National Flag of Nepal : Its Uniqueness, History and Importance

National Flag of Nepal

National Flag of Nepal : History

National Flag of Nepal, Before 2019, there was no flag of certain standards in Nepal. Traditionally, it was customary to place two triangles and the moon and sun within them. But some of them made the flag by putting the sun above and some below. Somewhere it was customary to put people’s faces in it. It was a triangle with the moon and sun and the colors of the flag were red and blue. But there was no uniformity of the flag with certain criteria.

As Nepal’s relations with the outside world grew, so did the need for uniformity in the flag. After Nepal became a member of the United Nations, there was a search for uniformity in the flag. The ministers, ambassadors and secretaries leading Nepal to the United Nations had different flags. The king used a different flag. The United Nations is looking into Nepal’s use of different flags. When he saw the different flags and asked what the official flag of Nepal was, everyone was stunned.

The news reached the then King Mahendra. And finally there is the debate over whether the flag should be given uniformity. After ousting the then Prime Minister BP Koirala, King Mahendra himself was ruling directly. During his rule, preparations were being made to write a new constitution in 2018 BS. Hora Prasad Joshi was the head of the constitution drafting committee at that time.

National Flag of Nepal


After ousting the then Prime Minister BP Koirala, King Mahendra himself was ruling directly. During his rule, preparations were being made to write a new constitution in 2018 BS. Hora Prasad Joshi was the head of the constitution drafting committee at that time. Krishna Prasad Pant was also a member of the committee. Since I designed the house of Pant’s nephew Dr. Balram Joshi, I used to meet him regularly.

Pant was looking for a man to make the flag and after he told Vinaju about it, Vinaju recommended my name. They both came to me and suggested that the flag, which was being used in different ways at that time, should be given uniformity and that the flag should be designed. I also took the responsibility of making the flag. I took the responsibility of making the flag. But it was not prepared on the basis of the same Hachuwa. After that, studies, research and discussions with the elders of that time about the flag began.

Sun and Moon
National Flag of Nepal

 National Flag Of Nepal : Concept of Design

My grandfather Shivnath Kaviraj and a scholar of Sanskrit. Jijubaje was called the incarnation of Pandit Vishwanath Shastri Panini. The information I received from them became an invaluable resource for me to make the flag. I also studied architecture to make the flag unique in every way. While studying the scriptures, it was discovered that making a rectangle of 3ₓ4 is eternal. Then it was decided that there would be no better. The blue color of our flag is the color of eternity. The color of water and sky is also blue.

The sky is eternal, the country that has been coming from eternity has to go to eternity again, so I proceeded to design the flag based on that. Within three weeks of taking charge of making the flag, the flag was prepared covering Vedic, scientific and practical aspects. When the flag was ready, I handed over the flag to Krishna Prasad Pant, who was responsible for making it. He carried the flag. But I didn’t know anything about that flag.

It became known only after the flag was mentioned in the constitution issued on the 1st of Push 2019 BS. The flag was mentioned as I designed it. I’m glad But no one gave me official information about it. I bought a cart of constitution and brought it. I think the work I did was successful, it’s over.

National Flag of Nepal
National Flag of Nepal

National Flag Of Nepal : The Symbolic Meaning

The flag is made by drawing the moon and the sun on a diagram based on a rectangle of 3ₓ4. At that time, it was thought that the color of the flag should be changed. But the color did not change as the tradition was deteriorating.

Maroon color is used in any good deed including marriage and fasting. The same color is used when contesting elections, saying goodbye at home or on Holi. The color of power and revolution is also red. Therefore, despite having so many things in common, I did not want to change. And blue is the color of peace, water and sky.

The sky is eternal. There was no question of measuring that eternity. White means pure or holiness. So these colors were placed on the flag. This type of flag of Nepal has been used since the time of Mahabharata. In the Mahabharata, it is said that the army also went from Nepal to help Kaurava. Even at that time, the word Nepal was used, in that sense, it was 7,000 years ago. So in order not to lose that importance, I have given only a solid shape by continuing the colors and the moon and sun used at that time.

National Flag of Nepal

Importance of Sun and Moon in The Flag

The National Flag Of Nepal has the moon at the top and the sun at the bottom. The moon is placed in the upper triangle of the flag and the sun is placed in the lower triangle. It is believed that the sun has twelve arts. The moon is said to have 16 arts. In the flags used at that time, some placed the sun above and some placed the moon.

But when I designed the flag, I made the moon above and the sun below. Only eight arts of the moon are seen above. Below are the 12 arts of the sun. There is a special significance to this.

The sun is considered to be very powerful. The sun is also considered as a symbol of wisdom and the moon as a symbol of compassion. So compassion is more important than wisdom. No matter how wise you are, if you don’t have compassion, you will be like Ravan, but if you become wise with compassion, you will become a Buddha. Therefore, the moon and sun used in the flag are of great religious significance.

The moon and sun flag can be seen not only in Nepal but also in other countries of the world. The flag of Pakistan is also on the moon.ut that is different from Nepal. Japan also has the sun on its flag. He said that keeping the sun could also mean identifying it as the land of the rising sun. At the same time, his royal family is also considered as the Sun dynasty and is also associated with the royal family to show that he is as brave as the Sun. Our use of sun and moon is different. No one agrees with our interpretation.

National Flag of Nepal
National Flag of Nepal

Why two triangles?

The  The National Flag Of Nepal  in two triangular shapes is the only flag in the world. Nepal’s geographical location on the world map is just as different. Even in the wave of flags of the world, the flag of Nepal is completely different. The flag of every country in the world is four-cornered.

The lower triangle is slightly larger than the upper triangle of our flag. The triangle has also worked to show the geographical condition of our country, i.e. the condition of the hills.

When the flag of our country is among the flags of the world, anyone can easily understand that it is the flag of Nepal. Because Nepal is the only country in the world that has this kind of flag. The flags of other countries are usually of the same color, some are turned up, some are turned down, some are in front and some are behind. You have to find out about the flags of other countries by asking or turn over the encyclopedia. If not, do a Google search. But you don’t have to look for Nepal’s flag anywhere.

National Flag of Nepal


Unique among the flags of the world. It has also served to preserve our identity since time immemorial. The flag is as unique as our country. As difficult as it is to introduce a small country to the world, such things make it a little easier. The flag has connected everyone.

The combination of colors has worked to connect everyone. It is not fair to say that the triangle tried to show only the mountains and not the Terai. It is better to look at the whole than to say that the same element of the flag is not included. The mountain may have been moved to form a triangle. But since it is already running, I have only given continuity to it.


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