Planning a Honeymoon Trip To Aboard ?? Best Countries for Nepali

Bali : Honeymoon Trip To Aboard

Honeymoon Trip To Aboard, The honeymoon season is considered to be from November to May. Every couple gets excited for their honeymoon after marriage. Many places in our country are beautiful for honeymooners. However, some newlyweds want to travel abroad. When you don’t know the right and low cost place to go, you may have to kill your own will. What many people don’t know is that some places abroad can be visited with a little extra expense. Such countries are not only cheap but also beautiful. So we will ride you through the Best Countries For Honeymoon For Nepali .

Bali : Honeymoon Trip To Aboard

A piece of heaven

Bali is called the paradise of the earth. Different types of forests, beaches and artistic looking paddy and coffee plantations, sunset views, jungle safaris are the main features here. Reaching 7 million tourists annually, the island is also famous for its Hindu culture. Here the idols of Ramayana gods and goddesses attract everyone’s attention. Which couple would not like to take a walk on the longest and most exciting beach in the world?

Bali : Honeymoon Trip To Aboard
Bali : Honeymoon Trip To Aboard


Sri Lanka :Honeymoon Trip To Aboard

Beautiful Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is also a beautiful tourist country. In the eyes of tourists, Sri Lanka is considered a virgin. This is a cheap and suitable place for couples who want to have fun away from the crowds. In Sri Lanka, you can enjoy the beaches, the World Heritage Sites and the delicious tea plantations. Ulavalwe National Park is a great place to visit, but the fun of hiking in Adamic is different. In addition, the Dambula Cave Temple is special. Without visiting the most popular temple of Sri Lanka, the Tooth of the Tooth, the tour is incomplete.


Beautiful Sri Lanka
Honeymoon Trip To Aboard : Sri Lanka


Cambodia :Honeymoon Trip To Aboard

Beautiful Destination Cambodia 

Many people do not know much about Cambodia’s tourist destinations. Cambodia is a great destination for sightseeing. It is characterized by its beauty, friendly demeanor, beautiful history, cheap city and delicious food. Cambodia is becoming a good destination for honeymooners. Here from Angkor, the Arnett Temple, the magnificent palace at Phnom Penh are worth visiting. It is considered to be the best place to visit Egkor Thom city of the country.

Honeymoon Trip To Aboard : Cambodia
Honeymoon Trip To Aboard : Cambodia

Thailand :

Colorful Thailand

As a tourist destination, Thailand is one of the best countries in the world. It is also a cheap and comfortable honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Thailand’s hundreds of blue beaches, golden temples, beautiful natural markets and destinations attract everyone. Being a low budget destination, it is the choice of many for honeymoon. Bangkok, Thailand is also a great place for mid-level shopping.

Honeymoon Trip To Aboard : Thailand



Dubai :

Mesmerizing Dubai

A small island in the shape of a palm tree is now famous for its magnificent skyscrapers and blue beaches. After reaching Dubai, you can experience the desert along with the blue sea. This man-made city may seem like a very expensive city. However, the market here is moderate. The world’s tallest caliph tower is a big attraction here. There are many beautiful places to visit.

Honeymoon Trip To Aboard : Dubai
Honeymoon Trip To Aboard : Dubai


Maldives :

Perfect Honeymoon

The island is the perfect Maldives honeymoon destination. The Maldives has been the choice of newlyweds for its beautiful and low-cost comfort experience. Attractive beaches everywhere, self-fishing facilities etc. are the features of this place.

Beautiful Maldives
Honeymoon Trip To Aboard : Maldives


Parsa National Park : The Hot Weather Wildlife Destination