Dhaka Topi : The Symbol of National Pride and Patriotism

Dhaka Topi

The Dhaka Topi is a part of Nepali’s own original and national dress. Wearing a dhaka hat on one’s head like a mountain peak is also the pride of being a Nepali. This Dhaka hat is the best gift that a disciple can give to his family.

Especially during the festival, it is customary for the disciples to give gifts to their relatives. And, the best for this is considered to be the Dhaka hat. Why a hat? It has a special meaning and significance. It is also placed in the higher category of clothing. Our ancestors showed the importance of the hat by likening it to a head covering.

Dhaka Topi
Dhaka Topi


In Tihar’s Bhaitika, the custom of wearing a dhaka topi on the head of a brother still exists. It has a special meaning. Like a hat, a Dhaka hat is given as a gift with a symbolic message that the head of the brother should be high. On the other hand, there is an opinion that the head of a relative should not be left empty in Bhaitika. This is the reason why hats are worn.

So we have an emotional connection to the Dhaka hat. In this we find our own. Dhaka hats become our standard when we have to be identified somewhere. This is our own product. This is our own creation. It is a symbol of our faith.


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As the festival approaches, the dhaka hats are seen scattering. The market is covered with Dhaka hats targeting Tihar. We are thrilled to see Dhaka hats in the market. Because, it gives us the sweetness of the festival.

In the name of modernity, we have been rejecting many traditional laws and regulations. Lately, the hat has also been affected by this.

Nowadays, it is more common for a disciple to give clothes to his mother instead of a hat. Gifts given in Bhaitika have been replaced by other cloths and gadgets.

The Dhaka hat is the original identity of Nepalis. The Dhaka hat is a type of hat worn by men. It is also believed to be called a dhaka hat as it covers the entire head including the nidar. Similarly, it is also called Dhaka because of the import of this type of cloth from Dhaka city of Bangladesh.


Nepali hat
Dhaka Topi

The Dhaka hat is worn on the head along with the firewood. The Dhaka hat is also the national dress of Nepalis.

The Dhaka hat, which has different cultural significance, came into vogue during the reign of King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shahdev. At that time, Nepali dress was mandatory for everyone working in government offices in Nepal. It also includes a dhaka hat.


Dhaka Topi
Dhaka Topi

The Dhaka hat is also associated with Nepali art, religion and culture. According to the belief that one should not keep one’s head down during religious activities, in Nepali society, a Dhaka hat is worn after every auspicious deed. Based on that, it has been understood that it is customary for every sister to wear a dhaka hat on the day of Bhaitika.


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