Meat In Dashain : Things You Need To Remember Before Enjoying the Meat

Meat in Dashain

Meat in Dashain,Among the festivals celebrated in Nepal, the great Hindu festival is Bada Dashain. It has been known as a festival of receiving red tika and blessings from the hands of big people and eating sweets. In this festival, even if you take out a loan, there is a competition to put on new clothes and cut the meat together. For the same reason, it is said, ‘Dashain aayo dhol bajai, gayo dashain rin bokai’, especially meat dishes.

For the same reason, it is necessary to use meat dishes carefully and in a balanced way. Meat is a nutritious food, containing 14 to 20 percent protein. It also contains zinc, vitamin B, and potassium. These are essential nutrients for our body. The use of meat in a balanced diet is considered essential. However, the elements obtained from meat are not so easily obtained.

Meat in Dashain

Effects of Consuming Excessive Meat in Dashain

Researchers and meat experts from various universities in the United States and Europe have found that eating too much red meat on a daily basis affects the human heart and can lead to high blood pressure and cancer. According to the same research, there is a risk of weakening various strong bones in the body when eating a lot of meat daily. Arthritis is a highly contagious disease that increases the risk of breast cancer in women and increases the amount of cholesterol in both men and women. This is the reason why one should be deprived of eating the desired food.


Meat in Dashain : sekuwa

Doctors say that due to negligence in Nepal’s meat shops, most of the people are infected with bacteria, worm larvae enter the body and various diseases are transmitted through meat.

Doctors say that due to negligence in Nepal’s Dashain meat shops, most of the people are infected with bacteria, worm larvae enter the body and various diseases are transmitted through meat. Garbage slaughterhouses, meat preparation and maintenance are not enough to pay attention to the spread of various flu and communicable diseases. Due to these and similar reasons, the number of people admitted to the hospital has increased significantly after celebrating various festivals.

How To Identify A Healthy Cattle (Khashi Boka)

If we pay attention to some basic things while buying cattle  for decades, we can avoid the disease transmitted from meat. You shouldn’t buy a goat that looks like a name, very thin, has more juicy eyes than it needs to, and has a sniffle. Such symptoms are usually present when the patient is sick. At present, Khasiboka (Cattle) inside Kathmandu is being tested by the government and given red and green color.

Meat in Dashain : Goat
Meat in Dashain : Goat

Goats with green horns are healthy, while red goats are unhealthy. When you buy an unhealthy goat for a few hundred rupees, there is a greater risk of getting sick tomorrow. Then we have some basic information from slaughtering Cattle to cooking and eating meat and storing it so that meat-borne diseases can be avoided.


How to choose healthy meat in Dashain?

  • The meat should not be light pink in color
  • If the meat is green and onion colored, it will be unfit for human consumption
  • The meat should not have any sour, spoiled, unpleasant odor
  • The meat should be covered separately in the fridge and kept in a clean and running fridge
  • When cutting and holding meat, it should not be stretched
  • Meat shop, butcher, butcher, spotted, weapon used, clothing worn, method of cutting, scales checked
Nepali masu
Nepali masu

Things to pay attention to while eating meat in Dashain

  • It is best not to eat meat stored in the fridge for too long
  • Do not eat stale and open meat
  • Do not eat raw meat under any circumstances
  • It is better not to eat roasted meat like Sekuwa, Haku Choila etc. as much as possible.
  • Only eat well-washed and well-cooked meat
  • Reduce the use of many different types of spices and oils
  • Emphasis on the use of lean meat


Meat in Dahain :Hygiene
Meat in Dahain :Hygiene

How to store meat in Dashain?

Meat should not be refrigerated along with other cooked dishes. Fresh meat can be stored in the fridge at 2 to 4 से C for up to 48 hours. There are also means of good freezing, which are only available to commercial establishments. Always cover the meat when refrigerating and never put it on top. When placed on the upper part, the germs in the meat can fall on the lower surface through the meat, the liquid, the air.

There is a risk of other foods below, cooked dishes, vegetables, prepared / separated dishes for vegetarians, fruits and vegetables. Raw meat and cooked meat should not be kept in the same place.


Storing meat
Meat in dashain : Storing meat


Things to pay attention to Meat in Dashain

  • Pay attention to hygiene while preparing meat at home
  • Only buy healthy meat from a reputable store
  • When eating meat, make it a habit to eat as many green vegetables as possible
  • Do not use meat daily while going to relatives for daily vaccination
  • Do not eat ice cream, yogurt, cream dishes immediately after eating meat
  • Exercise daily
  • Only eat after inspecting whether it is stored or not by adopting safe measures
The Goat Market Nepal
The Goat Market Nepal




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