Prachanda : The Popular Communist Leader in Nepal


Prachanda : Life

Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Prachanda was born. No. On 26th December, 2011 in Dhikurpokhari VDC ward no. 2 happened in Lewade. Prachanda, the eldest son of father Mukti Ram and mother Bhavani, received his early education at Dhikur Pokhari in Kaski. 2026 Narayani Vidya Mandir University of Chitwan S.L.C. from Shivnagar. Passed ISC from 2027-2029 Patan Multipurpose Campus. He completed his BSc in Agriculture from Rampur Agriculture Campus in 2031-2033 BS and studied up to MPA.

While studying in class 10, Prachanda changed his name to Pushpa Kamal Dahal. While living underground from 2038 BS to 2063 BS, there was welfare, trust, construction and great name. Currently, he is proud to be called Prachanda more than Pushpa Kamal.


Prachanda, who moved to Shivanagar VDC of Chitwan Bharatpur from Dhikurpokhari-2 in 2019 BS. He got married to Sita Poudel in April 2026. He has three daughters and a son.

He taught at Narayani Vidya Mandir, Shivnagar University, 2029 BS, Danda University, Nawalparasi and Bhimoday University, Arughat, Gorkha in 2033 BS and was serving in USAID in 2032 BS.



Political Career : Prachanda

Prachanda, who started his political career as a member of the CPN (Maoist) ‘s Pushpalal group in 2028 BS, formed the Marxist Study Group in 2031 BS along with Badal, Mitra Dawadi, Khem Bhandari and Pushpa Bhurtel.

He entered the fourth general convention in 2034 BS and was elected a full-time cadre in 2035 BS and a member of the Chitwan District Committee in 2036 BS. He v. No. In 2038 BS, he was elected as the Regional Bureau Member and General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All Nepal Youth Association.


Janayuddha : Prachanda
Janayuddha : Prachanda

In 2041 BS, he was elected as a central member from the fifth general convention of the CPN (Mashal). In 2042 BS, he became a member of the Politburo.

Similarly, Prachanda, who became the General Secretary after renaming the party as CPN (Maoist) after the third extended meeting held after the first National Conference of the then CPN-Unity Center in 2051 BS, led the people’s war that started in 2052 BS. In 2057 BS, he became the Chairman of the CPN-Maoist from the Second National Conference.


Prachanda : The Public Appearance

Prachanda, who was the supreme commander of the Majan Mukti Sena Nepal in 2058 BS, was made public from underground life in Kathmandu by holding a press conference in Baluwatar on July 20, 2006. In 2065 BS, he was elected as the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Nepal. In 2069 BS, he became the chairman of the Greater Lumbini Development Steering Committee. He was elected as the chairperson of the National Conference held in Hetauda in 2069 BS. He was re-elected as the chairperson of the Ekta General Convention held in Biratnagar in 2070 BS.

Pushpa kamal dahal

He has also served as the coordinator of a high-level political committee. He has published books on President Prachanda’s Problems of Nepali Revolution (Parts 1, 2 and 3), Culture, Art and Aesthetic Thoughts, Selected Works of Prachanda (Volumes 1 and 2) and Selected Military Works of Prachanda. He was elected from Kathmandu-10 and Rolpa-2 in the Constituent Assembly elections held in 2064 BS. He was elected from Siraha 5 in the second Constituent Assembly election held in December 2008.

He was elected from Siraha 5 in the second Constituent Assembly election held in December 2008.

Janayuddha : Prachanda
Janayuddha : Prachanda

Pushpa Kamal Dahal , elected from Siraha Constituency No. 5 in the second election of the Constituent Assembly in 2070 BS, was elected as the 39th Prime Minister of the Government of Nepal with a majority of 363 members in the Legislature-Parliament on 2073 BS. In the House of Representatives election held on December 7, 2074, Chitwan constituency no. From 3, Chairman Prachanda has been elected as a member of the House of Representatives by getting 48276 votes.

CPN Leader

Prime Minister Of Nepal :

He become prime minister of Nepal in 2073/4/19 and worked in that position for 9 months.

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