Spiritual knowledge: How to Know Your True Nature?

Spiritual knowledge

Spiritual knowledge : An Overview

Spiritual knowledge, On the one hand, atheists consider happiness as long as there is a physical body, while spiritual people think differently. What is spirituality always karma? Saying that the fruits of good and bad deeds are not limited to this world but are also connected with the next birth, any lust tells us that we will be trapped in the bondage of the next birth.

As long as we are trapped in the bondage of karma, we are believed to be trapped in the net of rebirth. There is a spiritual opinion that people should be reborn to fulfill the responsibility of the same karma until they retire according to their share and enjoyment.

This opinion varies according to philosophy. The three sects of Eastern philosophy, Hindu, Buddhist and Jain, have to some extent accepted the concept of reincarnation.


Spiritual knowledge
Spiritual knowledge

Although Buddhism accepts reincarnation, it does not accept the immortality of the soul. It is the idea that the universe, the organism, the body, the world, everything is unstable, nothing is permanent and stable. It is a sect that holds that people die and be reborn many times in one day. The world is always changing, this world is changing.

Therefore, the Buddhist philosophy is that even the human soul is not stable or permanent. Similarly, another philosophy, Jainism, has spoken of soul perfection. Jain philosophy holds that not only human beings, but all living beings, even the tiniest insects inside human beings, have souls.

So spirituality is such a knowledge. He says that since everything is in the hands of a doer, there is no need to kill in anything. To live in this life is just to live. Aside from living like this, there has to be a lot.

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Spiritual knowledge

Let’s find our true form :Spiritual knowledge

Who am i What am i not What is the soul? Is mine Isn’t it mine What is slavery? What is salvation? Is God the Doer or Not? What is the true nature of God? What is the nature of the true doer of this world? Who runs this world? How does the Creator work? What is the reality of love? Is what we have seen true or is there some eternal truth behind it? How true is the knowledge we have acquired?

How true is the knowledge we have acquired? Spirituality identifies itself through the search for these things. Spirituality tries to find the right answer to all these questions. This is an unlimited treasure. This spiritual science has an amazing power.

Spiritual knowledge
Spiritual knowledge

What is the definition of pure love?

Today the word love is so misused that questions arise about its meaning at every stage. If this worldly love is true love, then how does the word betrayal come into it?

Only wise men who are living idols can give us the right definition of love. True love is that which never increases or decreases. There is no passion towards the person who respects, nor any hatred towards the person who insults. There is no true love in the world. True love can only come from a person who knows his soul perfectly.

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Spiritual knowledge

The science behind death: What is soul and reincarnation?

Spiritual knowledge can also give the real answer to the question of what is death. What is death What Happens at Death? What happens after death? How about the experience of death? People who die die, how can the survivors tell about the dead person? Those who are born do not remember anything about their previous birth, no one knows what happens after birth and death.

Spiritual knowledge is a matter of gradually realizing oneself after embarking on the spiritual path. Is reincarnation a reality? According to Darwin’s theory of human origin, various evolutionary stages have been developed at this stage of human life. However, it does not mention anything about our appearance after man.

Spirituality works to dispel people’s fear of death by providing information about death. Some Hindu philosophers believe that the soul never dies. Therefore, once the soul is well understood, the person is not afraid of death.

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