Bis Hajari Lake : Another Mesmerizing Tourist Destination In Chitwan

Bis Hajari Lake


Built in 2022 BS due to a canal brought from East Chitwan, this lake has been developed from Hazari to hold water in the plant and has been named as Bis Hajari Lake. On the other hand, the distance from the mouth of Khageri canal to Bis hajari Lake is 20,000 feet, so it is said to be Bis Hajari Lake.

Bis Hajari Lake
Bis Hajari Lake


Twenty thousand lakes fall in the Bharatpur Metropolitan City of Chitwan District. The total area of ​​this lake is 5 thousand 781 hectares. About 6 km from Bharatpur of Chitwan, around the lake, there are 125 species of birds including rhinos, rhinoceroses, chitals and crocodiles and 25 and 30 types of fish. This lake is located in a wetland area. It is also one of the nine similar water resources in Nepal listed in the Ramsagar List. Introduced in 2052 BS, this twenty thousand lake Chitwan has a total area of ​​5 thousand 781 hectares. The average depth of this lake is 13 feet. There are 17,000 lakes and 22,000 other lakes in the Tikauli forest.

20 thousand lake
Bis Hajari Lake

The Government of Nepal has identified 100 places with strong potential for tourism and launched a program to develop them as tourist destinations. Under this, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has also selected Bis hajari  lake lake in Chitwan district among the 100 new tourist destinations to be promoted.

Natural Beauty

The green environment, many lakes, animals especially different types of birds have enhanced the beauty of this place.

Tourism Promotion

The crocodiles in the lake, the surrounding community forests, rhinos, tigers and various wildlife and birds attract tourists. Similarly, benches have been provided for tourists to sit around the lake. Toilets and drinking water have also been provided for the convenience of tourists. There is also a view tower to see the lake and various wild animals and birds.

Bis Hajari Lake
Bis Hajari Lake

Tourist Potential

It can be developed as a night safari center if the water hyacinth and kadenjhar in the lake can be removed and protected by the concerned parties. If this lake, which has a lot of potential for tourists under the Barandabhar Intermediate Community Forest, is protected, it is possible to attract thousands of tourists every year. The lake, artificially created by canal water, is now a popular destination for bird watchers around the world.

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Bis Hajari Lake is a famous tourist destination listed in the World Ramsar List. The lake is a haven for seasonal birds migrating from different countries. Crocodiles, fish and caterpillars are found in this lake. On the right and left side of the forest path leading to the lake, you can find deer, bandel, rhinoceros and rhinoceros. Wild animals as well as various species of birds can be seen around the lake. There are 26 species of wild animals, 273 species of birds, 25 species of fish and 131 species of plants around the lake.

Bis Hajari Lake


In most of the lakes here, there is a challenge of making Michaha weeds ugly and drying the water of the lake.

How to reach

It can be reached by motor road about 6 km east of Bharatpur in Chitwan.


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