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Bhada Cultural Program

Characteristic of Tharu Homestay village Bhada

Bharu Homestay ,A Tharu Homestay village in Urma VDC of Kailali, which was set up five and a half years ago with the objective of promoting domestic tourism, is becoming the choice of internal and external tourists. Home stay in Bhada was started from 17th December, 2067 BS targeting the tourism year 2011.

Since its inception, 40,000 domestic and foreign tourists have visited Tharu Homestay Bhada .He said that the unpaved road has blocked the flow of tourists. Homestay operators are of the view that tourists could not come as expected due to lack of blacktop on the road from Dhangadhi to Bhada village. Despite the assurance of former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to pave the road to Bhada during the second Constituent Assembly election, the road has not been upgraded yet.

Bhada Homestay -Notes Nepal
Bhada Homestay Mahotsab

Chairman of Constituency No. 6 Pushkar Nath Ojha has promised to blacktop the roads in the coming fiscal year, said Chairman Laxminarayan Chaudhary.The first phase of the survey from Bailey Bridge to Behda Baba Temple has been completed.

According to Bal Krishna Chaudhary, local home stay operator, the internal and external tourists visiting the Tharu Home Stay village are facing problems due to mud in the rainy season and dust in the winter. He said that the number of internal and external tourists could increase if the road from Dhangadhi to Tharu Home Stay village is blacktop.

“It simply came to our notice then.He said, “In addition to this, the number of tourists in Tharu Home Stay Village will increase if there is a park, internet facility and daily transport facility to attract more tourists.”
Home stay operator Padmanarayan Chaudhary said that the Tharu original culture, natural scenery, Tharu cuisine and other items found in the home stay attract the tourists.

In Tharu Home Stay Village, one can enjoy Tharu food and Tharu dance. Home stay operators have been charging Rs 1,000 for each cultural dance after showing the dance to the visitors. Tourists from India, Germany, Japan, USA and Canada have been coming to Bhada Homestay.

Bhada Home Stay is about 12 kilometers from the district headquarters Dhangadhi. Homestay operators say that they earn Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 a month.

Bhada Homestay -Notes Nepal
Bhada Homestay

Ina Bakharia said that one can eat Tharu dishes at home stay and also study and observe Tharu culture, customs, way of life and customs.

He said that the guests were shown Sakhiya, Jhumra, Maghauta, Hurdangwa and Lathi dances in the evening. Bhada has also made a package to attract tourists.Home stay has been arranged in the houses of 19 Tharu community in Bhada village of Dhangadhi sub-metropolis-16, about 17 km northeast of Dhangadhi. There are 196 households of Tharu community in Bhada village.

As there are a lot of guests in Maghi, the young women of the community are ready to prepare food including jaand, rakshi, dhikri and roti. Village leader Chetram Chaudhary said that preparations are being made to celebrate the festival with pomp as it is the main festival of the Tharu community.”On the day of Maghe Sankranti, especially in the Tharu community, people get up in the morning, go to a nearby river, bathe in a lake and take blessings from their elders,” said Chaudhary. Tradition has remained. ‘

There are currently 20 Tharu homestay houses in Bhada. Internal and external visitors are warmly welcomed in their respective homes. After returning from a day-long tour, tourists can enjoy the Tharu cultural dance in the evening in the kitchen of the Tharu community.Each homestay house has a safe and comfortable sleeping room with bathroom and toilet. Tourists who want to visit the famous religious and cultural tourist sites including Joginya Lake, Vehdaba Temple, Rameshwar Temple, Sahadeva Mahdeva Lake, Koilhuwa Koilhi Lake can be observed by sitting in the waves (organized gorugada).

Located at a distance of 17 km from Dhangadhi, Tharu Homestay village Bhada has various dances including Sakhiya, Jhumra, Maghauta, Lathauhwa, Baithakki, Mungrahuwa, Guruva and Lathi as folk culture of the Tharu community. Natural and man-made landscapes include lakes, wild animals, birds, jungles, Behdaba temple visits, Jagannath Bhuihar (Tharu Deuthan). There are also attractive wooden toys and materials reflecting traditional Tharu art and daily necessities based on agriculture.

Bhada village’ known as a single community settlement

Bhada Cultural Program

The homestay village of Bhada, which now has 242 households, is a separate village where no other caste except Dagunra Tharu lives. According to Chaudhary, in ancient times, a Tharu Guru named Bhagauti Das ‘Prakand’ came through Dang’s Hekunli and Vaiwang and chose this independent place and settled in a forested area.

Established his deity Jagannath (Jagannath) in the village of Bhada and took vows to the deity.Even today, there is a legend that there are examples of people of other castes dying or getting sick if they want to live in this village permanently.

The village, which is spread over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 350 hectares and is surrounded by rivers, hills and forests, has a population of more than 1,700 at present.

The village is developing due to homestay

Bhada Homestay -Notes Nepal
Bhada Homestay

some development has started in the village after the former Urma VDC-8 of Kailali district, now known as Bhada, was established targeting the tourism year.He said that drinking water, roads, electricity and other facilities were not available in the village earlier but nowadays those facilities have come to the fore. The locals demand that the local government should make arrangements as there is no bridge in the village.


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