Contact Lens : How safe and effective are contact lenses?

Contact Lens

Contact Lens, There is a growing tendency to wear contact lenses when vision is impaired. It is usually placed directly on the upper part of the eye and is a means of improving the eyesight. On the one hand, it solves the problem of vision, on the other hand, the color of the pupil of the eye can be shown as per one’s wish. This is a good alternative to glasses. But it also has its disadvantages.

Dryness due to Salt

Some people who wear contact lenses often complain of rough eyes in the evening. This is because the contact lenses are actually dry. Due to the natural tears in the eyes, the lens stays in contact with salt throughout the day. As much as tears come out of the eyes naturally, some salt sticks to the lens. Some salts are good for the eyes but too much salt is not good.

Contact Lens
Contact Lens

When you cry, the Salt goes away

Everyone knows that tears contain salt, but you are surprised to learn that tears that come out of your eyes when you cry are less salty than tears that stay in your eyes. So when you cry, it affects the balance of salt in the pupil of the eye. When you cry, your contact lenses become so salty that you may find it strange.

New technology lens easier

After various comments about the lens in the early stages, it was extensively researched and the lens was improved. The lens is the first of its kind to have three letters. Hydropholic surface gel is applied on the front and back of the sheet between the silicon hydrogels. It is much more soluble than a conventional single-lens lens. This lens gives a lot of moisture to the pupils of the eyes and it is very effective.

Contact Lens

Lenses worn daily are good

There are many types of contact lenses. The main ones are daily, once in two weeks or once in a month. Generally, people choose lenses that can be worn for a long time. However, lenses that are taken off daily are better. It is the safest. This lens also protects against bacteria for a long time.

Clean properly

People are often worried about the price of the lens, but if you add the price of the lens cleaning solution and other things to it, then the price of daily lenses and long-lasting lenses is the same. Lenses worn daily are also effective for people who wear lenses regularly because the lenses cannot be kept in solution for a long time.

Contact Lens
Contact Lens

Lenses that can be worn at night

This is likely to happen in the future. After sleeping at night wearing lenses, a person’s vision should be completely normal by morning. Corneal resection arthroscopy has been used for many years.

Ortho-K lenses fix the cornea overnight. The cornea stays the same size throughout the day. This procedure is good for children and adolescents whose eyesight is constantly deteriorating. Those who do not want to wear glasses and who have mild myopia.

Lenses better than LASIK surgery

Some people decide to have a LASIK operation because they are tired of wearing lenses. However, it also has some disadvantages. The effect of LASIK cannot be reversed. If you have a problem with the lens, you can take it off. However, many times after LASIK, there is a permanent problem of dry eyes, night vision problems and infections.

Contact Lens
Contact Lens

Hard contact lenses for anxious people

First of all, the contact lens hard contact is really very good. It is the only lens of its kind that fixes any problem on the surface of the eye such as blemishes or injuries. Hard lenses do not make direct contact with the eye, so wearing this lens causes tears to fall between the lens and the eye. This helps in removing the vision defects caused by the lack of tears on the surface of the eyes.


The first contact lens was made of glass

Contact lenses were originally designed for people with impaired vision. Lenses were not used at that time for people with poor eyesight. This is about the end of the 19th century. The lenses were made of glass and then applied to the eyes with the help of animal jelly so that people could regain their sight. Doctors later realized that with the help of this technology, even the visually impaired can be treated.

Eye Care
Contact Lens

Affected by contact lens telescope

Although contact lenses originated in the 19th century, they gained immense popularity only in the 20th century. Astronaut William Herschel and his son John William Herschel were experts in grinding telescope lenses. Jon discovered that if the same lens was grinded a little, it could enhance human vision.


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