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Chitlang is a historical village of Makwanpur. When you reach Chitlaang, you can easily digest the cold of Chitlang with the warm welcome at homestays and resorts. Travel fatigue also goes away in a moment.Throughout the day, the sights and tranquil landscapes include village tours of historical and cultural significance, campfires and dances at homestays and resorts;

They make the trip unforgettable and return.Throughout the day, the sights and tranquil landscapes include village tours of historical and cultural significance, campfires and dances at homestays and resorts; They make the trip unforgettable and return.

If you have a little free time and are thinking about how to make it entertaining, one day and one night stay in Chitlang is enough for you. Hundreds of tourists from Kathmandu and Hetauda come here to enjoy Chitlaang on Saturdays. You can walk to Chitlaang in the evening on Friday afternoon and return to Kathmandu in the evening by boat ride on Indrasarovar the next day.

Chitlang -Notes Nepal

If you want to stay tomorrow, you can stay in a beautiful environment at Markhu near Indrasarobar Lake.If you want to stay tomorrow, you can stay in a beautiful environment at Markhu near Indrasarobar Lake. Many hotels and resorts have been built in Markhu to provide food and lodging along with a panoramic view of the lake.

Chitlaang, which has been very popular in recent times in terms of tourism, has its own history and characteristics. Earlier, the name of Chitlaang was Chitrapur. Historians say that it became known as Chitlaang after being called Chaitlaang as it is the way to Chaitya. To the north of Chitlaang is the Chandragiri hill and to the south is the Mahabharata range.

Chitlang village in Thaha Municipality-10 is considered to be a well-known village since the Lichhavi period. Those who came to the Terai from Kathmandu used to cross the Chandragiri hill and come through Chitlaang. The Mallakalin kings and ranas of that time also used the Chitlaang route to reach the Terai.

According to the local elders, they used to spend the night in Chitlang after nightfall.It is also called the village given as a gift to the shepherds by Chitlang king Anshu Verma. The Saptashri stream, where the Saptarishis bathe in the Dwaparayuga, is also an important heritage of Chitlaang. The Ashoka Chaitya, built by Emperor Ashoka in 316 BCE, is another tourist attraction in Chitlaang. Historians also visit Chitlang because of the three Gajur temples and various inscriptions built by the Ashoka Chaitya and the Kirant kings.

The beauty of Chitlang

Chitlang -Notes Nepal

Chitlang has its own original tradition. It seems necessary to go to Chitlaang to understand the historical, natural beauty, civilization and culture. Tourists are attracted by the taste of locally produced food while exploring the place, which is freezing outside, green fields and green forests. You can also enjoy bathing in the Saptarishi stream where the Saptarishis bathe in the Dwaparyug. Many are also influenced by the way locals treat tourists.

Tourists coming to the village are traditionally welcomed in the homestay with local liquor of sagun and pear in Nangla. Plenty of homestays and well-equipped resorts are also open for tourists. In Chitlang, separate prices for food and shelter have not been fixed yet.Homestays charge between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 per person, while resorts charge between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,000 per person. In Chitlaang, you can also taste something made from local goat’s milk.

Chitlang is also a village of the strong and the brave. At that time, the vehicles used by the Rana had to be transported from Bhimfedi to Kathmandu due to lack of roads. Most of the passengers were from Chitlang.. According to the local elders, people of Tamang caste including Dhan Bahadur Gole of Chitlaang, Jaya Bahadur Ghising of Markhu and Kancha Vaiwal of Sarwang have been working for many days to carry Rana’s vehicle.

The number of domestic and foreign tourists has increased in Chitlang since the cable car started running in Chandragiri. According to Nepal, tourists visiting Chandragiri come to stay in Chitlaang. In 2068 BS, for the first time, four homestays were started in Chitlang and tourist service was started. Currently, there are two resorts and 19 homestays in operation in Chitlaang.

In the past, Chitlang was crowded only on Fridays and Saturdays, but now it is the same for seven days. Tents have been set up on Fridays and Saturdays due to high tourist pressure.

The place of composition of the great poet

Chitlang -Notes Nepal

Chitlang is also known for its association with the great poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Laxmi Prasad Devkota had written the song ‘Which temple do you go to, which temple do you go to’ in 1998 while living in Chitlaang.
Devkota, who was staying in Gurjudhara of Chitlang during his visit to Makwanpur, had composed the song after seeing the pilgrims coming from India for Pashupati Darshan. The stone fountain where Devkota drank water and the stone on which he wrote the poem can still be seen.

Places to visit around Chitlang

After reaching Chitlang, one can also visit some important and tourist areas around it. You can visit Olive Farm, which was established about 20 years ago in Bisingkhel in Thaha Municipality-10. Olive, also known as olive in English, is cultivated on this hill. The olives are used to produce oil in the same farm. Olive oil is used in salads by star hotels.

Along with the same olive farm, the rearing of the rare animal Alpa found in Africa can also be seen. Alpaca hair, which looks like a camel, is sold at a very high price. Its hair is used to make very expensive pashmina.
After a journey of about half an hour from Chitlaang, one can observe the man-made Indrasarobar Lake. You can travel to the dam of Kulekhani Hydropower Project by boat in the lake.

In Chitlaang, cottages made of wood, stone, clay and tin can be seen in the dense grass and pear orchards. Firewood is also provided to those who stay overnight in these cottages. You can have a campfire all night and dance and sing your favorite dishes.
Similarly, a government-run goat farm in Markhu can be reached after a 45-minute journey from Chitlang. Information about different species of goats can be obtained by visiting the goat farm.

How to reach ?

Chitlang -Notes Nepal

It takes a maximum of three hours to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu. You can reach Chandragiri by cable car from the cable car station near Thankot check post.
Chitlaang can be reached by a two-hour downhill dirt road from Chandragiri. Chitlaang can be reached by road from Thankot in Kathmandu, by crossing Chandragiri hill by road. Those who travel to Chitlang on foot from Kathmandu are also found. Chitlang can be reached in about 5 hours on foot from Kathmandu. Chitlaang can also be reached by leaving Kulekhani through Balkhu, Dakshinkali and Pharping. Sumos from Kathmandu to Hetauda use this route. But, the road is a bit long.

Chitlang can be reached after a journey of about two to two and a half hours from Hetauda, ​​the capital of Province 3. Chitlang can be reached by car or by small vehicle via Hetauda-Bhimphedi-Kulekhani-Markhu.

Cheap entertainment

Those who visit Chitlang from Kathmandu or Hetauda can enjoy entertainment much cheaper than they think. Generally, after spending Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000, one can return to Chitlaang. There are two well-equipped resorts in Chitlaang.
The resort has a package from Kathmandu to Chitlang Markhu and a one-night package for those coming to Chitlang. There are two well-equipped resorts in Chitlaang.

Chitlang Resort and Chitlang Village Resort are providing the facility of transporting, feeding, relocating and settling the package from Kathmandu to Chitlang.
The Chitlaang Village Resort is ideal for camping in a peaceful environment with spectacular scenery as well as dancing and sleeping in tents.
This is the accommodation package of two resorts and other homestays in Chitlang, which are the most visited places in Chitlang.

Full package

Chitlang -Notes Nepal

The resort will take Chitlaang from Kathmandu in full package. Upon arrival from Kathmandu, the resort will serve locally produced corn bread, pears and Arukhokhada jam, fried local corn and other foods as welcome snacks. There is also a room with attached bathroom for three people. Those who want to stay in the tent are provided with a comfortable bed on the floor inside the tent.

Camp fires are available at night. The resort arranges firewood. Those who want to drink alcohol can also drink other brands of liquor from local pears. However, alcohol and snacks are not included in the package. You can dance and sing along to the campfire. You can go for a walk or sleep after dinner. After breakfast, the resort staff will take you on a tour of the village.

After breakfast, the tourists return to Kathmandu by boat at Indrasarobar in Markhus. The Chitlang Village Resort has fixed the price of this flower package at Rs 2,800 while the Chitlaang Resort has to pay Rs 3,500.

Normal package
Those who reach Chitlang in their own vehicle or hired vehicle can avail this package. The package includes a welcome snack, dinner, and a cottage or tent with a three-seater attic bathroom. There is campfire at night and food including nazgan and breakfast the next day.
The normal package costs Rs 1,500 per person at Chitalang Village Resort and Rs 2,000 per person at Chitlang Resort.


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