Top 10 Singers of Nepal in 2020: Music In Nepal

Top 10 Singers of Nepal

Top 10 singers of Nepal, Nepali music industry has progressed a lot in past last decade . The legendary singers Narayan Gopal , Fattheman, Tara Devi, Prem Dhoj Pradhan and many others had set a base for Nepali Music and now the new singers and composers and building the future of the Nepali Music Industry. Today, we will talk about the Top 10 singers of Nepal, who are still contributing and considered to be best singers According to Famous Composer Basanta Sapkota :

1. Rajesh Payal Rai

I may have worked on 50-60 songs with Rajesh Payal. Her voice is versatile. He sings in both sad and romantic songs. The melody sounds good as it is sung according to the situation of the song. Another plus point is the ability to learn quickly. Rock type songs are not suitable for him. Still trying to sing. I think he should focus more on melodic songs. Talking about his negative nature, there is a little bit of arrogance. He is a good singer, but it is not right to call himself a good singer.

Top 10 singers of Nepal
Top 10 singers of Nepal :Rajesh Payal rai

2. Milan Amatya

Milan-Amatya Milan-Amatya is a very monthly singer. Suits him more romantic songs. Her voice is not so strong in Sirius songs. Being a singer from Assam, there were many problems in pronunciation at the beginning. She is improving it. The pronunciation is still not perfect. There is a feeling of confusion as to where to put ‘stress’, where to put ‘sustain’ and where to put ‘land’.

Milan Amatya
Top 10 singers of Nepal : Milan Amatya

3.Swarupraj Acharya

As a musician, Swarupraj is my favorite singer. He has many qualities that a good singer should have. The best habit is to have fun at home after giving a dummy of the song. Pay attention to the lyrics of the song. So the musician does not have to work hard. Feelings are mixed in her singing.

Her voice is very melodious but suits sentimental songs more than romantic ones. He doesn’t freeze so much on the fast track. Now they are singing June style songs, that’s all right.

Top 10 singers of Nepal : Sworup  Raj Acharya
Top 10 singers of Nepal : Sworup Raj Acharya

4. Indira Joshi

Indira’s singing has more playfulness and intoxication. Her voice suits the romantic song. She is very fond of pop flavored songs. The songs of Udhreko Choli type match her style.

She is not a fast learner. Instead of trying to capture the essence of words and melodies, she tries to adapt them to her own style. So the musician has to keep reminding. He does not emphasize sentimental songs.

Indira Joshi
Top 10 singers of Nepal : Indira Joshi

5. Anju Pant

Anju-panta I say Anju Panta’s voice is a boon for Nepal. Such a voice is born only in one age. Sound quality, pronunciation, feeling are all mixed in his voice.

He has the ability to easily catch it once heard. I have done 30-35 songs with him. His weakness is his own stubborn nature. Sometimes there is a tendency to try to push even the musician. Let’s call it stardom. But later you become a total.

Top 10 singers of Nepal :Anju Panta
Top 10 singers of Nepal :Anju Panta

6. Deepak Limbu

Dipak-limbu-and-rajina-rimal Her voice is velvety, June suits highly in romantic songs. He sings such songs easily. Deepak finds it difficult to sing a little fluctuating. It takes time to get in the mood. It takes an hour or two to learn. Sometimes you get stuck in the same thing for half an hour. They can’t get out. He should correct this weakness.

Deepak Limbu
Top 10 singers of Nepal :Deepak Limbu

7. Regina Rimal

Rajina Rimal is one of the best toned singers in Nepal. Her voice is more suited to the song of sorrow. He has a very innocent voice. Doesn’t suit more romantic songs.

It also takes time to pick him up. You have to keep squeezing. However, it has a very monthly nature. She is also learning. Being from a musical family, he is also very fond of music.

Top 10 singers of Nepal :Rejina Mainali
Top 10 singers of Nepal :Rejina Mainali

8. Prahlad Timilsina

Prahlad’s voice fits into a romantic song. She has a little chocolate mercury sound. He can’t sing a song with chaperones and sustain. I have used him a lot in fast track songs.

Pralhad Timalsina
Top 10 singers of Nepal

9.Shiva Pariyar

The talented singer is Shiva Pariyar. He sings in the film. Can sing comfortably everywhere in a range. Sirius suits him more. With a good knowledge of classical music, Sustain can sing. Another thing is very hardworking singers. Mihinet has brought him here.

The bad side of Shiva Pariyar is not so much. But trying to sing romantic songs, June doesn’t suit her voice very well.

Top 10 singers of Nepal : Shiva Pariyar
Top 10 singers of Nepal : Shiva Pariyar

10. Pramod Kharel

Pramod Kharel is a classic singer. In terms of range, madras and wires interfere with all three. The downside is that the melody doesn’t catch on fast. There is no tendency to go home and listen. It seems that working hard at the same time in the studio is not enough. She has a different kind of voice. The voice is easily recognizable.


Pramod Kharel
Top 10 singers of Nepal :Pramod Kharel


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