Panchpokhari Trek : Trek To The Wonderland

Panchpokhari Trek

Panchpokhari Trek : Overview

Panchpokhari Trek, Lately, there has been a growing awareness in the villages for the development of tourism. The activism of the villagers is increasing. They have to make it a tourist destination on their own. In this context, the youths of Mahakulung village municipality of Solukhumbu have identified a new footpath ‘Panchpokhari Trek’.

Panchpokhari Trek
Panchpokhari Trek


The Panchpokhari region is one of the 100 destinations chosen by the Government of Nepal to develop and promote the year 2020.The youths of Mahakulung Tourism Information Center have explored new footpaths to earn income from tourism by promoting Panchpokhari in Mahakulung Municipality.


The  Panchpokhari Trek Information

According to Vicky Kulung, coordinator of the center, it takes 10 days to complete the circuit. The footpath starting from Bung village in Gaonpalika-1 passes through Chalem, Hurhure, Panchpokhari, Kholakharka, Taime, Cheskam, Goodel, Salpapokhari, Silucho, Saunekharka and Goodel. The footpath can be used to study and observe the lifestyle and culture of the Buddhist Sherpa community, especially wildlife, wild flowers, herbs, mountains, Taltalaiya, Kirat Kulung.


The Way
Panchpokhari Trek

Because of the moderate footpaths, teenagers and adults can walk. The highest point of the footpath is Kongkelucho (4,460 m). The trek starts from Bung (1,677 m) and reaches Kongkelucho, Panchpokhari (4,336 m) and Silucho (4,156 m). The Panchpokhari area of ​​the footpath is attractive where there are five ponds. In winter, the pond is covered with snow. A variety of flowers, including herbs, bloom in the rain. The fair is held on Nagpanchami and Purnima. At that time devotees worship. They ask God to fulfill their wish.

There is a belief that people’s desires will be fulfilled through this. There are other ponds in Panchpokhari Serofero. On the top of the hill are Lamapokhari and Pangrepokhari. My Peak, Barungche, Chamlang Peak are also trekked from here. During the trek, Kirat Kulung is the place where the dead of the community live – Pomlalung is seen. ‘Pomla’ means the soul of the deceased and ‘Lung’ means stone. Pomlalung belongs to the former Goodel VDC.

Special Places to Visit

Another sacred land to be visited on the journey is Salpapokhari. The pond (3,458 m) at the foot of Siluchhodanda is considered to be the holy place of Kirati. They pronounce it when they worship or invoke the Father. There is a fair for worshipers on Vaishakhe, Saune, Bhadaure and Mansir Purnima. Devotees worship there and ask God for blessings. It is customary to offer cow’s milk, offerings, inviolability and fruits in worship.

The 5 Ponds Nepal
Panchpokhari Trek

In winter, the pond is covered with snow. Siluchhodanda (4,156 m) is considered to be the confluence of three districts Solukhumbu, Bhojpur and Sankhuwasabha. From Silucho, you can see the long ridge of the mountain. Dorjelakpa, Numbur, Karyalung, Gaurishankar, Shisapangma, Kwangde, Choyu, Kusum Kanguru, Thermserku, Merapik, Lupse, Sagarmatha, Lhotse, Chamlang, Makalu, Kanchanjunga, Kumbhakarna and other mountains can be seen in front of the eyes.

The Panchpokhari area is also culturally rich. The Kulung community predominates in the villages of the footpath area. Kirati communities are nature worshipers. They believe in Kirat religion. Similarly, the Sherpa community is Buddhist, while the Chhetris, Brahmins and Dalits are Hindus. They have their own customs and culture. There are temples, monasteries and places of deities in the village.


The Winter Season Trek
Panchpokhari Trek

How To Reach Panchpokhari

Pedestrians leaving Kathmandu have to take 12 days to visit Panchpokhari area. Two days to come and go by car. The remaining 10 days are spent on foot. There is another option – by air. From Kathmandu, fly to Phaplu Airport and from there drive to Bung.

According to Kulung, the first stop on the way from Kathmandu is by car. From Pattale to Bung by car, take a second stop. After that, they live in Chalem, Kholakharka, Taime, Cheskam, Tiu, Salpa Bhanjyang, Saune Kharka, Goodel and Salleri respectively. You can return by car or plane from Salleri. There is no hotel or lodge facility in Taime and Saune Kharka of the footpath. Camping should be done in these two places. Elsewhere, basic food and shelter are available.


Panchpokhari Trek Route
Panchpokhari Trek Route

The village municipality is engaged in the development of necessary tourist infrastructure along the footpath. Mahakulung is a village municipality with ample tourist potential. Village municipalities have been formed by including the former Bung, Cheskam and Goodel VDCs. It is bordered by My Peak, Siluchhodanda and Kenpodanda. The area of ​​the village municipality is 648.5 sq km. According to Census 068, the population is 11,452. The village municipality is inhabited by Kulungs, Sherpas, Dalits, Chhetris and Brahmins. Kulung dominates the entire village municipality. Kirats, Buddhists and Hindus live here.

7 hours by jeep from Kathmandu to Khurkot section of BP Highway, Ghurmi via Mid-Hill Highway from Okhaldhunga Bazaar to Pattale of Solukhumbu. 5 hours in Pattale-Bung jeep. Or Kathmandu-Phaplu 45 minute flight. 4 hours in Phaplu-Bung jeep. 10 days trek from Bung.


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