Mahishasura : Who was Mahishasura?


It is said that the mother’s gang exists invisibly. Bhairav ​​and Bhairavi are the chiefs of his gangs. Hanuman rides in front of Mother Durga and Bhairav ​​rides behind. He was an asura. His father Rambha was the king of demons, who once fell in love with a buffalo living in the water, whose yoga led to the arrival of Mahishasura. Mahishasura could take the form of a buffalo and a human being as he wished.

Mahishasura was Blessed

Mahishasura was a great devotee of the creator Brahma and Brahmaji had given him the gift that no deity or demon could conquer him. He gradually began to afflict the gods of the heavens and to wreak havoc on the earth. Once He suddenly invaded heaven and defeated Indra and gained power in heaven.


Then all the gods were chased away. Saddened, the gods went to the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar for help. All the gods together once again fought to defeat Mahishasura. But, the gods were defeated again.

Mahishasura Mardini

The gods are omnipotent. However, his power has been challenged by demons from time to time. According to the story, Daityaraja he had defeated the gods and gained power in heaven. Devi-Bhagwati had to be born as her tyranny reached its climax. Later, this form of her was called Mahishasura Mardini.

Durga mata

The Speed of the Gods

The gods have to roam the earth using Mahishasura. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva were filled with extreme anger. At the same time, great anger appeared from the mouths of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva due to anger.

A fast power was also mixed from the bodies of other deities and it became monotonous. This rapid power was like a mountain. Its flames began to spread in ten directions. This radiance took a different form as it appeared from the bodies of all the deities.



Mahishasura was meant to End

Goddess Bhagwati originated for the end of Mahishasura. That is why it is called Mahishasura Mardini. There was no limit to the happiness of the suffering gods when they saw the goddess appearing from the brilliance of all the gods. Lord Shiva gave it to Trishul Devi.

Lord Vishnu also provided Chakra to the Goddess. Thus all the gods and goddesses decorated the hands of the goddess with various kinds of weapons. Indra took his thunder and Airavat out of the elephant and gave it to the goddess for an hour.

The sun offered shields, swords and Dibya Singh, the brightest of its rays, to these goddesses. Vishwakarma adorned Mahishasur Mardini with all kinds of weapons by giving her various impenetrable armor and weapons.


War with Mahishasura

After a while, He saw a huge, beautiful woman, with many hands and armed, sitting on a lion and coming to fight. The general of Mahishasura’s army advanced and started fighting with the goddess.

A giant named Udagra also took 60,000 demons and went to war with the goddess. The giant named Mahahanu went to war with 10 million soldiers, the giant named Ashilo went to war with 50 million and the monster named Baskal went to war with 6 million soldiers.


Durga Mata

All the gods were watching this great war with curiosity. All the weapons of the demons were proving to be weak in front of the goddess. But, Goddess Bhagwati started destroying the army of all the demons with her weapon.

In that battle, He was killed along with other monsters. All these demons had spread terror in three worlds. As all the demons including Mahishasura were killed, all the gods and goddesses were pleased and started raining flowers from the sky.


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