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Thakuri Caste and other caste relation

Thakuri Caste : “History is history, no one can erase it.”Relationship between Thakuri and other castes

Thakuri and Raute: –

Thakuri Caste -Notes Nepal
Relation : Thakuri & Raute

The present Thakuri and Raute Thakuri are a single caste. The ancient history of the Thakurs is traced back to their ancestral and tribal sources. The Rautes have always referred to themselves as the Forest Thakuri. Or Hamal and Chhatyal are one and the same.All of these surnames are very similar to the surnames of the present day Thakuri.

Originally a natural religion, this caste has always been very proud of being a Thakuri. Surnames like Shahi, Chand, Hamal, Sen, Sihan etc. are found in both Raute and Thakuri. Raute and Thakuri are also a strong base for marrying cousin’s daughter, after the bridegroom takes his bride with his bride to his mother-in-law’s or wife’s birth house or his mother-in-law for the first time.

Various sources have linked Raute with his closeness to Thakuri and various sources have also confirmed this. The differences between Raute, Kusunda Thakurs and the present Thakuri are due to the course of social development. Considering home and abode, these Rautes still present themselves as the Thakuri Caste  of the forest and the king of the forest.

If we introduce Thakuri in the village and in the city, they identify the forest Thakuri  Caste as a Thakuri even in the forest. The title is also discussed further

Thakuri and Kusunda: –

Thakuri Caste -Notes Nepal
Relation : Thakuri & Kusunda

Today’s urban Thakuri is still called Kusunda. Even now, knowingly or unknowingly, Thakuri is called Kusunda and has various meanings. The Kusundas, known as the kings and queens of the forest, live in harmony with the urban thakuris. Those who are oriented towards personal development and development of the society by changing the nomadic life are the present urban thugs, some minorities and small groups have not been able to orient towards this change and they are living in squalor,

If Kusunda and Raute can be developed, no one can doubt that they will be Thakuri. Because Thakurs do not want to hear words like Raute and Kusunda in their quest to become Babusaheb. l Today we Thakurs are the developed form of Kusunda and Raute.According to Kusunda, (according to legend), when they had their own kingdom, people from other communities killed our king.

Due to this, we gradually became displaced towards the forest. The Raute tribe is our Raiti. They are called Raute after Raiti. Remember that Kusunda says that they are kings and Rautes are Raiti (people). Gyanimaya Sen is the only person who speaks Kusunda language.Raute loves tubers and fruits and hunts monkeys, and eats goat meat.According to Uday Ale, a researcher of Kusunda caste and language, the Kusundas have also given evidence of being Thakuri.

Thakuri and Magar “-

Thakuri Caste -Notes Nepal
Relation ;Thakuri & Magar

The most powerful king in history is Prithvi Narayan Shah, who gave his ethnic identity by declaring himself to be the Magar or the King of Magarat (Divine Sermon page 8). Historian Dor Bahadur Bista is of the opinion that it was started He called Nepal’s leaders, other historians and sociologists helpless as if they did not see the Mongol faces of the Thakurs.

Dr. Surya Mani Adhikari in his book “History of the Khush Empire” said that only after the demise of the Khush Empire did the Magar feudal kings change their surnames as Khan, Sen Shah, etc. and declare themselves independent kings.The French historian (1819) Hamilton in his book An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal and another foreign author (1896) Vansitart in his book Notes of Nepal said that the ancestors of the Shah dynasty of Gorkhas were Magars. Khancha and Mincha Khan which have to be seen from the men of Shah dynasty.

Even the Gurkha kings before Prithvinarayan were called by the Gurungs of Gorkha Barpak as the ‘King of the Crocodiles’ and tried to stay away (Baburam Acharya, a brief biography of Shri 5 Bada Maharaja Prithvinarayan Shah, p. 10). Prithvinarayan’s grandfather (the person who took care of the children) was Surath Singh Rana of the Magar community, who was with him when Prithvinarayan gave ‘Divyaupadesh’ (Divyaupadesh, p. 1).

Grandpa is called Daju. Even today, Thakuri calls his brother Daji and Didi Aji, which was not the case in any other community.Dada’s Apabhansh may also be Daji, so Thakuri and Magar brothers say which is explained below.To keep a check on the Thakuri, to keep a check on the Magari, to keep a Pandit in each court, to run the court according to the scriptures, ‘he said (Divine Sermon, p. 8).

Harsh Bahadur Budha Magar’s book Kirat Dynasty and Magars also mentions the close blood relationship between Thakuri and Magar. Similarly, Magar scholars like Yama. Yes. Thapa Magar, Bamkumari Budha Magar, V.K. Rana Magar’s statement also shows that there is a relationship between Thakuris and Magar.

According to Yama, Thapa Magar was the guardian of the royal court and when Bahadur Shah proposed marriage to his brother-in-law Rajendra Laxmi Shah after the death of his brother Singh Pratap Shah. Incidents are considered to be the main issue (such an unholy marriage is considered in Hinduism but later this practice was banned by making a law in Nepal) .

Rishikesh Shah also did not prove himself to be a Magar or a Janajati like Prithvi Narayan Shah as he proved to be a Magar or a king of Magarat because time was running out too late Or he had a strong argument to be a Nepali Adivasi and Janajati like Magar . During the big Dashain, Magar and Thakuri Kumar boys in Liglig of Gorkha fasted on the sixtieth day and brought flowers from Chepeghat and poured it on the seventh day.

There are many old articles and sayings about the diverse relationship between the Thakuri and the Magar. There are still various sayings and rumors in the village that the Magar and the Thakuri Caste  are brothers.According to various scholars and historians, the relationship between the two races has been described time and time again.

The brother is said to have become a Magar by saying “I do”. It is also said that the Magar race originated from him because he did “l”.Some of the Magar castes still claim that the historical Sen kingdoms of Makwanpur and Tanahun were all Magars and it is written in history. The Sen kings in history had a marital relationship with Shah Raja and them.

Many historians and evidences have said that Sen was the Magar king.The oldest and most reliable basis for how the Magar people got their name is Magar.(Khil Dhwaj Thapa Magar, a historical outline of the Magar caste) This evidence shows that the ruler of the Malla caste preserved the identity of the word Magar.Magar and Thakuri’s surnames like Samal, Uchai, Ruchal, Suryavanshi etc. are also found in both the castes.

Such discussions are found in both groups as ridiculous, but the subject matter is not of particular importance, as the relationship between the Thakuri and the priest Magar, who go to worship the temple of Alam Devi in ​​Syangja district, as well as the temple of Manakamana and its value, only challenge And there may be no alternative to dirty politics .

The temple of Alam Devi, the joint clan worshiper of Magar and Thakuri, and Magar, the priest of the clan worship of Thakuri, and the Manakamana temple of Gorkha, have kept the history of King Ram Shah and Lakhan Thapa alive.In fact, in the Thargotra Pravaravali of Shikhar Nath Subedi (Varanasi: 1826), Amarwani did not explode in the lineage of Magar Jhar Pasuri (Varanasi: 1826). In order to be, he has accepted the relationship between Magar and Thakuri .

Some of the kings of Thumkot served the Mardhunya nation from 22nd to 24th. After the demise of the Khas king, the Magar kings enjoyed Hinduism.If Thakuri forgot his costume and gave up in order to become a Babusaheb, then Thakuri had to search for that rite. , Samal, Chand, Malla, Vamsi, Uchchai) etc.

While searching for history, Thakuri’s surnames Khancha Khan and Mincha Khan have proved to be the cornerstone of Magar’s history and Thakuri has not been able to connect with Magar’s history.If the Nuwakote Thakurs were prostitutes in history, then Vahun had cleverly tried to call them Magars. Even modern historians are ashamed to explain this incident in history. Now those who claim to be a tribe of Vahun Tapka consider Thakuri of Gandak region of their own caste and tribe as an enemy.

It is no secret that Thakuri became a king and Magar became a priest and shared power Due to the situation, those running the state were shifting towards politics and power struggle, while the priests were confined to the Kot Dev Devi temple. The state paid attention to all castes. Thakuri Caste and Magar’s relationship was falling apart.

Although this article does not cover the history of Dravya Shah, there is no doubt that the league race was a race to elect the king of the Magars, but how can Thakuri join the race if the Magar race is the only race to run! If so, why and how did it become official? While this is an easy proof, historians have misinterpreted it and those who have misinterpreted it in a different way have misinterpreted it. In fact, it would have been impossible to be the king of that time without Dravya Shah Magar.

The Magar are a group of Mongol-faced tribes where all the Gurungs, Dura, Bhujel Gharti, Thakuri, Khawas, Kumal, Bote, Dura, Kusunda, Raute, Chepang, etc. of the Gandak region are sub-castes of the same caste. He said that it is not a single race, it is a mixture of many races.

Thakuri and Khas: –

In Sanskrit Wangmay, Khas is not placed in a high place. For example, in Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.4.18), Kirant, Hun, Andhra, Pulinda, Pulkas, Abhir, Kang, Khas, Saka and Mlechch can be brought as Abrahyanya, i.e. Brahmanadrohi. The dynasty with Sija as its capital is not called Khas, but the majestic king Ashoka Challa of that dynasty was called Khasdesh Raja-Dhiraj, the king of the kings of the Khas country. It is written in the inscription of 1315.

(Maheshraj Pant, Towards a History of the Khas Empire, pp. 300 – 301) Some Brahmin scholars, including Vipin Adhikari, have psychologically linked Thakuri with Khas Arya. Khas and Thakuri are described separately in Eden Vansitart’s book Note of Nepal .Prithvi Narayan Shah also categorized the castes as Vahun, Khas Magar and Thakuri in his army. This means that the above 4 castes had different identities.

Thakuri and Rajput: –

Some of the so-called Palmer Indian Rajputs who were driven out of Chittorgarh by the Muslim riots in India were ancestors of the Gurkha Shah dynasty and others were believed to have become Kumbhai Rana and Chitaure or Suryavanshi Magars. They wrote that they are the children of Magar.

Rishikesh Shah also supported the above statement of Hamilton and Kirkpatrick and proved that the Thakuri Shah dynasty is an indigenous people of Nepal. Another thing that is unconfirmed is that the Indian Jat scholar Deshraj Thakur has also mentioned that the Thakuri of Nepal is a branch of the Jat.

Thakuri or Chettri 

is Chettri not a caste. Regional is a class. There are and were different races within this class. Chhetri means combatant. In ancient times, those who fought and defended the country were called regional. What is regional is clearly explained in various religious texts. Due to the greed of this regional word, the word Chhetri or Kshatriya is derived as another new word.

So the main reason why the Thakurs call themselves not Chhetri is this. The same rule applies .Because Jung Bahadur Kunwar was blessed with the title of Rana and became Shri 3 Maharaj. And that is the reason. Now there is uniformity in language, religion and culture between Thakuri and Chhetri .

Although found in the same religion and culture, except for the custom of marrying Shahipata, prakrit puja and marrying the cousin’s daughter, since the time when Shri 3 Jang Bahadur Rana came to power within the Shah royal family, the reason for the marriage of Rana and Thakuri is allowed And there is no history of any marital relationship between Chhetri.

Some historians have also assigned Chhetri and Thakuri to the same class and caste.There is no concrete evidence that the Khasas became high and Chhetri Thakuri again from Chhetri and Chhetri. However, there is no concrete evidence of this. Thakuri is not called l. At the same time, within the Nepal Army and those with official rank, Mr. Mati has also got the rank of Rani Saheb and Rana has also got the rank of Vavusaheb and Ranisaheb, but do they all call themselves Thakuri?

Thakuri and Chhantyal: –

According to the famous sociologist Mohan Malla, the children of Palchan Thakuri of Sinja in Karnali of the then twenty-two and twenty-four kingdoms have settled in Thakkhola of Mustang due to a quarrel between them. We are still searching for the real history, ”said Manichanda Gharabja Chhantyal, president of the Nepal Chhantyal Association.

Thakuri and Chhantyal also have a close relationship in Jana Jivro. There is an interesting story about this too. Shahi Thakuri’s son will be snatched away. He would not have spoken after being snatched away, but he would have snatched him away by speaking. The lineage is added .

Thakuri and Brahman or Vahun: –

Thakuri Caste -Notes Nepal
Relation ;Thakuri & Brahmin

Originally, after Thakuri converted to Hinduism, there has been a tradition of wearing Brahman or Vahun Pandit while performing his religious rites or performing poojas. It was customary to call the Brahmins as farmers to perform their deeds, but after a long time, the Brahmins became rich as they were educated and the Thakurs became illiterate.

This rite was continued till the death of King Virendra There was a great deal of protest against this practice and the vehicles that were on fire inside were pushed to Khas Arya by other clever vehicles to vent their anger. Vitishna vomits .

Thakuri and Newar: –

Thakuri Caste -Notes Nepal
Relation ;Thakuri & Newar

Newar is not an ethnic race. There are many castes and sub-castes within Newar. Thakuri is not of the same race as Newar but there is no sub-caste within Thakuri. There is a lot of talk about the Malla kings of the Kathmandu Valley being called Thuku Ja by the Newars at that time, which means the abbreviated form of the Thakuri king, which is still heard today.

Thakuri and Thakali: –

The Thakuri king of Jumla, Hanshraj Shahi, and Nhima Rani, the daughter of Lama Patti, are said to have been married off from their offspring. Also found l some tired now

Thakuri and Gurung: –

Thakuri Caste -Notes Nepal
Relation : Thakuri & Gurung

In the book Note of Nepal of Gurung caste which contributed significantly to King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Nepal Unification Campaign As a king, he used to marry the daughter of a so-called lower caste Gurung?When Kalu Shahi was killed by Fachun Ghale of Ghanpokhara in the vicinity of Khudikhola, the water of Khudikhola was not drunk as there was blood in the river Ghatu dance prevalent in the Gandaki region, mainly in the Magar and Gurung communities, is based on the story of Parashuram Shahi (Pasramu Raja), the son of Kalu Shahi The tradition of Sen Raja of Makawanpur and the Rais being ministers at that time is written in golden letters in history.

Thakuri and others –

The Thakuri caste, which was most involved in nation building on average, had good relations with all the castes of Nepal. The history of Thakuri has been linked by some scholars. Historians of Dalits and Muslims, including Ganderbha, have openly contributed to the unification of Nepal.

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