Skin Allergy : Home Remedies for Skin Allergy

Skin allergy can cause itching, redness, rashes, and blemishes. Weather and weather, pollution, various plants, etc. can also cause skin allergies. This problem also comes from the bite of insects. If there are side effects of the medicine, allergies can also occur due to soap and cosmetics. Allergies usually heal on their own. However, some allergies are very painful.

Skin allergy
Skin allergy


It is advisable to consult a doctor depending on the complication or condition of the  skin allergy. However, under normal circumstances, it can be treated with home remedies.


Some Home Remedies For Skin Allergy

  • Olive oil

Vitamin E is considered to be very good for the skin. A good source of vitamin E is olive oil. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E. It keeps the face soft and does not allow the face to become dry.


Olive Oil
Olive Oil :Skin allergy

Mixing a little honey in olive oil and applying it on the skin reduces the problem of itchy skin. Also, with regular use, itching can be completely cured. Therefore, mixing a little turmeric in olive oil and applying it around the allergic area also gives relief from allergies.


  • Baking soda

The use of baking soda around the area of ​​allergy reduces the redness of the skin and also reduces the itching of the skin. Especially baking soda mixed with a little water should be applied around the itchy area and left for some time. Now it should be washed with clean water. Baking soda can also be mixed with coconut oil instead of water.


Baking Soda :Skin allergy
Baking Soda :Skin allergy


  • Oat Meal

Oatmeal, which is usually consumed for breakfast, is also considered very useful for the skin. Allergies can also be relieved by grinding a small amount of oatmeal and mixing it with hot water and rinsing the affected area with that water.

Oats :Skin allergy


  • Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is considered as Ramvan for skin related problems. The anti-fungal ingredient found in Aloe Vera helps to completely eliminate allergies. For this, fresh Aloe Vera gel should be applied around the allergy. Leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it off with clean water. Only then can the body get relief from skin related allergies.

Aloe Vera :Skin allergy
Aloe Vera :Skin allergy


  • Ice Cubes 

If your hands and feet are swollen, swollen, swollen, itchy, or have any skin problems, doctors recommend ice cream. When swollen with cold ice, the swollen area settles immediately. At the same time, itching is decreasing.

Ice Cubes :Skin allergy
Ice Cubes :Skin allergy


  • Neem Leaves

The use of neem is considered beneficial for any skin related problems. Neem has anti-fungal, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties. Due to these elements found in neem, neem can be used in any disease.

Neem Leaves
Neem Leaves :Skin allergy


  • Coriander

Coriander is a type of Ayurvedic medicine. Coriander is considered to be very useful in reducing the problem of redness and swelling of the skin. Apply ground coriander on the affected area and leave it for about 20 minutes. Now it should be thoroughly cleaned with water.If this process is repeated regularly for three to four days, some relief can be obtained.

Coriander : Skin allergy
Coriander : Skin allergy


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