Kali Das : The Stupid who Turned into a Biggest Sanskrit Scholar

Kali Das

Kali Das “Even though Kokil is black as Kalidas
His own spring sound does not get stuck in the forest ”- Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Historians differ widely on the life of the great poet Kali Das. Certainly no one has been able to mention it accurately. Scholars have linked his time with the time of King Vikramaditya. Almost everyone has agreed on this.

Life of Kali Das

Kali Das was the son of a Brahmin living in Ujjain. At the age of 5-6, he was orphaned by his parents. A shepherd took him and raised him. He was a fool in his childhood. It is also said that I used to sit on the top of a tree branch and cut it towards the base. In her time, Princess Vidyot was very mad. All the Pandits with him were defeated in scripture. So they go in search of the idiot, conspiring to get her married to an idiot with the intention of taking revenge.

Kali Das
Kali Das

On the way, the pundits found a young man sitting at the top of a tree and cutting at the base. After that, a conspiracy to marry her, saying that there could be no one more foolish than this, took her to the foreigner. That fool was him. He said that he had taken a vow not to speak. When Vidyotama pointed to one finger as a sign that ‘God is one’, Kali Das pointed to two fingers, which meant to break one eye.

These cunning pundits defended Kali Das by implying that it meant heaven and hell, proving that Vidushi was weaker than him, and took revenge by marrying the two. When Vidyotama found out about this fact, she insulted Kali Das and kicked him out of the house. Embarrassed by this, He left home with a resolve not to return. Eventually, he returned home as a scholar. The same Kali Das became a great poet.

Qualities Of Kali Das

Kalidasa’s reasoning power was very beautiful. He was perfect in describing beauty and compassion. He skillfully embellished every useful material and every part of poetry. Kalidasa had the power to present the shape of his descriptive subjects to the readers.

It is not found in any other poet. The place of the great poet Kali Das is unique not only in Sanskrit literature but also in world literature. The descriptions found in Kali Dasa’s epics and the simple compassion found in his lyric poems are hard to find in any other literature in the world. The sweetness found in his poetry has fascinated poetry lovers all over the world. He has the main credit for making Aryan culture social by giving it a literary make-up. His literary style, which flows in the dilapidated state of Aryan literature, is world famous. On this basis, he has been proved as a ‘world poet’ by various nations.

The Scholar Hindu
Kali Das


Kali Das : The Literature Genius

The great poet Kali Das Aishwarya is a literary Aryan genius. Kali Das’s epic ‘Raghuvansh’ was excellent. The ideals created by the poet in that epic, which is considered a precious gem of Sanskrit literature, are not found elsewhere.

Another ‘Meghdoot’ is a fragmentary poem. The poet has created a beautiful poem by transcribing the message sent by an exiled demon to Pran Ballabha, a resident of Al, by making the cloud an angel.

In Meghdoot’s book of poetry, the poet introduces his beauty in the description of the mountains. In his description, it is seen that a strange beauty of reality and imagination has been created.

Kali Das
Kali Das


Kali Das’s ‘Kumar Sambhav’ is a very good poem. In fact, the poet has shown a picture of the coincidence of man and nature in it. In this beautiful verse in the eighth canto of Kumar Sambhav in connection with the description of the evening, the poet has tried to give a complete introduction of the scientific knowledge he has. The poem is as follows:

सीकर व्यतिकर मरीचिभि दु्ररयत्य वने तथि वस्वति
इन्द्रचाप परिबेण्य शून्यता निर्झरास्तव पितृ ब्रजन्त्यमी

Which Means :

Shivaji says to Pavarti, “Your father’s (mountain) faces are falling but you are not as beautiful as before. As the sun set, the rays lost contact with the waterfalls. Therefore, those waterfalls are zero due to the surroundings of Indra Dhanush. ”


These verses are indicative of the extraordinary nature of the great poet Kali Das’s power of observation. Many beautiful verses depicting nature are filled with many cantos in his  poetry. Kali das is a contemporary poet. His poetry reflects the sense of age. The time of Kali Das’s birth was the golden age of India. In fact, He  is a mature painter of Hindu culture. Kali Das did not only paint Hindu culture.

He embellished various aspects of human life such as happiness, sorrow, separation, love, jealousy, etc. in his poetry and in an appropriate manner. Therefore, we have found that Goethe, Schiller Herder and other famous scholars and connoisseurs of poetry in the western world have freely praised him.

The Hindu Scholar
Kali Das

Popularity And Last Moments

According to a legend of his death, His fame had spread to the Sinhalese island of Sri Lanka during his lifetime. He  has highly praised Raja Kumar Das’s Janakiharan in Sinhala. As Kumar Das himself invited him, He  also moved to Sinhala. It was natural for others to be jealous of Kali Das, who had become the king’s favorite. While there, Rasik Kali Das used to visit a maid. Many other young men were also addicted to that beauty.

So Kali Das was killed by one of those young men from Lanka. There is still a tomb of the great poet Kali Das in the southern part of the Sinhala island. The news of his assassination shocked the poet Raja Kumar Das. It is mentioned in many ancient texts of Sinhala that he also committed suicide as a poet.
Thus, he has the first place in the arena of world literature. The cultural flourishing found in his poetry is the point of attraction of Western scholar historians.

Kali Das
Kali Das


The main reason why scholars like McMullar, McConnell and Ryder write the history of Indian culture and literature in English may be the mantra of their poetic element.

Among his works, ‘Abhijnan Shakuntala’ and ‘Meghdoot’ are incomparable and have been translated into many languages ​​of the world.
Thus the great poet of Sanskrit literature Kalidasa was an incomparably talented man. Kali Das Vishwabandhu is a talented poet who will always be remembered as a literary genius.

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