Patihani : The One and Only Umbrella Street In The World



Patihani, a scenic spot along the Rapti River, can be reached by boat and jeep safari along the Rapti River with indigenous Tharu culture. It is also a good place to see most of the rare wildlife of Chitwan National Park.



Patihani belongs to Bharatpur Mahanagar (22) of Chitwan district. The area, 14 km south of Narayangarh, is a good place to watch the sunset. The ministry has also selected Patihani tourist area of ​​Chitwan district among the 100 new tourist destinations to be promoted.


Religious and Cultural Significance

It is a great option, especially for tourism and religious tourists. This area has been inhabited by Adivasis and religiously important sites including Sita Mai Devalaya, Vikram Baba, Kamalpokhari, Shivalaya Mandir, Gumba etc. The Sitamai temple is considered to be the sister of the Bikram Baba temple in the national park. Reaching Patihani, a picturesque village connected to the Rapti River, one can take a boat ride on the Rapti River along with the indigenous Tharu culture and take a jeep safari.


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Historical and Mythological Beliefs

There is a legend that those who visit Bikram Baba temple must visit Sitamai temple. Especially those who do not have children are believed to have children if they visit the temple. The Sitamai temple is associated with the ancient history of the Bote and Majhi communities.


Natural Beauty

The main lakes of Chitwan National Park are here. This is also an attractive center for jeep safaris. The crocodile is also in this place. The Belsar Community Forest has been organizing jeep safaris from Patihani to the Saurah Elephant Breeding Center to attract tourists.


Tourist Significance

The area that could not even be inhabited by the Rapti River at one time is now a tourist destination. After the floods in 2059 BS, the river was embanked and the bustle in Patihani increased. Patihani, located in the vicinity of Chitwan National Park, is now known as an attractive area for anyone. At present, tourist hotels with investment of crores have been built.


Some are under construction. There is no shortage of tourist attractions in Patihani near Kasara, the headquarters of Chitwan National Park. The Ghatgai area of ​​Patihani is a good place to watch the sunset. There are 21 hotels on the banks of the river Rapti, including seven big ones. Entrepreneurs from Kathmandu, Pokhara and other places are adding hotels to Patihani.

Tourist Potential

Recently, Patihani VDC and the surrounding areas have been developing as new tourist destinations. Large hotels have been opened in Patihani area with an investment of crores. With the increase in tourist traffic in the region, hoteliers are also busy in building hotels as per the wishes of tourists.

Beautiful Chitwan

There are 26 hotels and resorts in the area. The hotel has been constructed with an investment of Rs 500,000 to Rs 550 million. Similarly, 261 people have got direct employment. A Patihani Tourism Information Center has also been inaugurated at Dhanauji. Construction of a rainbow umbrella has been started in this place, one of the 100 tourist destinations announced by the government, for tourists to enjoy the sunset.



It is also home to tigers, rhinos and other wild animals, and sunrises and sunsets can be observed from here. There is greenery in the area which has been turned into a bog by some time floods. There are many lakes and grasslands. In the community forest, 10 elephants move tourists daily.


How to Reach

It is located about 14 kilometers south of Narayangarh, is easily accessible by car.

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