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Nepali Novels

Nepali Novels : Overview

Nepali Novels are being written in large numbers these days.The news that a book has been made public can be read on social media. The pace of publication has become so fast that even online magazines that are updated every minute are unable to make the news public. This means that not only the number of book publications has increased, but also the reading culture is on the rise.

Writers are becoming celebrities in the market. And, Writing has earned their livelihood. Some time ago, it was like a daydream. Despite this, there are frequent complaints of poor quality of Nepali books. In Nepal, it has become a common practice to show faults in well-known, well-received and best-selling books of the year.

Nepali Novels
Nepali Novels


Such allegations are less likely to come from readers, more from the writers themselves, and more from critics. While readers are happily promoting authors and works on social media, critics seem to be eager to point out the book’s weaknesses.

To end this dilemma of the readers, online news prepared three questionnaires and asked some well-known writers, poets, journalists, critics and readers to write down the names of their favorite Nepali books. Here we have made public the names of 111 books that Nepali readers must read through the analytical method.

In this survey, we have divided the book into 10 parts and tried to find 11 best books in each field.

Palpasa Cafe
Nepali Novels :Palpasa Cafe

1) Nepali Novels To Understand Nepal

Many books on Nepali history, society and traditions are not well written. As much as was written, in foreign languages ​​and foreign writers wrote with their own eyes. Accordingly, it has been alleged that the basis of political change in the country from general administrative policy is based on the interests of foreign experts and their interests.

The results of a book survey show that not many books have been written to explain Nepal’s political, social and cultural situation. However, this does not mean that such books have not been written in Nepali. Based on the recommendations made by experts, we have compiled the names of 11 books that must be read in Nepali language to understand Nepal.

That is not enough to understand Nepal. However, we believe that today’s generation will be able to get a glimpse of Nepal if they read these books.

१) त्यस बखतको नेपाल- सरदार भीमबहादुर पाण्डे
२) यिनलाई मैलेजस्तो देखें (भीमसेन थापा)- बाबुराम आचार्य
३) अब त्यस्तो कहिल्यै नहोस्- बाबुराम आचार्य
४) जंगबहादुरको बेलायत यात्रा
५) जनरल भीमसेन थापा- चित्तरञ्जन नेपाली
६) सबै जातको फूलबारी- डोरबहादुर बिष्ट
७) हाम्रो समाज एक अध्ययन- जनकलाल शर्मा
८) असहमति- सौरभ
९) मैले देखेको नेपाल- हर्क गुरुङ
१०) राजा, राष्ट्रियता र राजनीति- गणेशराज शर्मा
११) बदलिँदो नेपाली समाज- चैतन्य मिश्र

Nepali Novels
Nepali Novels


Every famous person in the world has tried to write an autobiography. Justin Bieber, who became famous in Kalilai, has violated the standard of maturity in this genre by publishing an autobiography in just 21 years. In Nepal, however, the practice of writing autobiographies has gradually come into vogue.

Many good autobiographies should be written without hesitation and without knowing what the next generation will say. Now that thinking is gradually breaking down. However, this is not enough. A well-known author’s name is not considered a good autobiography in the survey. Autobiographies of some ordinary people have been recommended by critics and readers as excellent, while autobiographies of some famous people have not been recommended.

१) ओलम्पियन- सुरेन्द्र हमाल
२) विनोद चौधरी- विनोद चौधरी
३) आत्मालाप- जगदीश घिमिरे
४) जीवन महाभियान- मदनमणि दिक्षित
५) मेरा कथाका पानाहरु- गणेशमान सिंह
६) आफ्नो कथा- विश्वेश्वरप्रसाद कोइराला
७) चिना हराएको मान्छे- हरिवंश आचार्य
८) महको म- मदनकृष्ण श्रेष्ठ
९) रुक्मांगत कटुवालको आत्मकथा- रुक्मांगत कटुवाल
१०) जीवन काँडा कि फूल- झमक घिमिरे
११) रोमाञ्चित जीवन- लोकराज बराल

the Book
Nepali Novels

Nepali Novels For Youngsters

Today’s generation is considered the social network and YouTube generation. This generation is in a hurry and wants everything ready. They are eager to know all the topics of the world in one moment rather than reading Nepali books. This is the reason why you have to work hard to read books other than textbooks.

However, nowadays books are being published with a focus on teenagers and young people. Parents are in a dilemma as to which of these books to allow their children to read. Critics have suggested that the book should be read by teenagers with attractive themes, simple language and even a little hidden message for the younger generation.

१) समर लभ- सुविन भट्टराई
२) सिस्टर कल्पना- युधिर थापा
३) जुकरबर्ग क्याफे- अश्विनी कोइराला
४) पर्पला- मिलन संग्रौला
५) बैंसको मान्छे- पारिजात
६) सर्पदंश- तारिणीप्रसाद कोइराला
७) करोडौं कस्तुरी- अमर न्यौपाने
८) पाठशाला- तीर्थ गुरुङ
१०) कान्तिपुर गाथा- किशोर नेपाल
११) फ्लासब्याकमा जिन्दगी- लक्ष्मी उप्रेती

Damini Bhir
Nepali Novels : Damini Bhir

Nepali Novels for Women

There is no tradition in literature to divide books into books for men and women to read. However, the New York Times shows that women who are not very interested in literature prefer to read new books.

In such a list, books like ‘Chicken Soup for Soul’ were seen selling millions more than literature. On this basis, experts have recommended the following 11 books for both women who are interested in literature and those who are not.


१) फूलको आँखामा- आनी छोइङ डोल्मा
२) लेखककी स्वास्नी- प्रगति राई
३) सेतो धरती- अमर न्यौपाने
४) तुइन- सुरेश प्राञ्जली
५) राधा- कृष्ण धरावासी
६) क्यासल रककी अप्सरा- सुन्दर जोशी
७) उनी- अश्विनी कोइराला
८) गौरी- माधव घिमिरे
९) स्वअस्तित्वको खोज- अर्चना थापा
१०) रुपान्तरणमा महिला- अस्मिता प्रकाशन गृह
११) मेरा जीवनका पाना- गौरा प्रसाईं

Nepali Novels
Nepali Novels :Firfire

Must Read Nepali Novels

Under this title, we had requested to recommend the name of the literary work that must be read with the famous writers of Nepal. Our request also included the question of which world-class works are available in Nepal.

We had asked famous writers and critics like Khagendra Sangraula, Amar Neupane, Buddhisagar, Avinash Shrestha, Biplav Dhakal, Ram Lohani to name the book that our readers should read. Based on the books received from 20 such author-reviewers and some readers, the names of additional works are thus recommended.

१) अनुराधा- विजय मल्ल
२) मुलुक बाहिर- लैनसिंह वाङ्देल
३) नयाँ क्षितिजको खोज- असित राई
४) शिरिषको फूल- पारिजात
५) घामका पाइलाहरु- धच गोतामे
६) माधवी- मदनमणि दीक्षित
७) अलिखित- डा. ध्रुवचन्द्र गौतम
८) आज रमिता छ- इन्द्रबहादुर राई
९) चपाइएका अनुहारहरु- दौलतविक्रम बिष्ट
१०) अविरल बग्दछ इन्द्रावती- रमेश विकल
११) कारागार- वानिरा गिरी
१२) द्वन्द्वको अवसान- राजेश्वर देवकोटा
१३) नरेन्द्र दाइ- विश्वेश्वरप्रसाद कोइराला
१४) पर्खालभित्र र बाहिर- पारिजात
१५) कट्टेल सरको चोटपटक- ध्रुवचन्द्र गौतम
१६) प्रेतकल्प- नारायण ढकाल
१७) उलार- नयनराज पाण्डे
१८) कर्नाली ब्लुज- बुद्धिसागर
१९) मिस्टिका- कुमार नगरकोटी
२०) पागल बस्ती- सरुभक्त
२१) पल्पसा क्याफे- नारायण वाग्ले

Nepali Novels
Nepali Novels :Seto dharti

Must Read Poetic Books

१) आमाको सपना- गोपालप्रसाद रिमाल
२) तरुण तपसी- लेखनाथ पौडेल
३) घुम्ने मेचमाथि अन्धो मान्छे- भूपि शेरचन
४) आगोनेर उभिएको मान्छे- विमल निभा
५) हतारमा यात्रा- श्यामल
६) बिसे नगर्चीको बयान- श्रवण मुकारुङ
७) बीसौं शताब्दीको गीत- वासु शशी
८) किन्नर-किन्नरी- माधव घिमिरे
९) अतिरिक्त अभिलेख- दिनेश अधिकारी
१०) भोलि बास्ने बिहान- कृष्णभूषण बल
११) ल्याम्पपोस्टबाट खसेको जून- मनु मञ्जिल

Books Collection
Nepali Novels

Must Read Story Books

१) नयाँ सडकको गीत- रमेश विकल
२) इतर जिल्लावासी- राजव
३) छापामारकी छोरी- महेशविक्रम शाह
४) मोक्षान्त फिभर काठमाडौं- कुमार नगरकोटी
५) श्वेत भैरवी- विश्वेश्वरप्रसाद कोइराला
६) थोत्रो छाता- नव सिलवाल
७) ऐना- रामलाल जोशी
८) शुक्रराज शास्त्रीको चश्मा- राजेन्द्र पराजुली
९) लाटो पहाड- उपेन्द्र सुब्बा
१०) कथैकथा- गोविन्दबहादुर मल्ल ‘गोठाले’
११) इन्द्रबहादुर राईका कथाहरु

Nepali Novels
Nepali Novels

Must Read Dramas/Plays

१) अन्धवेग- बालकृष्ण सम
२) मसान- गोपालप्रसाद रिमाल
३) निमावीय- सरुभक्त
४) बैकुण्ठ एक्सप्रेस- मोहनराज शर्मा
५) कोही किन बर्बाद होस्- विजय मल्ल

Must Read (Memorandums)

१) उत्तरोत्तर- धच गोतामे
२) धुपि, सल्ला र लालीगुराँसहरुको फेदमा- पारिजात
३) आफ्नै आँखाको लयमा- खगेन्द्र संग्रौला
४) सोच- कर्ण शाक्य
५) यार- नयनराज पाण्डे

Nepali Novels
Nepali Novels

Must Read Translated Books

१) योगीको आत्मकथा
२) गौतम बुद्धको उपदेश र जीव्ानी
३) माइक्रोसफ्टदेखि बाहुनडाँडासम्म
४) ली क्वान यु
५) लज्जा
६) वारेन बफेट
७) दी सेक्रेट
८) ओशोको स्वणिर्म बाल्यकाल
९) नेलकटर
१०) कल्याणी धर्ती
११) मलाला

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