Rafting in Nepal : Best Rivers and Routes

Rafting in Nepal : Karnali River

Rafting In Nepal, Rafting is a type of air raft that sails with the flow of water. This is an entertaining adventure game. So far, 16 rivers in Nepal have been opened for rafting. The Karnali, Sunkoshi and Bhotekoshi rivers are among the top ten rivers in the world. Especially on these three rivers, foreigners enjoy expensive rafting.

Today We will tell you about the best Rafting in Nepal, which includes information of rivers and Routes :


Sunkoshi river

According to Lonely Planet, rafting on the Sunkoshi River is one of the best routes in the world. Rafting can be done here especially from September to January. A special package of 8 nights and 9 days has been prepared for rafting in Sunkoshi. You must set aside 10 days for this trip.

Rafting in Nepal :Sunkoshi
Rafting in Nepal :Sunkoshi

Marshyangdi river

The Marshyangdi River has its own characteristics. The water here looks like aqua marine and white. You can enjoy rafting on Marsyangdi river for two days. Rafting packages are available here from October to January.

Marshyangdi River
Rafting in Nepal :Marshyangdi River

Bhotekoshi river

Rafting on the Bhotekoshi River on the border of Nepal and Tibet is considered as one of the most challenging rafting in the world. The special time for rafting here is from November to January. A two-day package costs Rs 16,000.

Rafting in Nepal :Bhotekoshi River
Rafting in Nepal :Bhotekoshi River


Trishuli river

Trishuli is the most popular river for rafting in Nepal. As it is a few hours away from Kathmandu, the Trishuli River attracts a large number of internal and external tourists. Packages can be taken in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan for rafting in Trishuli. While rafting, you can cross the gorges and see the beautiful valley. The water flows at a high speed and sometimes at a slow speed. It offers a different thrill.

Trishuli River
Rafting in Nepal :Trishuli River

Last year, former King Gyanendra Shah and his family went to Trishuli for rafting. This fact confirms that rafting has become a popular adventure sport for everyone from the general public to the upper class.

Karnali river

The Karnali River is known as the longest and largest river in Nepal. This river is one of the best rivers in the world for rafting. Earlier, Prince Harry of the United Kingdom had gone rafting on the Karnali River, which is the source of Mount Kailash. Rafting on this river is considered to be the most exciting journey of life.

Rafting in Nepal : Karnali River
Rafting in Nepal : Karnali River


The Karnali River, which carries water from more than two dozen rivers and streams, including the Seti and Dhaulagiri rivers in the far west, flows towards India at a slower pace. Because rafting on the Karnali River is so popular, one can observe Bardia National Park, wildlife and natural beauty during this voyage. During this rafting, Tharu culture, birds, aquatic and wildlife are different.


Seti river

Seti river rafting is more popular as a family rafting. From here, long rafting can be done up to Chisapani of Karnali in four days. A two-day package can be taken on the lower Seti river. The rafting of the Seti River is becoming a center of attraction for tourists visiting the far west. There are relatively few people here. Karnali can be reached by rafting from Seti river. During rafting, one can observe the local life, people grazing cattle, children swimming, fishing scene etc.

Seti River
Rafting in Nepal :Seti River

Rafting in Nepal : Bheri

Rafting has started in the 45-kilometer section from Mehalkuna to Ranighat in Surkhet, the capital of Province No. 6. The best time for this is from February to June. Bheri-Karnali Rapid Adventure and Karnali-Bheri Rapid Adventure have been sailing here.Karnali-Bheri Rapid Adventure has been dividing the 45 km distance from Mehalkuna to Ranighat into two sections, according to which 21 km from Mehalkuna to Bheri Bridge has been divided into the first section and 24 km from Bheri river to Ranighat has been divided into the second section. Gyanendra Gautam of Bheri-Karnali Rapid Adventure said that one has to pay Rs. 2500 for one day (about 4 hours).

Rafting in Nepal :Bheri River
Rafting in Nepal :Bheri River


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