Lucky Number 7 : Why is The Number Seven is Considered to be Lucky

Lucky Number 7

Lucky Number 7, According to astrology, each number has significance. For example, 1 point of Sun, 2 points of Moon, 3 points of Jupiter, 4 points of Rahu, 5 points of Mercury, 6 points of Venus, 7 points of Ketu, 8 points of Saturn and 9 points of Swami Graha Mars. Astrological calculations are made from prime numbers, fortune numbers and birth numbers. However, 7 points are discussed here.

Lucky Number 7
Lucky Number 7

7 Points in Religion

– 7 sages are envisaged in Hinduism.

– In Islam, 7 lands and 7 heavens are envisaged.

– In the Breslov tradition, there is the concept of ‘The 7 Candles’, which has seven parts of the face, 2 eyes, 2 nails, 2 ears and 1 mouth.

– Happy 7 times every 7 years.

– There are 7 voices in total.

Lucky Number 7

7 in Hinduism

Saptarishi- Kashyapa, Bhardwaj, Gautam, Agastya, Vashishta.

Seven verses – Gayatri, Vrihatti, Usthik, Jagati, Tristup, Anushtup and Pankti.

The seven yogas – knowledge, karma, devotion, meditation, Raj, Hatha, Sahaja.

Seven Ghosts – Ghost, Phantom, Vampire, Kushmanda, Bahrarakshas, ​​Vetal and Kshetrapal.

The seven winds – flow, flow, rise, flow, marriage, flow, flow.

Seven Islands – Jambudwip, Palaksh Island, Kush Island, Shalmali Island, Crunch Island, Shankar Island, Pushkar Island.


Lucky Number 7
Lucky Number 7

Seven Hades – Abyss, Vital, Sutal, Talatal, Mahatal, Patal and Rasatal

Seven worlds – Bhulok, Bhuvalok, Svalok, Mahalok, Janlok, Tapolok Satyalok.

Seven seas – Sri Sagar, Dudhisagar, Ghrit Sagar, Payan, Madhu, Madira, Lahu.

Seven Mountains – Sumeru, Kailash, Malay, Himalayas, Udayachal, Astachal, Sapel.

Sapt Puri – Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya – Haridwar), Kashi, Kanchi, Avantika and Dwarka.



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7 in mathematics

– 7th prime number

– 7 is the second most lucky prime number

– 7th Luke Prime Number


7 in science

– 7 Atomic number of nitrogen.

Halogen is found in 7 groups of periodic table.

Lucky Number 7

7 in astronomy

– 7 members of the solar system – Sun, Moon, Mars, Buddha, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

– Ursa Major Group has 7 stars.

7 in technology

– Code 7 of Russia’s Kazakhstan International Direct Phone Call Service.

– US and Canada phone number is 7.

– OSI model has 7 levels.

Lucky Number 7

7 in the classic

– Rome has 7 mountains.

– There are 7 genres of progressive art.

– There are seven surprises.

– There are 7 kings in Roman history.


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