privately alluded to as patans, are significant for creatures simply like the blue sheep and different herbivorous creature. The hold is part into six squares for chasing the board purposes.

The Map
The Map of The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

The hold is encircled by towns on all sides aside from the north. Nearby individuals rely on the hold to fulfill their necessities of wood, fuelwood, grain, and field. Every 80,000 animals enter the hold for touching. Most of people has a place with the Yellow race , including Magar, Thakali and gurung. Blend of different ethnic gatherings has brought about blended example of cultures.



  • Vegetation In The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

The hold is portrayed by elevated, sub-snow capped and high mild vegetation. Basic plant species incorporate fir, pine, birch, rhododendron, hemlock, oak, juniper and tidy. Pasturelands possess very half of the whole zone of the hold at higher height.

The hold is one among the prime environments for blue sheep, a profoundly desired prize. Status study on blue sheep directed by DNPWC on 2007 uncovered that the hold has 852 blue sheep. Different creatures discovered are : panther, goral, sereo, Himalayan tahr, Himalayan mountain bear, muntjac , wild hog, rhesus macazue, langur and pika . The reserve is home to 137 species of flying creatures. Birds and partridge are normal and their practical populace inside the hold grants controlled chasing.

The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Imperiled creatures inside the hold incorporate Moschus moschiferus , Wolf, Red panda, Cheer fowl and Danphe.The chasing permit is given by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation.


  • The Climatic Condition

The storm goes on until the beginning of October. Day time temperature is incredibly low during winter on account of solid breezes. Higher rise stay secured with cloud inside the morning, later mists are cleared by the breeze. Snow may happen even at low height until early April, nonetheless, it before long melts. the easiest opportunity to go to the hold is March-April.

The Sheep
Sheep in The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve


  • Places in The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Dhorbaraha, a Hindu strict spot on the banks of Uttarganga River close Dhorpatan, lies in Fagune block. per annum upon the arrival of “Janai Purnima” in August, an otherworldly reasonable is held here which is gone to by numerous nearby enthusiasts. The grand perspective on Dhaulagiri Himal from Barse, Dogari and Gustang bocks are extraordinary. Seng and Sundaha block are wealthy in wild creatures.

The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
Hunting in The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
  • The Facalities

Nearby individuals are permitted to assemble restricted amounts of fuel-wood for their home use. Guests are mentioned to act naturally adequate with fuel (Kerosene/gas) before entering the hold.


  • Reaching There

Public transport organization is out there from Kathmandu to Burtibamg by means of Baglung Bazaar and other course through Tansen-Tamgash Gulmi too. So also, guests can reach by foot from Beni, Myagdi to Dhorpatan inside 3 days ordinary walk.

Sanctioned help helicopter could likewise be accessible for the asking from Kathmandu and Pokhara.


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