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Outings With Family

Outings With Family: Overview

Outings With Family, Once upon a time, when a festival, worship, ritual was coming, the fingers of the hand were counted, but now, with the passage of time, the significance of all these festivals has also changed. With the development of education and communication and changing thinking and globalization, culture has also changed. Many are not interested in parties and gifts because of the cheap and easy access. Because what is in fashion can be bought and worn immediately. Now is not the time to wait for a festival or a party to wear new clothes.

In the past, we had to wait for the festival to eat the food of Khasi, but now we can eat whatever we want every day. You don’t even have to bother making dishes at home. It can also be ordered by ordering online. Family and social interaction during the festival is declining. The generation that used to be happy after going to mama’s house is now disappearing. Today’s generation tries to enjoy alone on mobile, iPad or computer at home. Yesterday’s social relations and beliefs have to be explored now. ‘

Outings With Family
Outings With Family

Anthropologists and sociologists say that the various forms of worship performed at festivals and in society have human, social, and political significance and purpose. The opportunity to meet relatives and share joys and sorrows in the family, society and environment of the past has been replaced by the rapid development of communication now, ‘said Dr. Says Manisha Singh.

Kamala Kayastha, a professor of culture, sees increasing urbanization as the main reason for our changing socio-cultural environment. Families are becoming single.

Children’s interaction with relatives has decreased due to working parents. Kayastha says people are becoming less focused on society and more focused on themselves. Although increasing communication and social media have made the next generation happy, they have not been able to get used to social relations.


The Fun In nepal
Outings With Family

Families are moving from joint to single. Young people and children are beginning to feel more comfortable alone than together.It is becoming a reality in many Nepali households that if a person becomes more nuclear, social relations will be disrupted.There is more rush in every person’s life. On top of that, the youth are worried about education, job and career at the same time.

Due to their busy schedule, their distance from relatives is increasing. It is making people like devices.In such a situation, the number of people enjoying traveling at home or abroad is increasing. Especially now, there is a growing trend among friends to travel abroad or at home.


Pilgrimage :Outings With Family

Laxmi Shrestha, a senior beautician at Pulse Beauty Parlor, who is busy at work at other times and finds it difficult to arrange long vacations, visited Vaishnodevi in ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia last year with 5-6 sisters, brothers and friends. She says that the best tenth of the year, which is spent in worship along with the tenth dhumdham, is also suitable for traveling in terms of season and leisure. His younger sister Sangeeta also considers the time of Dashain-Tihar to be a good time to go somewhere for a long time including Outings With Family.

In addition to Dashain-Tihar, Outings With Family they visit nearby shrines once a month. Lakshmi Shrestha, who has great faith in worship, often travels with her family, friends and even her students. According to Shrestha, it gives him energy at work.

Outings With Family
Outings With Family

Have fun with friends

Restaurant entrepreneur Shitashma RL Rana still has the same gathering with her friends and Outings With Family while studying in Vanasthali. His friends, who are involved in various activities, meet and have fun on someone’s birthday. This group of 6-7 people is frozen somewhere at least once a month. Shitashma RL Rana, Parinda Shrestha, Ritu Rana Chand, Prabha Karki, Rosi Rana Karki and Shivashma RL Rana have been having such gatherings since their teens.

This group has the experience of healing the minds of like-minded friends as everyone has free time in the tenth. What is life? Parinda says that she gets more energy when she goes out with her friends than when she is alone at home. Prabha Karki says that she will be refreshed as the things that are suppressed in her mind will come out during the meeting from time to time.

Together fun
Outings With Family

Enjoy your free time

There is a close relationship between the female doctors working in Kist Hospital. Dr. Manisha Singh, Dr. Pragya Basnet, Dr. Angela Basnet, Dr. Reema Shrestha, Dr. Nina Rai and Dr. Sangita Regmi goes to a restaurant if it is someone’s birthday. Not only that, they also go shopping, sightseeing and temples together. When a festival comes, they take turns to invite everyone to their house to eat and have fun.

Since there is always a rush, it is fun to have fun with friends. Manisha explains, They had to go to a party somewhere to buy clothes or go shopping with their children. In his spare time, he should enjoy playing cards, eating food and dancing with his friends. Wisdom has logic.

Outings With Family
Outings With Family

Whole Family abroad :Outings With Family

Businessman Prakash Bajra also travels abroad with his wife and two daughters, arranging their daughters’ vacations and Outings With Family. At other times, neither Prakash nor Mrs. Celina have time, nor do their two daughters go to school. So for some years now, they have been traveling abroad to cover the tenth and winter months. As daughters get older, they try to enjoy their own world. Prakash says that the family is going on a holiday trip at ten o’clock with the thought of spending time together now.


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