Dupcheshwor Mahadev : The Place Where Wish Gets Fullfilled

Dupcheshwor Mahadev


According to the mythology, a local Tamang’s milking cow was lost in a herdsman’s house 400 years ago. Which he later found giving milk on the statue of Dupcheshwor Mahadev. On the other hand Therefore, another legend is found that Dupcheshwor Mahadev originated in the same place and was later renamed as Dupcheshwor.

Dupcheshwor Mahadev
Dupcheshwor Mahadev


Dupcheshwor Mahadev Temple Dupcheshwor village municipality ward no. 6 Raut is a religious tourist site located in the Tadi river complex in the basin. The Dupcheshwor temple is located on a rocky hill more than 700 meters high. Devotees have been taking turns to climb the Tadi river at the foot of the temple.

Thousands of couples from different parts of the country including Kathmandu, Dhading, Rasuwa, Sindhupalchowk, Makwanpur, Gorkha and Chitwan come here every year to beg for children from Dupcheshwor Mahadev.

Religious and Cultural Significance

Devotees visit this place especially Dupcheshwor Mahadev to get married and ask for children. The attraction of devotees carrying such faith to the temple of Dupcheshwor Mahadev in Rautvenshi VDC, east of the district headquarters Bidur, has been highlighting the cultural and religious significance in recent times. Every year in the month of Pus, on the occasion of Dhanya Purnima, a special fair is held throughout the year, Shivaratri, Saun Mahina and every Monday at this Temple.

Nuwakot Temple
Dupcheshwor Mahadev

Mythological beliefs

It is believed that mainly childless couples come here to ask for children and after devotion to Mahadev, they get children by divine power. The fair, which lasts for one year from Dhanyapurnima, is a little unique and different in the context of Nepal. Hindus and Buddhists have been calling this temple as the second Pashupatinath. It is believed that the wishes of a childless couple in particular will be fulfilled.

Devotees from far and wide come here to take vows and even after the vows have been fulfilled, they come here to pay homage to Mahadev. The experience of many completed devotees can also be heard here.

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Dupcheshwor Mahadev
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Tourism Promotion

The Dupcheshwor Fair Conservation and Management Committee has stated that the number of visitors is very low at other times than the fair as there is no publicity of tourist importance from the government level.

Tourist Potential

The traditional culture of the Tamang and Sherpa ethnic groups is on display at this fair, which has great potential as a destination for religious tourism. The intellectuals believe that the promotion of religious and historical heritage like Dupcheshwor Mahadev and the promotion of internal and external tourists will be an important contribution not only to Nuwakot but also to the national economic prosperity.


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