Dalla Homestay : The Remote Area Where Prince Harry Stayed in Nepal

Dalla Homestay


Dalla Homestay in Madhuwan Municipality-1, which falls under the Bardia National Park account biological route area, has been declared the best in Nepal. The Taragaon Development Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has declared Dalla  Homestay in Bardiya as the best. Dalla Homestay is one of the best homestays in Nepal where British Prince Harry spent the night.

Dalla Homestay
Dalla Homestay


Dalla Homestay in Madhuwan Municipality-1 of Bardiya District has been declared the best homestay in Nepal. There are 22 homestay houses in Dalla village under the biological route established in 2067 BS. More than 12,000 internal and external tourists come every year. The existing home stay has toilets, bathrooms and comfortable sleeping rooms. As soon as you enter the village, you will not see any dirt on the road or around it. Sanitation is done here every day.

For the guests staying in the house, the Tharu community presents cultural programs including Hurduguwa dance, Lathi, Paiya dance, Maghauta dance, Barkimara dance. Tharu people from east to west of Nepal come and stay in Maghi to visit the Thakur Baba temple.

Dalla Homestay

Cultural significance

Due to the predominance of Tharu community in Dalla village homestay, various dances of Tharu Parikar and Tharu culture are presented in the homestay. Dalla Homestay has now changed the identity of Bardiya. Due to which Nepali and foreign tourists are now enjoying Dalla Homestay. Home stay guests are shown Tharu dishes in the family atmosphere and cultural programs based on Tharu culture including Jhumra, Sakhiya, Lathi for entertainment.

Natural beauty

It is difficult to see unicorns and tigers even in parks and reserves. However, the community-raised Shib Community Forest in Suryapatwa of Bardiya is becoming a habitat not only for the unicorn but also for the tiger. Rhinos can be easily spotted in wetland areas barely 300 meters away from human settlements.

Dalla Homestay
Prince Harry in Dalla Homestay

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The locals, who are involved in the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife, have set up a biological route homestay in their own village. He warmly welcomes the internal and external tourists who come to observe the endangered rare wildlife and entertains them with various cultural programs along with food and lodging at his home.


The road to bardiya
Bardiya road

The account attached to Dalla Homestay Bardia National Park is on the biological route where unicorns, rhinoceroses, tigers, elephants and dolphins are Asia’s largest gajraj elephants (11 feet 8 inches tall), crocodiles, rhinoceroses, three hundred species of rare black saffron, taratal and badhaiya lakes, red lotus. You can see the flowering Satkhaluwa Lake.

Tourist significance

Thousands of domestic tourists come here daily on the occasion of Maghi. The crowd that comes to eat forest food is the same.Wildlife, Tharu costumes, ornaments, songs and dances, Tharu organic food, housewife’s sweet smile and hospitality are the specialties here. The guests are served a variety of food including fish, local chicken, snails, ganga, sutahi, Andi’s bread and liquor, beer pickle, pigeon meat.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Tourist potential

The homestay has been declared excellent in terms of accommodation, food, local dishes, local art and culture, hospitality, visitor’s access to the homestay and other facilities. The homestay has good tourist potential.

How to reach

14 hours by bus from Kathmandu to Thakur. By Thakur, 13 km from Ambasa on the East-West Highway. Thakurdwara-Dalla 5 km. 90 kilometers by Nepalgunj-Thakur.


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