Mithai In Tihar : The Best Sweets For the Festival of Tihar

Mithai In Tihar


Mithai In Tihar, It is considered to be the most popular laddu in sweets. The use of laddu is mandatory in Hindu festivals. Motichur laddu is considered to be one of the most popular laddu made using various spices. Laddu was first used by the ancient Indian Ayurvedacharya Sushruta. He used laddu to tease the patient.


Mithai In Tihar
Mithai In Tihar


Gulab Jamun:

The popular dessert called Lalmohan is also called Gulab Jamun. Rose berries, which are especially popular in the Indian subcontinent, have come to India mainly from Iran. According to history, Gulabjamun entered India while the Muslim rulers were looting India.

Gulab Jamun
Mithai In Tihar


Ras made from cracked milk is a Bengali sweet. The history of this dessert was once disputed between the Indian states of West Bengal and Orissa. Raspberries dipped in sugar syrup are also very popular in Nepal.


Mithai In Tihar
Mithai In Tihar


Known as the original dessert of India, barfi is famous for its taste and shape. Barfi is specially prepared from a mixture of milk and cashew nuts.


Mithai In Tihar


Even the most popular jalebi in ​​South Asia is not originally an Indian dessert. This dessert was first used in Iran and Turkey. This sweet was also imported to India by the Muslim invaders.

Mithai In Tihar



People remember Rajasthan as soon as it is called Ghewar. There is a religious belief that the first use of the original sweet Ghewar of Rajasthan was made by Goddess Parvati during the fast of Teej to get Mahadev as her husband.

Mithai In Tihar


Rasamalai is a Bengali dessert. Although the method of making this dessert and the method of making raspberries are the same, the rasamalai is dipped in sweet milk cooked in a thick way instead of in syrup.

Mithai In Tihar
Mithai In Tihar


Mysore Pak:

This dessert is a popular dessert of South India. This dessert was invented by the court cooks to please Maharaja Krishna Raj Wadiyar IV, the ruler of Mysore Empire. This dessert is made from milk, sugar and ghee.

Mysore pak
Mithai In Tihar

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People remember Mathura, a religious city in India, as soon as it is called Peda. Pedas are associated with the rasalilas of Lord Krishna. Even now, the first plant of the tree made in Mathura is offered to Lord Krishna.

Mithai In Tihar


Sonapapadi is a Turkish dessert made from gram flour and sugar. This sweet, which arrived in India in the 13th century with the Turkish ruler Taimurlang, who invaded India, was used to increase the strength of soldiers.


Mithai In Tihar

Sohan Halwa:

Sohan Halwa is a traditional dessert of Iran and Afghanistan. This dessert was also introduced to the Indian subcontinent by Muslim invaders. In Mughal times, Sohan Halwa was considered to be the most popular dessert in India. Even now, Sohan Haluwa in Delhi, India and Multan, Pakistan are considered special.


Sohan Halwa


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